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    I like cats
  • Birthday Aug 13, 1981

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    Long Island
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    PC gaming, Bass fishing, pain killers, Laundry, vaginas
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    Retire WoW addict. Not playing Shadowlands please dont ask.
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    Rotting in a cubicle


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    Intel i7 4790k @ 4.8GHz
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    ASUS ROG Z97 Hero VII
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    16GB G Skill Sniper 2133
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    XFX Vega 56
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    Corsair 570X Mirrored Black
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    OC Vertex 128 SSD thats like 5 years old now, Crucial m.2
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    XFX 850w Gold
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    ASUS MG279Q
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    Corsair h100i
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    Merc Stealth gaming keyboard - BEST Gaming Keyboard. Ever.
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    Razor Naga Molten edition
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    cheap Logitech speakers and sub woofer 5.1
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    Back to Win 7 again. Fuck Win10
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  1. i presonally like Corsair iCUE 220T better but I went full blown iCue ecosystem in my 570X and love it. are you planning on LL120 fans and RGB strips? Or leaving stock fans?
  2. thats the older one. they revised it to have better colors I think.
  3. asus is still 1499. 300 more might be worth the projector! I did score a strix 3080 so keeping the ROG theme might be good right? not playing CS:GO or Warzone. nice pretty RPGs and currently RDR2. was looking at ultrawides but want something "taller" than 1440p 34/35" curved monitors
  4. hellos, are there any direct comparison (up to date) articles or videos with these two 43" 4K monitors? Cannot find anything from 2020 or with new hardware like 3080/AMD CPUs. what do you think? has anyone tried one of these big boys out? what are your thoughts? currently the Acer one is on sale at MC for 1100. still cheaper than the LG 38 Ultra... thanks in advance!
  5. OK this is working. Armory keeps crashing and the other one does not detect anything. Aura Sync is working though. can play with the modes and what not. perhaps its due to no RGB headers on board and still using Z97 ??
  6. I got Aura sync to work for 10 seconds Armory crate keeps crashing everytime I open it or giving me an error if I manage to keep it open
  7. I'm not sure what I did but I got it back to the default rainbow cycling finally. Thank you so much for the help I still have not tried one game with this card yet
  8. THANK YOU!!!! the light bar is off the blue but stuck on Red breathing. which ASUS program do I use fo rthe card? Aura Sync or Armory crate??
  9. uninstalled iCue and the 3080 light bar is stuck on blue from the instant lighting. Armory Crate still cannot find it. Aura Sync sees it but gives an error when I hit the play button trying to see it it works
  10. Anyone know the Rog Discord? Having trouble finding that as well maybe I can ask them and they know what's going on
  11. Could not delete the plug-in folder so I uninstalled icue all together and now it's stuck on a blue light bar
  12. keep gettin gthis error message. all other programs are closed
  13. I mean I got lucky and land strix 3080 run home and install it and I broke it within a half hour..