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  1. All right thank you guys, wont worry about it then
  2. Okay, as i tested if it was loose or not it only seemed to have a slight give to it, though it was so little that i was unsure.
  3. I did, cant really see anything and the cap is seated so close to the board that the legs aren't visible.
  4. Hey guys i was installing a usb 2.0 cable on my asus z590p and i felt a capacitor whith my finger as i was pressing in the cable... nothing to see so i didnt include a picture. Doesnt appear loose. But i just wanna know how fragile they are? Wasnt applying that much presure. Everthing still works i just wanna know if i could have damaged something?
  5. Thank you so much man i´ll give it a look!
  6. If i were to build myself, the only gpu available is an rtx 2060 for double the price unfortunately. I trust this SI as i have dealt with them before. https://www.komplett.dk/category/83212/pc-tablets/komplett-pc/komplett-epic-gaming-pc Its in danish so you probably cant get much from that link.
  7. I plan on getting a prebuilt, i live in denmark and we have a great SI here that has a wide selection of products to choose from. Currently on a machine i built 8 years ago that has a 3930k six core cpu and a gtx 960, 16 gbs of 1600 mhz ram and a 240 gb ssd. I would prefer using a single system for everything. My ideal budget would be around 15000 dkk or roughly 2500 dollars.
  8. Hey friends, I need suggestions for a high-end pc (while staying sensible), that will play wow shadowlands on recommended settins (7 preset) at 144 fps whilst being able to stream on twitch... Budget is not really an issue, but i dont want to overspend... basically the best machine before diminishing returns kick in. I play at 1080p, possibly 1440 in the future.
  9. All right man thank you for your time. I'll call them monday and make sure it doesn't void the warranty.
  10. On a side note the GPU usage never seems to exceed 10 % at the most actually.
  11. Question is if it is just a lost cause and something on nvidias end? You guys think its reason enough for them to take the machine back?
  12. I got the cable, i´ll call them monday i guess... Although it seems plenty of people are experiencing these stuttering issues with their 3080 on the nvidia forums.
  13. Hmm, it would suck if thats the case... like I said im not able to do that, but doesnt the 3080 use 320w? 1 cable does 150w so 2=300 + 75w from the slot itself? Can you link the other thread?