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  1. DarkMatterX1

    Is honey vegan?

    You're cute. Your boyfriend though, whooooiieee, 13lbs of....
  2. DarkMatterX1

    High end AM4 Micro ATX motherboard?

    You didn't answer a single one of my questions. I'm not trying to 'call you out", or whatever the kids are calling it these days, I'm curious. I see you in almost every motherboard thread proclaiming this board or that vrm to be trash or garbage or whatever. Based on what tests, characterized by what metrics, and carried out by whom? "Saying "thermal testing" and then tossing out a random one-off sino-branded semiconductor manufacturer isn't data. In another thread I asked you how you characterized the ripple voltage that you were talking about with another board, whether or not you had put the output onto a scope so you could view the waveform. You said you determined it based on whether your motherboard would run or not. I'm sorry, but that just isn't how vripple is characterized or quantified. What testing have you done, or if not you, whose testing are you basing these opinions off of?
  3. DarkMatterX1

    High end AM4 Micro ATX motherboard?

    According to whom? In what way was the vrm tested, and its properties characterized and quantified? Is it within AMD's rated specs for power delivery? Does it suffer from voltage over/undershoot? Is it a matter of poor power factor correction? What in your opinion makes it garbage?
  4. DarkMatterX1

    Solar cars are just around the corner!

    I like dead dinosaurs.
  5. Which alters absolutely nothing about what I said. Until the parents say "Well herp, your older brother derp's been crying and whining in our ears incessantly, so could you please make an attempt at cable management?", he has no reason to do so if he doesn't want to.
  6. DarkMatterX1

    Is honey vegan?

    Logical argument against veganism #14,392,018: Consider the chicken (gallus gallus domesticus) - here is a bird whose wings served no earthly purpose until it was discovered that dredging them in flour, deep frying them, and tossing them in hot sauce made them not only useful, but delicious.
  7. Still doesn't matter. It's his box, and he can do with it as he pleases. Since he's 12, the only opinion that matters is his parents'. If they don't care, and he doesn't care, then OP needs to jstfu and stop being a whining nancy.
  8. DarkMatterX1

    Let’s Talk About How Much Of A Rip-Off Micro Center Is

    Micro Center is hands down a fantastic retailer. I have no idea at all what you're talking about.
  9. The only worthwhile investment - HOOKERS & BLOW
  10. DarkMatterX1

    What would be your dream car?

    Dude, wow. I was about to brag on my '94 C4 383 build. But, just - wow. Nevermind.
  11. DarkMatterX1

    RockiT88 or Der8auer?

    $40 buys a lot of breakaway utility knives. Just sayin'.
  12. DarkMatterX1

    Which MOBO would you recommend?

    AsRock Ab350 gaming k4
  13. I'm curious because you mentioned voltage ripple, and I was curious to know how you quantified that.