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    self employed selling costume accessories.


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  1. Ah, ok, I understand now. Those barrier signs are unusual so I guess I could see why it has the problem.
  2. I see the video here and I don't understand what i'm looking at. What is suppose to happen? What is wrong? What are those weird barriers?
  3. Yea, that sounds about right. If you aren't dead after ~15 minutes, then you are fine. A quick smell of something won't kill you.
  4. What is stopping you from buying new hardware and software? What anti-consumer practice is being done?
  5. What MS was sued over is not what Apple is being sued over. Whether there are other choices or not play a role and is not moot. They don't have to own iphones. I'm not the one confused.
  6. It is a factor What do you mean? You brought up microsoft antitrusts which were about pre-loaded software. I agree I never suggested that. I'm saying Apple isn't violating any anti-trust laws.
  7. Microsoft owned, what, 90% of the market share? Also, their anti-trust violations were about pre-loading software onto windows. Your analogy doesn't work at all. Apple doesn't control what I do on my android phone.
  8. You don't have to own an iphone though. They aren't. I can use whatever app I want.
  9. How does any of that apply here? If anything, this HELPS the competitor since android will have more apps than ios.
  10. I have had a small issue with this so far. When opening and closing images on 4chan, it will sometimes cause the page to jump around. Basically doing the opposite of what the update intended. When closing an image, the screen scrolls up instead of down, which is what i'm use to and is more convenient when scrolling down a thread.
  11. I don't see the problem since I could just switch to another network. They don't.
  12. I don't see the problem. Apple has no obligation to provide an app on their platform.
  13. poochyena

    Dpi on a mouse

    just simply what they are use to. Most people start out with cheap mice so they get use to that. It would take them time to get use to new settings. The benefits of higher dpi are very small and not worth re-adjusting their feel for the mouse to most of them.