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  1. Hi LinusTechTips community, I have a Samsung PN51E530 TV that is currently connected to a Roku 3, it works great although I want to be able to cast tabs from Chrome and screen-cast an Android phone/tablet. I want something like my 1st gen Chromecast that I have on my Panasonic plasma TV. I have found a few options I am trying to decide between, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. * Also, I would like to be able to control from a phone/app instead of the remote, would I be able to do this with the Chromecast with Google TV and/or the TiVo Stream 4K?
  2. All of the one's I can find are having to take an old/broken payphone and putting in new internals to make it functioning again, I thought that it may be a fun side project and I completely realize that it could be easily bypassed if someone just plugged in their own landline handset, btw if I was able to research and find some information it probably means that I know how to and have done my homework before asking to avoid potentially wasting anyone else's time. I appreciate your responses, although please feel 100% free to not respond to any thread or post if you don't wish to, the LTT forum
  3. It's quite unfortunate that there's so many options out there to block incoming calls and manage internet traffic on your home network, although you can't control the calls being made on your phone. People don't want to call using their cell-phone since it takes up minutes, maybe a pay-phone is a good solution, although they're too expensive to think about making any profit (especially if it's only one household), is there any DIY way to make a pay-phone? https://www.payphone.com/Personal-Pay-Phone.html
  4. It wouldn't likely cause any compatibility problems if the dimensions are lower than your original card, although just keep in mind that the mini-versions of GPUs may have less effective coolers than may cause overheating with a high load and/or overclocking settings applied.
  5. Hi LinusTechTips community, I am wondering if there's any solutions available to block outgoing calls on a home landline phone (we need to stop ordering take-out)? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions, @Boomwebsearch
  6. Sounds interesting, although I wonder how much it would cost for initial installation of the services for the customers and if there's truly unlimited data usage (no throttling at higher data usages)?
  7. There's a wired option, although is there any differences in comparison to the wireless? I can spend the extra $10 if needed, although I probably won't ever use the wireless since the cord will be able to reach fine and batteries are expensive to replace frequently. https://www.amazon.com/Mechanical-Velocifire-VM02WS-Copywriters-Programmer/dp/B01M0QEYR4/ref=sr_1_2?crid=GJY0BF5O8H5N&dchild=1&keywords=velocifire%2Bfull%2Bsize&qid=1597416483&sprefix=velocifire%2Bfull%2Caps%2C295&sr=8-2&th=1&tag=linus21-20
  8. The link brought to amazon.com which is right for me since I am in the United States, do you have any recommendations for a USB number-pad (non-mechanical is fine) or another mechanical keyboard (blue or brown mechanical switches are fine) under $50 USD with a number-pad?
  9. Not sure if this would be possible and if there's any apps that can do this (are you using IOS or android?), although overall I would recommend getting a cheap bluetooth adapter (either USB or PCIe). I have bought a USB bluetooth adapter for around a dollar or two shipped on eBay, finding the right driver was a bit of a challenge, although once I found the driver and installed, it's been working great for over a year now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-bluetooth-5-0-Wireless-Dongle-Adapter-Adapter-5-0-Real-PC-Receiver-Stereo/373110452028?hash=item56df1daf3c%3Ag%3A1-oAAOSwykFexNrX&
  10. Are the Outemu blue switches louder than Cherry MX blue mechanical switches and by how much?
  11. Hi LinusTechTips Community, I was looking through the mechanical keyboards available on Best Buy and found this Redragon K552-2 Kumara for $35 USD and was wondering if it's a good deal. I think that it's using Outemu blue mechanical key switches, although I don't know much more about it. Has anyone had any experience with this keyboard and is the backlight color static or can it be changed? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/redragon-k552-2-kumara-wired-gaming-mechanical-blue-switch-keyboard-with-back-lighting-black/6419321.p?skuId=6419321 Thanks in advance
  12. I believe that the fastest CPU for that motherboard socket would be the AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition, although you may have a hard time finding one at a reasonable price since they're out of production.
  13. Here's a few of the options to explore for a red/brown switch mechanical keyboard under $50 USD: https://www.amazon.com/TECWARE-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches-Excellent/dp/B076YJM3V3/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=brown+mechanical+keyboard&qid=1597245267&refinements=p_36%3A1500-5000&rnid=386453011&sr=8-1 https://www.amazon.com/Velocifire-Mechanical-Illuminated-Anti-ghosting-Copywriter/dp/B01M0QEYR4/ref=sr_1_10_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=brown+mechanical+keyboard&qid=1597245333&refinements=p_36%3A-5000&rnid=386453011&sr=8-10-spons&psc=
  14. I wouldn't recommend buying a pre-built desktop computer, it's going to be a lot of trouble in a few years when you try to upgrade it (since the commonly used proprietary connectors and motherboards designed only to recognize and work with certain components only). Building a PC is really easy and you don't really need any other tools besides a Phillips head screwdriver, I will link a few of the great resources available on how to build your system, and you get better quality/tier components for the money. https://www.intel.com/content/ww
  15. I would recommend buying these parts and putting together a system to give you excellent value for your budget. For peripherals, just get the cheapest old office keyboard you can find and pair it with a good budget-friendly mouse such as a Logitech G203 Prodigy, you're also going to need a monitor and a webcam + mic (would recommend a Logitech C270 with integrated microphone, and try to find some cheap deals on a monitor). PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 3.9 GHz 8-Core Processor (€348.00 @ Amazon France) Motherboard: MSI B450M PRO-M2 MAX Micro ATX AM4 Mo