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    Guantanamo Bay, please send help!
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    Aerospace Engineering Student


  • CPU
    i7 6850K
  • Motherboard
    MSI X99A SLI Plus
  • RAM
    4x 8GB HyperX Fury
  • GPU
    GTX 1080ti
  • Case
    Lian Li PC O-11 Dynamic
  • Storage
    512GB Crucial + 2x 120 GB Kingston SSDs + 4x2TB Seagate Ironwolf in Raid 5
  • PSU
    Seasonic M12II Evo 850W
  • Display(s)
    LG 34UC79G
  • Cooling
    Custom Loop, dual 60x360mm, single 30x360mm rads + EKWB Nickel Plexi blocks + Aquaero 5LT
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K63 Wireless Blue
  • Mouse
    Logitech G603
  • Sound
    AKG K7XX + Aune T1se
  • Operating System
    64bit Win10 Pro

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  1. Now that's what I call battery life


  2. fabafaba

    Help regarding PINout

    I'm afraid you need to reupload your pictures, both on PC and mobile I can only see the filenames, but not the images themselves. Make sure to drag and drop them on the paperclip, not the text field itself. With pictures we might be able to help you.
  3. fabafaba

    Satin/Frosted Finish Hardline Tubing

    The only satin tubes I know of are from Alphacool. I use their regular transparent acrylic tubes and have so far nothing to complain about. They also make satin reservoir tubes for their Eisbecher series and a satin CPU block, but I have never used one of those.
  4. fabafaba

    Dual (DDC) pump and reservoir combo

    Yes, two blocks, three rads and a lot of 90s. I want a higher flowrate, but I think the problem is my loop being too restrictive, resluting in my low flowrate. I can roughly calculate it with the temperature delta before and after the blocks and the added power draw of the CPU and GPU, and it's somewhere between 20 and 25l/h. My Alphacool DDC310 can supposedly do 200l/h without any resistance, and only getting a little over 10% of that looks like a problem that can be solved with more pressure. Two DDCs have 4.4m of headpressure, which is about the same as a good D5. A new D5 pump res combo would cost quite a bit more than what I came up with, so I'm not quite sure about that.
  5. fabafaba

    Dual (DDC) pump and reservoir combo

    I'd love to put the second pump somewhere else, because then I'd only have to buy one new pump top. There is however no space I could think of without it dangling somewhere in the air. Take a look yourself, the link is in the first post. My current pump-res combo sits in a roughly 100x100x220mm space and I would prefer a dual pump top mounted vertically, but I couldn't find any that have an reservoir, apart from 5 1/4" bay units, but those are too large.
  6. I'll have an eye open for a post in Liquid And Exotic Cooling from @cluelessgeniusif something happens to crap out
  7. I guess the VCore caps and memory VRM get some cooling too . The latter has thermal pads on the FE cooler anyway, if I recall this correctly. Because the caps are pretty much the same height as the MOSFETs, the 1mm pad likely won't cause damage, it's just as unnecessy as the thermal pad on the non-existent 12th memory chip on your correct application.
  8. fabafaba

    Problem with AIO water temperature

    Lots of watercooling pumps are only rated up to 60°C, in other words, another reason not to get watercooling
  9. I want to add a second pump to my loop because my DDC struggles with it, I guess seven tight 90° bends and fittings and an even tighter 180° bend are a bit too restrictive. The loop: Because I'm quite restricted with my available space, I'm looking for a way to put two DDCs in serial with a reservoir and within the footprint of a regular tube reservoir, under 220mm tall. I couldn't find any one-piece off the shelf solutions, and the only thing I could think off was stacking two Alphacool DDC pump tops with compact reservoirs. If you know of any other solutions to simplify this, I'd love to know!
  10. fabafaba

    Cant factory reset because there is no email

    Oh wow, I didn't know Samsung turned into killjoys too with their firmware.
  11. fabafaba

    The Water Cooling Gallery

    I present to you: The Hyperloop! It sounds cool and futuristic, screams power and innovation, but in reality it's just a big money burnig party. The first part is more like a build log, the second part is just a lot of sexy shots of my machine. PC: MSI X99A SLI Plus Intel Core i7 6850K at 4.3GHz Inno3D GTX 1080Ti X2 at 2100MHz Core/5400MHz Memory Kingston HyperX Fury 32GB quad-channel at 2666MHz Samsung 970Evo 250GB 2x Kingston A400 120GB Crucial MX300 525GB 4x Seagate Ironwolf 2TB in RAID 5 Seasonic M12II Evo 850W with DIY cables made with MDPC-X sleeving and an EKWB Vardar fan for quieter operation Lian-Li PC-O11 Dynamic Black Cooling: Aqua Computer Aquaero 5LT EKWB EK-Supremacy Evo X99 Nickel-Plexi EKWB EK-FC GeForce GTX FE Nickel-Plexi 2x Phobya G-Changer V2 360mm XSPC Slim G2 360mm Alpahcool DDC310 Alphacool Eisbecher 150 Corsair ML120 EKWB EK-HDC 16mm Nickel Fittings Alphacool Eisrohr 16/13mm Acrylic Tubing Mayhems X1 Oil Black Coolant I initially built this PC in mid 2017, cooled with an EKWB Fluid Gaming Loop with a 360mm and a 240mm radiator. But with my 1080TI overclocked to the powerlimit and 6850K pushed to 4.4GHz @ 1.45V and a system powerdraw of 500W, it was quickly overwhelmed and ran uncomfortably loud and hot. When the pump top started to leak because I screwed a fitting in to hard and caused a crack (Whoever invented the GPU backplate is my hero), I decided that I wanted to go for a copper loop with way too many radiators for the maximum overkill-factor. Aftermath of the leak, viewer discretion is advised: This was shortly after the O11 Dynamic was released. I really liked the looks of the case, the two chamber design and the radiator capacity. So I put my aircoolers back on, fired up Fusion360, modelled the case based of pictures and measurements taken off my display with a ruler, downloaded a whole bunch of PC component models from grabCAD and started planning my loop. Because I didn't have a collection of fittings to tinker around and only wanted to order exactly what I needed, I had to get my dimensions right and actually managed to get everything close enough to actually fit. Renders: I built the loop exactly like I planned, using the black coolant as seen in one of the renders. Pics of the first loop: But there was one thing that didn't quite fit. I couldn't model the exact position and dimensions of the fan mounting holes on the side where I wanted to mount the pump-res-combo. The mounting holes were interfering with the pump top, resulting in a slightly crooked mount because I had to jam it in there. Fast forward 6 months, and I notice 5mm air in the top of the reservoir tube and some coolant on the pump top. Fortunately it was only leaking at something like a drop every few hours, so most of the coolant dried up before it could drip anywhere and there was no hardware below the pump. Turned out my reservoir tube was stressed too much and developed a lot of small cracks and a larger one whre the stress was the highest. Pic: So, back to the drawing board. I had to find a better way to mount the reservoir. I made a testfit with some fans on the inside and a slim aluminum radiator on the outside, and it was close to perfect, I could almost make it fit without any new fittings and I just needed a 8mm M-F extension as well as a new 90° rotary and two hardline fittings for a third radiator. At first I planned the connections to the side radiator with nothing but fittings, but that would have required like 80€ worth of fittings. Instead I just used the fittings I mentioned and some of my tubing I still had around. Doing some testfitting: I then decided to delay my plans for a FreeNAS or unRAID server and tried to cram my four 3.5" HDDs in the O-11s back. Fully kitted out, it can fit three 3.5" drives, two in cages and one mounted to a cable-hiding-plate. I placed my new radiator on the inside of the case, put the fans on the outside and left the lower fan out to make space for a fourth HDD, placeed in some packing foam to dampen vibrations. In order to fit the HDD cages, I had to move my PSU from the top mounting slot to the lower one, which required new cables. A few days and a MDPC-X shipment later I rebuilt my cables from the ground up with a white-grey (XXX White, Titanium Grey and Shade-19) color scheme instead of the Carbon-BTI I had before. I also used this opportunity to rectify a mistake I made when I built my cables for the first time. Then I used solid core 15AWG wire, which turned out way to stiff for proper cable management and went with regular stranded wires. Cable-Stuff: While I already had my PC disassembled, I also put in some LED strips and also modded the terminal cover of the GPU waterblock to stick some LEDs in there too. A few dissasembled and completed shots: And now, all the sexy glamour shots in Cyberpunk 2077-hype-pink As for my future plans for this system: I'm again thinking about building a NAS and putting my HDDs in there. Depending on X570 motherboard pricing, I might switch over to AMD and use my current motherboard and CPU in my old Define R5 as a NAS. I've already started working out a custom SATA backplane and some 3D printed or lasercut brackets to fit 8 or maybe even more 2.5" SSDs in the 2x 3.5" bay in the back of the O11 to run them off a RAID controller or just in a Windows storage pool with a regular SATA or SAS HBA card.
  12. fabafaba

    cheap & silent advice

    Yeah, that would work too. Yesterday @MiniMike DKposted his modded AIO to include a GPU waterblock and a reservoir in this thread, he might be able to give you some advice:
  13. fabafaba

    cheap & silent advice

    There are some pretty cheap generic aluminum waterblocks on amazon and aliexpress. They usually come in 10mm increments. So for a Nema 17 you can get some 40x40mm blocks and for mounting brackets: you have a 3D printer, CAD some up and make them . Together with a cheap aluminum radiator (a slim 120 will propably be enough, but to be on the safe side I'd get a 240mm). Together with a good pump and some quiet PC fans you'd have to spend about 150$, with the fans and pump being the majority of the cost.
  14. Today I learned: Cats only take up slightly more space than a slim 360mm radiatorIMG_3675.thumb.JPG.44a8afa7464e6afb4b1530a43ba1e73c.JPG

  15. fabafaba

    Newbie help

    I think at this point we really need a pic