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    Looking for a Case now (Send recommendations)
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  1. DO YOU WANT TO BE A BETTER DATA CENTER TECHNICIAN? TAKE THE DCCA EXAM Well here's how. This is the guide becoming a better Data Center Technician. I am in no way guaranteeing that you're gonna pass. This is just how I did it, and it might work for other people 1. Register For Schneider Energy University (It's Free) Go to this website https://www.schneideruniversities.com/energy-university/ Create you an account Register for the "Data Center Certified Associate" course 2. Complete the Coursework To complete the coursework, there's a total of 16 lessons. There's 2 intro lessons to figure out how to use the course, and 14 actual lessons of material. In the actual lessons you'll cover a decent array of material -- basically anything that a datacenter would use to operate. This includes, but is not limited to: Cooling Racks Fire Protection & Safety Physical Security How electricity and electrical systems work Take all of the lessons Do this by: Watching the slide show & listening to the audio track (Notes are arguably not needed) Taking the Quiz These are usually ~11 questions, all pretty easy. It's nothing too difficult, just what was gone over in the slideshow. Usually the question's answer will be directly stated in the slideshow. Filling out the feedback form You can be as detailed as you feel like being. Download the Course Transcript at the end. I have included a copy of the course transcript with this post as an example. 3. Take the Test First, register for the test This is gonna cost you $250.00 USD And after buying it you have 30 days to take it Once you start you have 120 minutes to finish. This does not stop There's also 100 Questions Also do not open the slides; your test stops and you cannot restart it. Second, Get all your notes ready. Turns out that 90% of the test material is in the Course Transcript. If you've ever taken a college course, you'll know how to Ctrl-F your way through most of those questions. The problem is, at least for me, there were 10-ish questions not in the transcript First one was in a WhitePaper, but also possibly on the slides -- It's basically a diagram with arrows and racks that differentiates Rack, Row, and Room cooling. The others were basically all around electrical distortions -- again, they were probably on the slides, but I had no way of checking. If you take this test and feel like more needs to be added, please feel free to add it below. Unfortunately, I couldn't find too much about it online, but my job wanted us to get this certification. Let me know if you have any questions! DCCA Course Transcript.pdf
  2. Okay, I figured it out, sorry for the quick turnaround, but if anyone needs the info for future reference: Select P.ProductModelID, P.Name, CAST(((P.ListPrice - P.StandardCost)/P.StandardCost) AS DECIMAL(18,2)) AS ProfitMargin From Production.Product P Left JOIN Production.ProductSubcategory PS ON P.ProductSubcategoryID = PS.ProductSubcategoryID Right Join Production.ProductCategory PC ON PC.ProductCategoryID = PS.ProductCategoryID Where PC.ProductCategoryID = 1 ORDER BY ProfitMargin DESC
  3. Hey Y'all, I've been working on a SQL Project and I missed the lesson on Cast and Convert Would anyone know how to Cast a calculated field into a decimal that has only 2 decimal places? My current code is basically: SELECT P.ProductID, P.Name, (P.ListPrice-P.StandardPrice)/P.StandardPrice AS Profit Margin FROM Produciton.Product P //A whole bunch of Joins down here) Lemme know if you have questions
  4. Have the same problem with mine but yeah I feel the same way
  5. You work for Tierpoint? I tried it with my Sony XA2, and no dice. You can use the mouse and keyboard connected to the dock, and charge off of it, but that's pretty neat tbh. Probably won't damage the battery, but if you're scared don't risk it.
  6. @Exprima the weird little ARM Chip based surface, can it run full windows apps, or are we going through another Surface RT period?
  7. Hi all, I basically need to have two case statements outputting to two columns in Transact SQL. I have the first half here: USE AdventureWorks2017 Select CASE WHEN PersonType = 'SC' then 'Store Contact' WHEN PersonType = 'IN' then 'Individual (retail) Customer' WHEN PersonType = 'SP' then 'Sales Person' WHEN PersonType = 'EM' then 'Employee (non-sales)' WHEN PersonType = 'VC' then 'Vendor Contact' WHEN PersonType = 'GC' then 'General Contact' ELSE '' END AS PersonTypeEvaluated From Person.Person I need to have it basically concatenate FirstName MiddleName and LastName in the second Case statement.
  8. Well with your location, yeah, it is.
  9. Hi all, Does anyone have some newer indie Rap that's any good? I love MF Doom & most of his work, along with Aesop, Mos Def, etc. but I've been noticing they've not put out anything recently. Any ideas based off of that?
  10. Agree Agree (Though they're getting their shit kicked in by AMD atm) Agree; but I do think that they're the 1000lb gorilla in the room right now