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  1. You're quite right. When they hit the scene with innovative games and seemed to be, games, by gamers, for gamers, in the early days. Things like their mobile desks and the way they treated staff and employed people was very people-centric. I am probably guilty of reading too much into that.
  2. I mean... part of me is wondering where this is going to stop? I increasingly read with concern, that companies are going after people who leave negative reviews of their services or products, etc. I just want no part of that action. That's the kind of territory where this EULA is going for me. What's to stop them pulling the plug if I say something they don't like... even if I'm justified in saying it? I'm out.
  3. I don't know Tynan, or his history... and I've made a decision and filed a request with HumbleBundle for a refund. I'm not happy with the EULA. ... I mean, some of this I can understand... but the developer granting themselves the power to kill your access to the game and not give a refund, if you get involved in a flame war on the forums... that's just something I believe is a step too far for me. I just don't want to go there.
  4. It wasn't. It was a retail purchase from HumbleBundle, so I can't get a refund through the Steam system. But my purchase problem is separate from the point I'm making.
  5. You buy a pair of shoes. You then mouth off about the company that makes them. Said company come to your house, take the shoes and don't give you your money back. And you can't see what's wrong with that?
  6. As far as I'm aware, they can just pull the plug at their end and the onus is on me to take costly action. Oh, and the EULA isn't presented until AFTER the cash has been spent, by the way. No easy way to get a refund.
  7. I did that most heinous of things, I bought a game from an indie developer (RimWorld) and was bored stupid enough to read the EULA. It happens to be Ludeon Studios in Montreal. Part of it reads .... To get this straight, if you're a dick in a forum they can take away your right to play the game you paid for, and give you no refund whatsoever. Now, I don't usually spend money on AAA games because the corporates are... well, corporates, and I expect that kind of behaviour from them, (I'm looking at you EA) which is why I prefer to support indie games... and I also download the
  8. Banned for not living in the UK
  9. Banned for pining for the fjords.
  10. Very true, but certain types of fault behaviour do point in general directions. As CommanderAlex pointed out, a MB fault could be the cause of a processor fail. It's going to take investigation. I'm trying to bottom out whether what I'm reading about Ryzen issues have something behind them, or it's just general background chatter and the reliability is the same as everything else, and I just had some bad luck.
  11. Agreed. But what, is the question. At the moment it's looking like I'll end up with a later Ryzen and another PSU. Then see if it objects to me killing Zombies again
  12. I consider them reputable because of their track record. I've also bought from them for a good number of years. The Intel systems I've bought from them are still running well. Also, now this has happened, they're working with me.
  13. Good suggestion. I'm seeking supplier blessing to do a re-seat and re-paste. This is being slightly complicated because I didn't build it myself.
  14. I really should return to building machines. I'm now caught without spares, and a basic Ryzen is going to cost £80+... which is a bit expensive just to have a chip around to throw into things and see if they work.
  15. Not yet. I have a replacement PSU as well as processor on order. I'm not going to short the pins while I'm under warrantee. Basic troubleshooting like removing the graphics card, resetting CMOS battery, etc. I can do without hacking off the supplier. And the MB is obviously receiving power, as LED's are active, along with network card showing response LEDs. I'm at 70% CPU, 30% psu at the moment