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  1. I'm confused by this question... if you currently have 16GB of DDR4 memory, why do you have to move to 8GB if you upgrade your GPU? Edit: I thought about it and realized you're probably talking about a build in pcpartpicker when you say you "have it." With that said, I currently run a 1050Ti with 8GB of RAM since I'm waiting for a decent deal to upgrade to 24GB. It runs everything great, including CS:GO. For rendering or video editing, I'd recommend the 16GB for sure.
  2. Ugh. Thanks for convincing me I need to go ITX! Kidding, LOVE the build man. Very sleek.
  3. LOVE this design. Very awesome job man, extremely clean and elegant!
  4. Updated my post with some timestamps from the first hour and a half.
  5. 27:40 ~ Passive agressive linus versus Mr. Cameraman. 40:30 ~ Luke plugs LTT forums, ayee. 41:00 ~ Luke and Linus's favorite gaming moments. 55:45 ~ Linus and Luke wear the same underwear. 59:00 ~ Linus and Luke start discussing their most disappointing build moments. 1:05:30 ~ (re)introduction discussing what the stream is, and explaining the "clue" system. 1:10:00 ~ Progress checkup. (Linus attacks modders with microphones) 1:12:30 ~ Cool little discussion about the tools modders use. I don't know who shot this, but the fact that Linus is just as passive aggressive with them too is hilarious... At "28:00" he goes "don't worry cameraman, I will wait for you I won't jump ahead again -- I'm not a terrible person." or something along those lines lol... Btw, I know the rest of the comments are about uploading/changing the video... but I wanted to say thanks. This is cool, I've never seen it before. Thanks for being committed to get this up!
  6. First day off in 8 days (not that bad, I know) -- what do?! (debating an Amazon purchase!)

    1. Hiitchy


      What you gonna buy? 

    2. dronebynsa


      really want to pull the trigger on an Ultrawide.. I just simply can't decide if I want to go with a budget panel or really splurge.

  7. I literally look at different parts I'd like to buy every day... yet don't actually buy any of it... Commitment issues.

    1. Den-Fi


      I'm the opposite.  It's not better.

    2. dizmo


      Worried about what you'll do with all that free time when you don't have to part hunt anymore? :P

  8. I'm sorry but EVERYTHING about this company is sketchy. Right down to the occupations of the guys on that about me page... Their backgrounds together are ripe for finance and computer crime.
  9. What in the world is this article? I'm going to take this arbitrary number that may be correct, add it to this arbitrary number, multiply it by this because that might make sense. Boom, this is his Net Worth... there is SO much speculation in that article it's ridiculous.
  10. Right, the GT 1030 comparison was to show what you'd expect versus a cheap (was $83 a few weeks ago, current price $95 but out of stock) graphics card. Also, I did not include the PUBG results since it's such a terribly optimized game... However if you're interested and a PUBG player. Edit: PUBG results moved to OP.
  11. Aye, someone mentioned this on FP too. Fixed.
  12. I was watching @bitwit and took his results and threw them in a quick chart, note I didn't test these (obviously) and I just thought it might be cool to have a quick chart to see results if you haven't had a chance to watch the video yet. (go watch it) Edit: PUBG results PUBG - 1280x720, Very Low Preset (not included since poor optimization) R3 2200G + GT 1030 - 0.1% Low: 39FPS -- 1% Low: 48FPS -- Avg. FPS: 70FPS R5 2400G - 0.1% Low: 8FPS -- 1% Low: 9FPS -- Avg. FPS -- 48FPS Edit: fixed chart key
  13. I shared this on your poll, but I think people also forget that Floatplane is another way to support a content creator you enjoy. Same way I think of Discord nitro... I spend a large portion of my days chatting there, so I pay the $5 to support Discord and have a few cool perks. For me, Floatplane is a lot like that. I enjoy both @bitwitand LMG content, so I pay $3 a month and support them. On top of that, we get a private pilot chat in Discord which is nice because sometimes it's calmer and more sensical than our general chat. Oh, and we're blue on discord.
  14. I couldn't tell if you were phishing for likes... but you got me.
  15. This just got worse and better and better and then....