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  1. Boomwebsearch

    Logitech Z207 Speakers Cracklings and Popping

    Okay, I would recommend checking to make sure that this issue is not a DPC latency issue first and then troubleshoot from that point. If you don't have a DPC latency checking tool already, then I would recommend the Thesycon latency checker which is the one which I use (free download and product page available at https://www.thesycon.de/eng/latency_check.shtml) and then running the utility for a few minutes while using your system on a average sound workload such as listening to a song and then coming back to the utility to gather your results and find out if your system's sound performance if being impacted from DPC latency or not. If you have another speaker set which you would be able to use and check to make sure that the speakers are fine that would be beneficial to the troubleshooting process as it is still possible for there to be damage or some hardware related issue with the speakers themselves. Also, is this a new build which is having the issue just recently when adding the speakers or has the issue been there to some degree before adding the speakers to your system setup?
  2. Boomwebsearch

    Logitech Z207 Speakers Cracklings and Popping

    It is most likely a driver based issue, what operating system are you using, and does h noise occur during normal sound playback or at certain times like only when rebooting? Could be a DPC latency issue in the case that the sound playback is being affected specifically and if the audio is lagging.Try downloading specific product drivers which are the latest compatible version instead of the default ones installed if you have not done so already and see if that solves the issue as it is a possible cause.
  3. I have a Lenovo T420 and I heard that it had some type of like 4 in one memory reader although I am not sure. I have a 128GB microSD card and an microSD card adapter which came with it. Would I be able to pop in the microSD Card adapter into this computer and be able to read from it without any drivers needed, or would this even be able to read the card?
  4. Boomwebsearch

    Is this an Upgrade or a Downgrade?

    I have heard from Best Buy representatives that you need to make sure that your drivers for the GPU are going to be compatible with Windows 10 although I am not sure if that is entirely correct as some have used compatibility mode when installing the drivers and have had success. @rcmaehl would the GT710 have more reliability than the NVS 295 and lower chances for failure or would the Quadro series have better reliability than the consumer-focused cards?
  5. Boomwebsearch

    Is this an Upgrade or a Downgrade?

    Could you link a passive version of the GT710 GPU and would there be other options that maybe would give better performance than the GT 710 with lower power draw? Also, would a Quadro have better expected longetivity than a consumer-market oriented card like the GT710 have had a GPU fail before and I think that it was some Nvidia card for laptops and the experience is not good because at the time I did not have a backup of my data and I could not even see what was on the screen to get the data off it manually. In the end, I was able to get the data off with a third-party software utility although that would not be good if that happened on this system because I value the reliability of the machine as well. Also, is there some list of like supported GPUs for this system and/or ones compatible with Windows 10?
  6. Boomwebsearch

    Is this an Upgrade or a Downgrade?

    I would like an passive cooler GPU because I don't want there to be the additional noise of the fans. Please note that the power supply is only 240 watts which is an issue because it will not be able to power higher-power draw cards. I bought this computer from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher a a few years ago for 195 and including peripherals. The computer was shipped to me with already one slot taken up by some ancient printer connection interface card and another slot which is missing a slot cover and which I used a modified piece of paper and tape to act as a slot cover and prevent dust from getting in. Found this card listed on HP's site for this computer as a supported GPU and therefore am considering to add it even though I understand that it would not perform well to today's standard and does not present good price to performance. The only thing which I am unsure is if it will be better than the integrated GPU and if so by how much. link to HP's official page for this computer system: https://support.hp.com/id-en/document/c01926347
  7. Boomwebsearch

    Is this an Upgrade or a Downgrade?

    I have a HP elite 8000 small form factor with the specification listed within this post. I use the integrated graphics which is the Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset and am considering to add in a Quadro NVS295 which I could get refurbished for around 10 to 15 USD. I am not really sure if this would benefit my performance at all if any since this integrated GPU has 879MB of VRAM while the card only has 265MB which is a bad sign potentially. I would like to use it to hopefully improve the timeline scrubbing and export times in Filmora 9 and Windows Movie Maker (although I know that WMM likes better CPU performance and does not benefit much from a better GPU). Please let me know if this addition of a GPU would improve the performance of this system and by how much. system specs: - Intel Core 2 Duo e7500 -1TB HDD from Seagate - 8GB of RAM - Windows 10 - Intel Q45/Q43 Chipset as being the GPU of the system
  8. Boomwebsearch

    Is this 117.98 USD GTX 1080Ti Legitimate?

    Note that the seller noted that in the listing this is a used card and not a new or refurbished unit. Although does not include any information in terms of pictures of the actual product you would be getting and it says that there is somehow more than 10 available so I think that there must be like some center that is trying to sell these because they upgraded or something to those lines, unless it is a scam card that is actually a different one or it won't be delivered at all, usually I have seen them be very clear like if the seller claims its brand new and at a low price although this one seems possibly to be legitimate.
  9. Boomwebsearch

    Is this 117.98 USD GTX 1080Ti Legitimate?

    The image provided by this specific seller of the item seems as of being right to the actual boxed unit from Gigabyte and its apparently the 11GB variant. The seller did not include any other images besides this stock one on the listing so that is a bit suspicious in my opinion but I am not completely sure.
  10. I was looking for a graphics card on eBay and I found this GTX1080Ti for around 120 United States Dollars with free shipping. I think that this seems to be too good to being true although it seems as of being a really good value if it was legitimate, is this card going to be a good value and are there better options in terms of price to performance and is this deal a scam or it it actually legitimate (in that case I would think that it would present good price to performance)? link to the aforementioned GTX1080TI product: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gigabyte-GeForce-GTX-1080-Ti-GAMING-OC-11GB-Graphic-Cards-GV-N108TGAMING-OC-11GD/323656861554?hash=item4b5b73c772:g:eIEAAOSwW4tcQ0TY:rk:6:pf:0
  11. Only the case and the power supply being changed should not have any direct impact on the performance (assuming that there is sufficient heat dissipation and power delivery for the hardware components within your system. Depending on if you plan to run certain applications which may not benefit at all or little from added RAM, RAM could be lowered, is this a general purpose machine or to be used for a certain application or software?
  12. Boomwebsearch

    Good budget psu?

    link to a recommended product which would fit these criteria specifications: -this one is a really good one although it does go over your budget and is 730 watts: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Thermaltake-Smart-SE-730W-PC-Power-Supply/183616530901?epid=167251303&hash=item2ac065e9d5:m:mvAeO-3gv78HRp0kUq7mUPg:rk:9:pf:0 -these ones are a more budget-friendly option(s) which I was able to find on eBay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/650W-Netzteil-ATX-12V-Gaming-PC-Power-Supply-24Pin-Molex-SATA-650-Walt-12CM/401683267269?hash=item5d86303ec5:g:epEAAOSwXMZagVtP:rk:47:pf:0 https://www.ebay.de/itm/500W-Netzteil-PSU-PFC-Power-Supply-PC-ATX-Computer-AMD-Intel-120mm-leiser-Lufter/302969358682?hash=item468a61895a:m:mcS_Ip_aypknDsp2zorQrjw:rk:38:pf:0
  13. Boomwebsearch

    Tarans perfect keyboard

    Looks very interesting, and is like an enlarged version of the stream-deck although maybe with slightly less functionality if you can't integrate with so much other software directly. Although I think that this keyboard may be reviewed by a LinusTechTips video in the future, let's tag @TaranLMG and @LinusTech to see what they think towards the concept of this keyboard.
  14. Boomwebsearch

    Budget build advice

    Maybe, try copying and pasting the links into another tab to view them? I agree with this, PcPartsPicker definitely ensures system compatibility and can compare across sites, although not guaranteed to present your with the best price is going to give a close to lowest cost on your components which you are looking for that it can. I am surprised that it does not allow you to add used components in and calculate, although maybe they are going to consider adding it in the future.
  15. Boomwebsearch

    Question for a Ethernet Switch

    Older buildings only have telephone hook ups and maybe cable ones too, although newer ones can have Ethernet connections and wiring through the walls to connect to many other outlets within your house. You may be able to use this to your advantage if you have it, otherwise if your internet switch is very far from your router, you may have to go into getting a really long Ethernet cable. For the purpose that I am looking at the right product, could you please take a look at this linked product and make sure that this is the one which you are making reference to?: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1089829-REG/tp_link_tl_sg105e_5pt_rj45_g_b.html/?ap=y&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI45nM8oDT3wIVjlqGCh1_VQjEEAQYASABEgJuWvD_BwE&lsft=BI%3A514&smp=Y