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  1. NZXT H700 Nuka Cola Case

    For those who are fans of the Fallout game franchise. I have not yet seen a post for this on the forums yet so I though i'd share. https://www.nzxt.com/product-overview/h700-nuka-cola
  2. Bottlenecking

    like Darkseth said. Nope. SLI is really not what it used to be.
  3. Bottlenecking

    Do you get desirable FPS in all your games at your preferred settings? If so, no need to upgrade. If you want more FPS or to turn your graphics settings up, i'd upgrade (though you may or may not want to wait for nvidias next series.) If you buy current gen, id go for a GTX 1080 or 1070 ti or 1080 ti with that CPU. Your CPU is capable, though you will want to overclock if you want 120+ FPS Whatever you do, do not get a GTX 1060 or lesser. Do not get an RX 580 or lesser. Theses are not upgrades. I do not reccomend a GTX 1070 or RX Vega 56 because it is not much of an upgrade.
  4. Bottlenecking

    actually there is most like a GPU bottleneck in a 970 + 4790k combo
  5. Bottlenecking

    What resolution/refresh is your monitor? You could probably buy as much GPU as you can afford, but if you are gaming on say 1920x1080 on a 60hz panel, something like a 1080ti would be a bit of a waste.
  6. need graphics card for 1440p, 165Hz

    You know what he meant... Still its good to always use the correct terminology.
  7. GTX 1050 Ti or 4GB RX 580?

    RX 580 is significantly better
  8. Motherboard/CPU Troubleshooting

    I think ill just toss the PC in the trash.
  9. Last year, a friend was playing some DOTA 2 during a rainstorm on a PC I sold him for 100 bucks or so when lightning struck. After that the PC didn't boot, after some basic troubleshooting I came to the conclusion that it was just not worth the time to fix such a cheap PC. I verified that the video card and RAM still worked so I chucked them into another PC and got him up and running with that. The hard drive would not detect when I plugged it into my PC (though it would spin and get warm) I did not try turning on the power supply due the potential hazard and instead threw it in the trash. I then replaced the PSU with another one I had laying around for troubleshooting purposes. I removed the motherboard and removed all components from it (heatsinks included) After inspection, I found no visible evidence of physical damage. When I power the zapped system on, the fans spin up, I get a Post screen that says something like: BIOS AUTHORIZED FOR ACER AMERICA ONLY, but nothing else. NOTE: I cannot actually go into the BIOS, I just get a POST screen. Past that, I have tried cleaning the motherboard, changing RAM, removing ram (results in endless beeping as it should.) One other thing worth mentioning is that I can only get a video signal out the motherboard, if I plug in a dGPU the fans spin up, but no video out. My suspicion is that the CPU is toast, but the motherboard is OK and that the reason the video card turns on, but has no video out is because the motherboard is powering it, but cannot display anything because the cpu is needed to send data to the gpu. Also, the motherboard seems to behave normally to things like missing RAM or missing CPU. I can buy a replacement CPU for just 9 bucks. Thoughts? Specs: AMD A6 3620 ACER OEM Motherboard 8GB generic DDR3 RAM GTX 750 ti (optional) DELL OEM 265 Watt PSU I'm only trying to fix this for fun, I don't actually need this system to run, as I have several others.
  10. Motherboard/CPU Troubleshooting

    Hmm. Possibly in an internal layer. Not seeing anything if I follow the traces from the 24 pin.
  11. Pairing with an i5-7400

    Bottlenecks depend on a lot of things, but generally speaking, you could probably buy as much GPU as you can afford. I personally wouldn't go higher than a GTX 1080 here though. We really need to know what monitor you have at least. A GTX 1080 is a waste for 1920x1080 60HZ, but would pair nicely with you CPU at a higher resolution.
  12. Probably cost about this much to make them at home. Free shipping from the US (not that cruddy shipping from china that takes one month) pretty decent deal IMO. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAFVD74G9239&ignorebbr=1
  13. GTX 1080ti + AMD FX 8350 Bottleneck

    oh that makes sense. @valdyrgramr
  14. GTX 1080ti + AMD FX 8350 Bottleneck

    Whats a 380?
  15. [US] $3 on newegg 50FT Cat5e Ethernet Cable

    oh that makes sense... well that sucks
  16. [US] $3 on newegg 50FT Cat5e Ethernet Cable

    not sure why its giving you those results. For me the same conversion gives me: $ 3 USD = 2.31 GBP. should be mentioned that the price went up to $3.99 USD though.
  17. Games crashing constantly

    You mentioned that it also crashed using a gt 430. Its a longshot tbh, but maybe update motherboard bios?
  18. Which MOBO for an i3-8100??

    I'm fairly certain it will NOT let you. Though i'm not 100% sure
  19. Motherboard

    I'd suggest a B-350 or B-450 chipset motherboard and any case you like, just make sure your case is big enough for your motherboard. You can probably go just about as cheap, or as expensive as you like. If you buy more expensive components, you might be wasting money on features that you wont really use considering you dont care at all about overclocking. an ATX board will fit in an ATX case (mid tower or bigger) an mATX will work in smaller cases, and Mini ITX will fit in even smaller, just make sure you check the case specs to be sure your form factor will work. Common sense is ususally sufficient. There's also probably several videos on YT about form factor.
  20. Cpu cooler for 2200G

    Yes it includes a cooler, I'd suggest just using that.
  21. Motherboard

    That's pretty open ended. There are countless combinations of boards and cases that "Go Well" with that CPU. Depends on a lot, what do you intend to do with the PC? What is your budget? Do you intend to do a lot of overclocking? Are there any specific features you are looking for?
  22. Which MOBO for an i3-8100??

    It should be mentioned that the PCIe 2.0 are only the chipset lanes, so your video card will still communicate with the CPU using PCIe 3.0. To answer your question, other differences are very minor for most people (possibly negligible) H370 has a few more HSIO lanes (not very significant for the avg user) H370 supports 2 more USB ports and 2 more USB 3.1 ports H370 has more PCIe lanes to the chipset (not very significant unless you want to do several NVMe drives) H370 supports Intel Rapid Storage Technology for 2 NVMe drives, whereas B360 will only do one
  23. H310 Chipset Motherboard Question

    Yes, i know this. I was just curious.
  24. Many people cite being limited to PCIe 2.0 as a major limitation of H310 motherboards. Isn't this just referring to only the PCIe lanes going to the chipset though? So my video card would hypothetically still be communicating with the CPU using PCIe 3.0 since 8th gen CPUs use PCIe 3.0. That is, as long as my PCIe x16 slot is wired to the CPU and not the chipset. I personally wouldn't care either way... since PCIe 2.0 should have sufficient bandwidth for even the best gaming GPUs on the market today, but I am curious.
  25. H310 Chipset Motherboard Question

    Okay, thank you.