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  1. If it gets kicked over and destroyed, they just destroyed $60k of government property which would almost certainly be a felony. If they had video evidence of the perpetrators via the robut, it would be very useful in court as well.
  2. I'm not going to read the whole thread to see if someone's already mentioned this, so if this is a repeat forgive me, but my issue with this is it does nothing to curtail violent or extremist ideology. They'll just make a new forum and go somewhere else that's even more obscure, further radicalizing them in their own echo chamber. I think this is a strong factor in why we're seeing so many mass killings globally, not just in the US (whether is guns, cars, bombs, etc).
  3. I found something interesting on a bluetooth sound bar I bought for my computer. When I went into the sound settings on Microsoft it showed up as a microphone under the recording section as well as the speaker section. As far as I remember, it wasn't an advertised feature, but it was there picking up everything I was saying.
  4. I think there would be a few rich people in the pharmaceutical field that could qualify.
  5. They do the same thing. The credit score and credit history checks are in addition to checking your job history, income, etc.
  6. Check your credit score and see what they think of you. But generally it's not that they necessarily view you as suspect, but they have no credit history to base your score on. Depending on the type of debt, it isn't bad or irresponsible and making on time payments on debt positively impacts your credit score. A mortgage isn't bad as long as you can afford it. Your credit goes bad when you get a mortgage you can't actually afford and then default on the loan. That's the bad kind of debt. A good way for young people to build some credit is to get a credit card and use it respons
  7. One can only hope. An example of something bad that could happen with this is say the algorithm overwhelmingly determines based on a variety of factors that aren't race related that a vast majority of any given race or ethnicity (just using this as an example) are not trustworthy, there would be hell to pay. You could sit there and go through all the information that went into the algorithm and that they don't include racial or ethnic parameters until you are blue in the face, it's still going to look bad if the algorithm determines 80% of a race or ethnicity is untrustworthy.
  8. I don't mind someone selling "adult" toys next to my produce aisle. It's my store dammit!
  9. That's the problem, it's not just social media. Companies could sell your data to credit agencies to feed their algorithms and determine your "trustworthiness". Things like religious beliefs, frequent google searches, weapon ownership, and a multitude of personal data could be used in their algorithm. Even if you don't have social media, there is personal data out there about you that credit agencies would love to purchase and many of the services you use online would love to sell. Further, even if it was just based on social media, not having one would be seen in a negative lig
  10. If they gave me a cut and it didn't interfere with my business, yes.
  11. This surely isn't a way for the British government to spy on people. No, it won't be used for that at all. /s
  12. And the ones that don't directly benefited from the program.
  13. It doesn't help that many countries in Europe only have you vote for a party and not a candidate, though I don't know the specifics for election to the EU parliament. Do EU citizens even have any say who sits on the EU parliament?
  14. Do you really want to gamble on a component that could take out all the other components you bought?
  15. ;_;7 goodnight sweet prince
  16. Based on what was quoted in the OP's post: It sounds like an automated system assumed this was the case, without scanning the content to determine that this was actually the case. This is such a bad move. I'm pretty sure this is all driven by GDPR.
  17. No, but it's generally frowned upon in the work place, which is where the article says they were doing it. You know, unless you're a hooker.
  18. I mean that's not necessarily true. In fact, it's probable that most strikes are in fact legitimate. The problem is that when they are not legitimate, like in the case with Kyle, there is not much recourse. Fortunately, he has a big enough channel and the community rallied hard enough (or that the strike was withdrawn by the verge, though I still have doubt about that) that it was reversed quickly. There are smaller channels that these strikes happen to, for either no reason or for illegitimate reasons (like extortion) that this can absolutely cripple. While it would be very difficult to m
  19. That's the thing though, a significant amount of work that modern farming equipment does is automated now and controlled by the JD software. The best way I could demonstrate an analog would be an office copy printer. If you went back to using the older tractors and other farming equipment, you're going from printing something from a computer to using a typewriter and your efficiency will suffer significantly.