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    self employed selling costume accessories.


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    6600k @ 4.5
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  1. I don't NEED a large solar power battery bank... but its really cool I won't have to worry about forgetting to recharge it since it will recharge automatically, so thats nice.
  2. then feel free to show me someone without autism who would choose to have it. wrong
  3. from the article what Show me someone without autism who would choose to have it. You won't be able to, because its a negative thing.
  4. free invites open next week. You can view the active_users community to see what its like. Its kinda a mix of reddit and tumblr in the way the website is laid out. https://www.pillowfort.social/community/Active_Users or demo user https://www.pillowfort.social/demo_login
  5. why not pillowfort? It also has no ads and is driven by users (paid membership now, but very soon free basic membership with optional premium accounts) https://www.pillowfort.social/FrequentlyAskedQs
  6. It already can be though. video/audio evidence alone is already considered flimsy.
  7. I actually fixed it by zooming out to 80%, lol
  8. I Just go looking on hulu or amazon if I don't find any videos on youtube after searching for a few minutes.
  9. I hate how big the thumbnails are. I can now see less videos on my screen at once. means more scrolling.
  10. really? I hear people complain about it relentlessly, and its even gotten banned on some places.
  11. well... whats the harm? Gamers Nexus does feature much moving around, but when he does, its nice seeing it at 60fps. especially b-roll. Also he does show clips of video games sometimes, so it makes sense there too.
  12. My first car was manual and I hated it with a passion, and was so happy when I sold it to get an automatic car. Literally don't understand why people like manual shift cars. 0 advantage.
  13. Over $200 worth in japanese clothing.
  14. Get a bus ticket and have most of your stuff shipped through the postal service.
  15. Here is the video of the guy going from $50,000 to -$50,000 within minutes