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  1. Me and my dad had just gotten Battlefield 1942 when I was about 5, and we had to come up with a username, but for some reason couldn't make two different ones. He basically decided that we would mix my name "Adam" and "Man" because I was Adam, and he was The Man. It kinda just stuck after that when he automatically made that my username on PSN.
  2. Uh, I can't find the vega 56 for less than 399 on Newegg right now
  3. If you have just boilerplate things you need typed out super quickly I use Phrase Express. There's a free version, and I use it to write out common replies to helpdesk messages.
  4. adman29

    Building 1st Gaming PC

    Hey Kirkvold8002 You've got like ~$70 of wiggle room. It looks like all of your baseline components are pretty good. I would either include a mass storage spinning disk drive if you don't have one lying around, or going for a bit of a better graphics card than a 570. For about $70 more you can get a pretty sweet RX590. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202327
  5. adman29

    Is there a wrong GTX 980 Ti?

    Awesome thanks!
  6. adman29

    Is there a wrong GTX 980 Ti?

    Graphics wise, power draw, what specifically made it better?
  7. adman29

    Is there a wrong GTX 980 Ti?

    Why the RX580? I want to get my GF one, but the Graphics Card Benchmark puts it on par with a 970
  8. adman29

    FBI Conducted a Sting Operation on Huawei at CES

    Where is this gif from?
  9. adman29

    Choosing between 3 mechanical keyboards

    Is this one actually good?
  10. adman29

    OSX CMD File

    Hey guys, I'm trying to write a script to install multiple DMGs, and PKGs from a specific folder in OSX. Does anyone have experience with this? Here's what I have so far: Sudo cp -R /desktop/#installers/Firefox.app /applications && Sudo cp -R /desktop/#installers/Google Chrome.app /applications && Sudo installer -pkg /desktop/#installers/Install Smart Learning Suite 17.0.pkg -target /applications && Sudo installer -pkg /desktop/#installers/Microsoft_Office_2016_15.37.17081500_Volume_Installer.pkg -target /applications && Sudo softwareupdate --install 'macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Update- ' && Sudo softwareupdate --install 'iTunesX (12.8)' && Sudo shutdown -r now Whenever the script is run, I recieve this error: No such File or Directory
  11. adman29

    Gigabyte K83

    Anyone ever use this keyboard? I've found it on Amazon, and I'm looking for a cherry MX-Blue keyboard since my Corsair K70 died, and it's out of warranty. Any other budget Cherry MX-Blue options are welcome
  12. I mean like Paddy-Stone said, it's possible, but not advisable. You might run into memory errors, and stuff like that. Did it with an intel board for a while, but that was on a dell board.
  13. Hey everyone, so I thought that this would help some of the SysAdmins, Project Managers, and general helpdesk staff on the forum who have to deal with the awfulness that is the Mac Environment for imaging. At my current job we're going through the realm of ~50 2012 MacBook Pros & ~150 2015 MacBook Airs, and getting them ready for new staff, and I wanted to at least share my process for interns to go through to get them ready. If you want to add, please add any tips or better practices that you may have found in your time, as this is more likely than not the actual best practice seeing that we've wrecked our internet connection in to the building a few times. Anyways, here's my current process Do a OSX System Restore (Cmd + Alt + R, or on older firmwares just Cmd + R) Set up the account, and download OSX High Sierra (Newest OSX at the moment) Run the High Sierra Installer Install Microsoft Office off of a .iso file from a local server Mark it as done and put it in a pile
  14. adman29

    C# Project; Index two arrays in a method

    It's getting me closer! I have an error -- whenever it hits the i-1 part, it just fails saying that it's out of the bounds of the array. Whenever I put, just i though it works. I'm going to work it up to it decreasing down to 0 with 1, which won't be something the array can index to. I makes it work fine though. Thanks for your help!!
  15. adman29

    C# Project; Index two arrays in a method

    Sorry, hadn't called the CalculateTotalSalary yet. It now looks like this with the method called: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace Project_6 { class Program { //Name: Adam Rubin //Date Created: 4/9/2018 //Purpose: To create a program that helps the user figure out if they can hire teachers. static void Main(string[] args) { //Declare arrays: //Minimum Salary Array: decimal[] minimumSalary = new decimal[] { 31600M, 31975M, 32350M, 32725M, 33100M, 33500M, 33900M }; //Years of Experience Array (Entry) int[] yearsOfExperience = new int[6]; //Request user input for 6 teachers, and their years of experience for (int i = 0; i < yearsOfExperience.Length; i++) { Console.WriteLine("Enter the years of Experience: "); yearsOfExperience[i] = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); } //Declare totalSalary decimal totalSalary; //pass the two arrays to the CalculateTotalSalaries array totalSalary = CalculateTotalSalaries(minimumSalary, yearsOfExperience); //Console.readkey to keep everything on the screen Console.ReadKey(); }//end of main private static decimal CalculateTotalSalaries(decimal[] decimalArray, int[] intArray) { decimal totalSalary = 0; for (int i = 0; i < decimalArray.Length; i++) { totalSalary = totalSalary + decimalArray[i]; } return totalSalary; } } } If I used the .sum() function, wouldn't it just sum all of the values within the array that I pass to it? What I'm looking to do is enter a bunch of different years of experience values to an array, and then pass that along with a array of minimum salaries into a method and add the salaries together based on minimum experience. Sorry if I'm not explaining it too well -- still kinda bad at programming.