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  1. I have an older receiver that supports DTS and DD 5.1 audio, and it's a great sounding system. The problem is that it's from the 90s, so there aren't any fancy HDMI passthroughs or anything like that for me to pipe my audio though. Instead, I use S/PDIF. This obviously works perfectly fine for movies, which have a pre-compressed 5.1 audio signal. However, games don't have compressed audio, for obvious reasons, and the raw 5.1 channel audio needs to be compressed by your audio solution before it's passed to the receiver. The motherboard in my previous desktop was a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3. Actually a really decent board. The on-board audio supported DD Live/DTS, which was nice. However, my current build includes a Gigabyte Z170X-G5... which doesn't support any of it. If I watch video with compresses 5.1, my receiver recognizes it as it should. Just doesn't support 5.1 in any games. So, as the title of this thread asks, could someone point me in the direction of a reasonably priced (~$100 US or so) sound card or DAC that supports compressed 5.1 DD/DTS audio through S/PDIF? The ones I've been looking at either don't seem to support it, or don't have it clearly listed in their specifications. I'm not fussed about the drama between internal sound cards and DACs. The differences, to me, don't matter. As long as it's not so low-quality that it's going to distort the signal, I don't really care which I have. Thanks.
  2. Kevin_Walter

    Anyone here preorder For Honor?

    Pretty sure it's preaching about how evil preorders are over and over again and expecting reality to shift to a point where it actually matters.
  3. Kevin_Walter

    Anyone here preorder For Honor?

    I'd be lying if I said Andromeda didn't look somewhat decent, but Mass Effect 3 was probably the 3rd biggest disappointment of the last decade for me. Right behind Destiny and Fallout 4. I used to want to play No Man's Sky, but I'm always wary of any games that have anything to do with "procedural generation". I've yet to see a game that does it really well and at least somewhat avoids the quick familiarity with the algorithm. And as for The Division... LOL. I'm glad I didn't buy it. A friend did because he thought it would be fun to play together. I made it to level 30 and finished the story and haven't touched it since.
  4. Kevin_Walter

    Anyone here preorder For Honor?

    Good god, they're like vegans...
  5. Kevin_Walter

    Anyone here preorder For Honor?

    Well we all have to be adamant about something sometime, I guess.
  6. Kevin_Walter

    Anyone here preorder For Honor?

    I generally don't like PvP focused games like this. Never really got into Dark Souls invasions, for instance. Generally don't like fighting games. Personally, with the nearly 30 hours I've put into this game across multiple tests, I consider it worth the price of admission. The $60 base game, at least. Can't really go wrong waiting to get it cheaper though of course.
  7. Kevin_Walter

    Anyone here preorder For Honor?

    Games are pretty close to finished within about 3 months of launch. They're generally around that "feature complete" stage, and the remaining time before launch is for testing and squashing bugs. It varies from developer to developer, but to say that people are preordering long before games are finished, while technically true, is completely inconsequential to anything. Also, I feel there should be a clarification. There's a difference between a preorder and a prepurchase. Preorders mean even less as little to no money changes hands before launch. Prepurchases are different, and a lot of online marketplaces don't even let you prepurchase as early as the physical retailers allow you to preorder. So what? The preorder incentives for For Honor are a few cosmetic outfits. That's it. They're completely meaningless to anything. Sure, you can make a stink about games with elaborate preorder incentives that cut out chunks of games and reserve them for preorders. That's shitty. Games that come to mind are Mass Effect 3 and Mankind Divided. And you know what happens with those games? People bitch about them incessantly until the game is changed (as seen in the case of Mankind Divided). Ultimately, this issue has nothing to do with people choosing to preorder and everything to do with publishers who get stupid ideas. At the end of the day, it's the people who go on forums and reddit and facebook and make it known that they don't want those kinds of preorder incentives who get them changed. Not from people deciding not to preorder at all. I mean why should a publisher care whether or not you preorder if you're going to buy the game anyway? lol wow. Talk about a childish argument... First of all, your analogy is garbage. In your mind, everything is reinforced by preorders, because you're arguing about things that are entirely unrelated to preorders. You probably think that games like Battlefield 4 are rushed and riddled with bugs because of preorders as opposed to the reality of tight schedules because Publishers want to be competitive. You don't get to just say "preorders are related to X and X is bad, therefore preorders are bad!". That kind of circular logic is just stupid. Oh, I absolutely understand what you've said, but unlike yourself, I understand the industry and know that what you've said is unrelated to preorders at best, and patently false at worst. Cute. I've spoken to more developers than you'll likely ever know. None of them have cared to bring up preorders when bitching about their jobs. Ever. I'm sure some lament... those who work on games where publishers have their balls in a vice and try to make them work on garbage like Destiny... Your problem is acting as though exceptions are the rule, and think that you choosing not to pay for a game today as opposed to tomorrow actually means something. Good. Have a nice day.
  8. Kevin_Walter

    Anyone here preorder For Honor?

    Oh, the irony... Bullshit. There's no commitment. There's just your decision to buy a video game. Whether you buy it before or after launch, you're still buying it. Especially now, when you can return games to digital markets like Steam.Your argument here is entirely emotional. "If you buy X and feel cheated..." preorders have nothing to do with buyer's remorse other than to say that the buyer in question is an idiot for buying something they clearly didn't understand in the first place. Again, an emotional non-argument. Blah blah blah paywalls, blah blah blah locked content, blah blah blah exclusives... none of these things are going to change whether you preorder or not. The only thing that changes is the date in which the money comes out of your wallet. The only thing that can change those other things is severe public outcry, which is never triggered by people not buying a game. Paywalls can, will, and do exist without preorders. Preorders have no effect on them whatsoever. And when was the last time you've seen "paywalls" removed from a game? Locked content? See "paywalls"... unless you're trying to suggest that they're separate things. Exclusives? Really? You think preordering has ANYTHING to do with exclusives? At all? If so, you're dumber than I thought. And no, they don't "already have your money", idiot. As I stated before, you clearly have no idea how games are developed. 1: An idea for a game is pitched to a Publisher. 2: Publisher accepts the pitch and creates a contract that dictates how much they're willing to invest in development. 3: Development begins on the project. Developers begin earning their wages. 4: The game is announced/promoted/market/preorders are opened up. 5: People preorder the game, giving retailers early profits and returning some of the investment made by Publishers. 6: Game is released in exactly the same state it would have released had their been no preorders. Because preorders don't mean jack shit when it comes to launch day, because you clearly don't know how ANY of this works. Preordering has time and time again been used to confirm the biases of people such as yourself, who make emotional arguments with no basis in reality, you mean. Except for the fact that it has no effect on anyone else whatsoever. You're boycotting something that will never go away, and scapegoating something that is completely irrelevant to the shit you want to bitch about. You're trying to fix a flat tire by pissing in the radiator. Preordering is a personal choice that has no effect on anything other than the rare games with bullshit incentives. Though most developers have wised up to that one and just toss in a few cosmetics these days. Oh and by the way, the only logical evolution of preorders is early access... essentially paying to alpha/beta test, which I'm sure you'd also be bitching about. Now please stop derailing my thread. It has nothing to do with your anti-preorder religion. EDIT: The quote system on this site is incredibly frustrating...
  9. Kevin_Walter

    Anyone here preorder For Honor?

    Except those aren't "facts" whether you label them such or not. They're your uneducated opinion on what happens because you think you need a scapegoat to blame for your disappointment in games. Preorders have no effect on the state in which a game is released. None. Zero. Nada. Zip. You're not giving anyone anything for nothing. You're giving a retailer or web store money for a code that unlocks your game. They're giving a portion of that money to a publisher that is getting a return on the investment that they placed into development and marketing. The developers were paid a long time ago. Your temper tantrums don't mean shit when you're buying the games anyway. There's literally no difference other than the date on which you pay. Oh, and news flash, you're not the arbiter of when a discussion is over. I'll reply if I want to.
  10. Kevin_Walter

    Anyone here preorder For Honor?

    Preordering has no effect on anything other than your wallet. The anti-preorder crusade is really old and annoying.
  11. Kevin_Walter

    Anyone here preorder For Honor?

    GreenManGaming has it on sale 20% off. So you can get the Gold Edition for like $80. I'm just curious because I picked it up and I'm wondering how it appears in other people's uplay libraries. I'm preloading it now, but it's listed in my library as "For Honor !!". I'm guessing the !! stands for "Gold Edition" or something.
  12. Kevin_Walter

    What's that unpopular game that you like to play?

    Diablo 3 is a guilty pleasure. Everyone hates it, but I'm back on it almost every new season. Probably going to get the Necromancer when it's released later this year. Then I can have another character with 500+ logged hours...
  13. Kevin_Walter

    Playing games on primary display causes secondary to lag.

    No. This has been happening for a long time. Through multiple Windows and driver updates.
  14. So this issue is incredibly annoying and I've been experiencing it for quite some time. While running a game on my primary display, my secondary display will drop to about 1fps. This is especially annoying when trying to use an application like OBS, which has the preview window for monitoring, as well as trying to watch videos and such while gaming. It doesn't do this for all games. For instance, Diablo 3 doesn't cause this. I frequently watch youtube videos and play that. Both fullscreen and borderless windowed modes work fine. Then there are games like Fallout 4, which cause this issue whether I'm running fullscreen or windowed. All I can find online is stuff related to Windows 8 and power settings. Though many of those issues seem to have been fixed with a Windows 8 update. Unfortunately, I'm running Windows 10, and yes, everything is up to date. Windows 10 i5 6600k @ 4.3 GHz R9 390 16 GBs RAM Both monitors are connected to my GPU via DVI. This issue doesn't seem to affect recording. The recordings turn out fine. It's just the stuff that's displayed on the second monitor. And here's a nifty little video showing this issue when trying to record Stalker. Sorry for the potato quality, I'm pretty sure the camera in my tablet is a literal piece of shit.
  15. Kevin_Walter

    Is there a valid reason why SSDs are still so expensive?

    Ah. That makes sense.