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  1. Hi, is it normal that my kingston ssd wear indicator is 97% after 5 months of use?
  2. Hi is a GTX 1650 Super single fan bad? would a dual fan one make any difference? i dont care about fans noise and i will not overclock
  3. Hi, my specs are 16 GB Ram and AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Which gpu is better AMD RX 570 8 GB or Nvidia GTX 1650 Super the difference in price for me is just 3 USD
  4. I changed the cpu frequency to 4.05 and changed the gfx frequency from 1200 to 1400 mhz and enabled XMP profile 1 but i didnt touch any voltage settings is that good?
  5. Would the tempreture be higher when summer comes?
  6. I'm overclocking my Ryzen 3400G CPU i didnt change the voltage i changed the frequency to 4.1GHZ is 75C ok? or should i lower the frequency
  7. Will the power supply be enough? its the came with the case i think its atx eps12v but not sure
  8. My case is Bitfenix Nova TG would it fit?