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  1. This is paradise right here, console to the left, pc in front for work maybe. lots of gasm
  2. Hi I'm new here, and am just trying to learn a bit more about building and understanding how PC works. If I were to want to upgrade my PC, what would be the most important thing to upgrade first? CPU, graphics card, or something else? thank you for taking the time to read this thread, -DS
  3. Something that can run games like the Ezio assassin's creed trilogy, tomb raider, and the typical Moba (like Dota 2 and Lol), not super high-end graphics, maybe like mid-range. the budget would be $300, and also I'm thinking of trying to make it upgradable for the future. I'm an upcoming broke college student, so you know how it goes. (also, looking at Yt vids, not sure if it's possible to get something like that for $300 unless I slowly build up savings just for pc building, and of course, finding parts on craigslist).
  4. An all-rounded PC, one that can be used as entertainment (watching vids and gaming) and also work stuff would be ideal.
  5. Hi there, firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at this thread(I think that's what people call it). I'm a pure noob in pc building, and I am asking for guidance on how to build a pc, also upgrading a laptop. I'm not sure where I should start since there are mountains of information online. Please tell me what type of things I should know when building a PC, Thank you, and I am looking forward to your replies, -DS