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  1. Well I'm not gonna use it for gaming, primarily gonna use it for media. Forgot the earpods and airpods are different products.
  2. noted on the Anker Soundcore That's the thing, I do want wired, but its not practical running a 3ft aux cable to your switch ain't it. I also don't like BT ear pods, I will definitely loose a ear someplace and cant locate it.
  3. I think its not glued, theres holes on the sleeve, when I pull it back far enough.
  4. well whats the cheapest alright BT headset you can recommend with a aux port?
  5. I have a BT headset which had its charger port break, i.e. it doesn't charge no matter what charger cable/brick I use. It has screws on the headband part, but I don't think that will open the one I want to open. The ear part isn't removable/replaceable, and it has parts where it is hooked(?) or affixed to something. I believe the screws is in that area but cannot access it atm. Is there a way I can open it without losing the ear muffs?
  6. I am currently looking for a Bluetooth headphones with aux port. Using that Bluetooth when its convenient (using it with my docked Switch) and being able to use it wired. My old one, a Plextone BT270, had it charger port broken for some odd reason or another and cannot charge. All functions still work, but when battery dies, Bluetooth is gone. I am not looking for high end stuff, but it would be nice if its Bluetooth 5.0, but 4.0 is good enough.
  7. so 650w is enough when I do upgrade to a 3060/3050ti?
  8. yeah i just found out, but how many watts should I go for in the next one that I am going to buy?
  9. its called aerocool and im from the philippines heres a link: https://www.joyo.ph/en/power-supply/1717-aerocool-rave-500w-80-bronze-power-supply.html
  10. I am currently running a i7-6700k, MSI Gaming M3, 1050ti and a couple drives with a 500w Bronze rated PSU. I am going to upgrade to a Ryzen 5600x and later on get a RTX 30 series card (when prices go down, either a 3050ti or 3060). Should I upgrade now when I go 5600x or in the time between getting the 5600x and RTX 30 card? What watts should I go for?
  11. So I am currently looking at B550 Aorus Pro or a B550-F ROG Strix Gaming. So far the only things that are different with them are: - Aorus has more usb ports which I may need. (my current setup uses 7/8 ports(kb/m, webcam, 2 external hdds, usb cable for phone and bluetooth adapter)) -B550-F has wifi and bluetooth modules. -then their offerings for software.
  12. From the stores near me, the 5600x and 5600g is very similarly priced, with a difference of 15USD. Which should I go for?