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About anthonyc813

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    I like cats
  • Birthday 1981-08-13

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    Long Island
  • Interests
    PC gaming, Bass fishing, pain killers, Laundry, vaginas
  • Biography
    WoW addict since 2005... Bfa is starting to suck. Counting the days till Resident Evil 2 comes out.
  • Occupation
    Rotting in a cubicle


  • CPU
    Intel i7 4790k @ 4.8GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASUS ROG Z97 Hero VII
  • RAM
    16GB G Skill Sniper 2133
  • GPU
    Sapphire NITRO 390X
  • Case
    Fractal Designs Define S
  • Storage
    OC Vertex 128 SSD thats like 5 years old now, 2x Crucial M500 SSDs
  • PSU
    XFX 850w Gold
  • Display(s)
    ASUS MG279Q
  • Cooling
    DEEPCOOL Captain 360
  • Keyboard
    Merc Stealth gaming keyboard with no DEL key
  • Mouse
    Razor Naga Molten edition
  • Sound
    cheap Logitech speakers and sub woofer 5.1
  • Operating System
    Back to Win 7 again. Fuck Win10
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  1. anthonyc813

    We GOT the Chinese Game Console!!

    Is this the new SOULJABOY Console?
  2. Corsair 570x v2 is nice but the razer edition lian li is coming out next month
  3. anthonyc813

    Upgrading from a GTX 970 in 2019 ?

    Man that does look bad ass! Its all about dat back plate! Remember as of today RTX only works in Battle Field 5, which comes with this card as a gift. Im with @Brynjar forget "future proofing" and grab something current today for today. With your budget mentioned, I would get the card that looks the best TO YOU in the 2070 line up and read the comments on Newegg to see what users say about the card.
  4. anthonyc813

    Upgrading from a GTX 970 in 2019 ?

    My man the 970s were a perfect match for my ASUS MG279Q. Yes its FreeSync but those cards ran everything on ultra with hair works on. At the time Witcher 3 was new and hot. Went to AMD to try out FreeSync and I always regretted selling the 970s for a STRIX Fury- that was a nightmare. Ended up with a 390X cause I could not fine those STRIX 970s again... Today I run a Vega 56. Got it for 329.99 WITH three games in the end. Of course Nvidia announces my monitor can be used with an RTX 2080 with adaptive sync on....... D'OH!!!
  5. anthonyc813

    H100i How to tell if still works

    If I can tell if the H100i works before installing I would prefer that. Otherwise I will leave on the 360 Captain and just swap the fans for LL120
  6. anthonyc813

    Upgrading from a GTX 970 in 2019 ?

    God I miss my STRIX 970s in SLi Yeah man stay team Green IMO. 1070ti's have been on sale every other week since November roughly for 350-420. 1080s are hard to find new at a good price (im cheap) and I am not sure about the RTXs if their issues have been fixed since release. For under 600 your choices are very broad. Pick the one that has the coolest back plate in your opinion lol! Or a 1070ti ROG
  7. anthonyc813

    H100i How to tell if still works

    D'oh! OK thank you. Its been in a box for 2 years or so but I need the LED pump for a project
  8. anthonyc813

    H100i How to tell if still works

    So I still have to take apart current one and set up the H100i to see if it works?? No way to tell when its not mounted on a system?
  9. Hellos I have an old Corsair H100i in my pcpart graveyard bin. Looking to install it again in new Corsair case. Is there a way to tell if the pump still functions without taking apart current AIO and setting this one up? Can I plug it in somehow and feel for the tubes to vibrate? The UBS header and the SATA power while current PC is running. Thanks in advance.
  10. anthonyc813

    "Reverse" Intake Fans

    Dude I have a cat taht temps fate all the time. Her eye whiskers are singed cause she sticks her face in a candle like a rere. Sometimes I smell burning hair as she walks by. I cant lol. One day I will AFK during a boss fight because my WILL be on fire. I can feel it!
  11. anthonyc813

    "Reverse" Intake Fans

    Thank you man. These look great!
  12. anthonyc813

    "Reverse" Intake Fans

    Ugh this guy. lol thanks Ill check it out
  13. anthonyc813

    "Reverse" Intake Fans

    Those look real cool too man. Would look nice at the bottom of a O11. Ill troll ces videos to see what the cheaper one slook like. 30.00 is fine.. thank you @aisle9
  14. anthonyc813

    "Reverse" Intake Fans

    YIKES!! lol
  15. anthonyc813

    "Reverse" Intake Fans

    Oh cool I will google that. Thank you!