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    I like cats
  • Birthday 1981-08-13

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    Long Island
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    PC gaming, Bass fishing, pain killers, Laundry, vaginas
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    WoW addict since 2005... Bfa is starting to suck. Counting the days till Resident Evil 2 comes out.
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    Rotting in a cubicle


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    Intel i7 4790k @ 4.8GHz
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    ASUS ROG Z97 Hero VII
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    16GB G Skill Sniper 2133
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    XFX Vega 56
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    Corsair 570X Mirrored Black
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    OC Vertex 128 SSD thats like 5 years old now, Crucial m.2
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    XFX 850w Gold
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    ASUS MG279Q
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    Corsair h100i
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    Merc Stealth gaming keyboard - BEST Gaming Keyboard. Ever.
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    Razor Naga Molten edition
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    cheap Logitech speakers and sub woofer 5.1
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    Back to Win 7 again. Fuck Win10
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  1. Okay it decided to magically start working again after the update. How do I stop this from happening again I have to leave my gaming PC on at all times just so I don't have to deal with this
  2. Hellos, Been having issues for a few weeks now whenever I restart my PC I get the black screen of death and there is a blinking white cursor in the top left then goes to the middle for a few seconds then vanishes. I can restart and get into UEFI hitting F2 but that's it. There is no safe mode of any kind that I can tell and all the videos on YouTube are from 2015 on how to fix this. Sometimes I can restart it 30 or 40 times and it will magically appear to work but today there was an update and it restarted automatically and now I have the black screen again. My Hardware is in my profile is it a graphics card issue or my monitor is going? I did the hold down the power button for 10 seconds then release three times in a row to get it to go into repair mode but I still cannot see anything on my monitor I tried plugging in another monitor and sometimes that works but today it's not
  3. 1440p 90Hz FreeSync monitor with a Vega 56.
  4. I updated my prifile and parts list. Snagged an XFX Vega 56 for 280.00 black Friday 2018. Redid my cases and went full RGBtard with the Corsair ecosystem but my RAM sticks are still boring plain DDR3. Sure everythign works fine with the games I play but as an old PC hardware junkie I would like to upgrade this year or in 2020 at some point.
  5. Vega 56. I ditched that Fury 2 weeks after installing! What a nightmare that ASUS card was!
  6. Mornings! Basic question. Can I finally step into the DDR4 world with the new Ryzen CPU's? Still rocking the old i7 4790K with DDR3... Most everything before this launch was barely an upgrade and not worth it. Minimal gains from what I read. Thanks in advance!
  7. Morning LTT, Started watching Computex vids on the YouTubes today as I am out of the tech loop for a while. I own the Intel i7 4790K along with a Z97 motherboard. Been told many times nothing out there today, aside from the very expensive CPU's, is a decent/major upgrade for me. Will the next wave of Ryzen CPU's be worth it in my shoes? Can I start to plan a new build? One with DDR4 RAM lol. I love my rig. She has served me well. I bought the Vega 56 over the winter and still can play modern games with no issues. I believe I got the 4760K in 2014 or 2015. I have updated nearly every piece of hardware inside and out of my rig besides the CPU and RAM. Is it too early to say if a Ryzen Gen 3 is a massive improvement or can I start to look at those new shiny motherboards and cool looking RAM sticks? I went full RGBtard with all Corsair iCue pretty lights and I love it. Thanks in advance!
  8. you are the man. thank you for the help!!
  9. Do I pm them or will they see this thread over the at mention?
  10. I have 3 pretty decent PSU's laying around... Corsair AX760 Plat, XFX XTR 850 Gold and an old Antec High Current Pro 750. No need for a new one. they all work. Just wanted single 8pins running to my new-ish Vega
  11. Thanks for this. It does say on Cable Mods site this kit is OK with the AX760 just no 24pin. Have to buy that separate I am guessing... rather not kill my GPU though.. https://cablemod.com/compatibility/
  12. Website said this kit was for this AX760 or my XFX XTR 850 gold