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  1. Hey, Id like to have a build for my brother, he will be mostly playing Fortnite, Minecraft and some other pretty light games. Obviously theres no need for a really strong PC but id like one that would work pretty smoothly without any problems.
  2. What about Wireless, anything you'd go with?
  3. I don't find the gsp 670 and pc37x on Amazon. Any other suggestions maybe?
  4. I see. Any suggestions for a wireless headset?
  5. How big is the difference in the audio quality and etc between Wired and wireless?
  6. Hey, im in a need of a new headset, I'm currently using the G933. I'm thinking about the HyperX Cloud Revolver S or the Steelseries Arctis 7 or even the ASUS ROG Strix Wireless What should I go with? Also open to any other recommendations
  7. Vibora

    Decent PC speakers?

    Well I heard the Logitech Z333 and the Z533 have nice bass so I'll go with one of them
  8. Vibora

    Decent PC speakers?

    Any idea how's the bass on the Bose's Companion 2?
  9. Vibora

    Decent PC speakers?

    Hows the bass on these?
  10. Vibora

    Decent PC speakers?

    120-130$, Israel lmao
  11. Vibora

    Decent PC speakers?

    Just edited the thread and these dont ship to my country :((
  12. Vibora

    Decent PC speakers?

    Hey, im looking for a good speakers, their pure use would be for music. I dont need monitors and some high end speakers, im kind on a budget. I thought about the Logitech Z533 / Bose Companion 2 Series III 2.0 Also suggestions are more than welcome! EDIT: Forgot to add that a nice bass is a bit important to me, I like to bump my head when I listen to rap lol, and I just love bass haha
  13. Vibora

    ASUS MG278Q?

    Hey, I was planning on buying this monitor and I just noticed hes on a 120$ discount so Id like to buy it ASAP. I was looking for a 2K 27" GSync Compatible monitor and it seems to be the only option. Anyone has / had it and could tell me how is it?
  14. Title, the Phanteks led strip is in a delay, any idea how I can fix it? EDIT: I just noticed it doesnt work at all. It recognizes that its connected to the MOBO via MSI MysticLight, but it just wont work. Any idea why?