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    i7 9700k
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    Asus Z390-I Strix
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200Mhz
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    RTX 3060 Ti
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    Ncase M1 V6
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  1. If the Noctuas are plugged into the Motherboard how do you control the fan speed? Last time I checked there isn't an option to ramp fan speed with GPU temps? Always been tempted to buy a solution like this for my ref RTX 2060 Super (Thanks Nvidia for the 41% fan speed lock) but hate the fact I can't plug the fans into the GPU fan header..
  2. Yeah I know how to remove the parts mate, what I'm stuck with is that I have a rounded off screw stopping me from replacing a part; that's what I'm asking for help with.
  3. Thats a different part to what I'm trying to remove, the part I'm stuck trying to remove is the Wifi/Bluetooth module located in the top left of the iPhone 6s
  4. Might have to give that a go, I tried super glue and a screwdriver bit but I didnt leave it long enough for it to set, one of the problems being I dont want to wait all day for it to set but a nail the same size as the screw might be a good idea, thanks!
  5. Not sure if this is the right section to post but here goes: So last weekend I decided to replace my battery, screen and Bluetooth/Wifi module in my iPhone 6s. All went well except for replacing the Bluetooth/Wifi module. I need to replace it as the Bluetooth signal is so terrible that half a metre or so away from the device its connected to it will start to stutter. Only problem is when I went to replace it one of the tiny 2.0mm screws was round off and it wont come out. How would I be able to get it out?
  6. @GabenJr you mind sharing the link for the Founders bios flash?
  7. You can definitely set the Geforce RTX logo to any colour and also do lighting effects like breathing as I've seen it done on a video showcasing it, they flashed the GPU with an EVGA bios and used their lighting software to do it. I would love them to share a link on how to flash the bios as I'd love a step by step guide as I've been after flashing my bios on my RTX 2060 super for a long time as the 41% idle fan speed annoys the hell out of me. Guess I'll wait and hope for a response.
  8. They seem countersunk, would that be a problem with the screws that come with the AIO as I don't think they are countersunk
  9. Also, what do you reckon the washer size would be? May as well order some nice anodized green washers
  10. Ahh right no wonder I couldn't find anything haha, thanks for the info. Got an itch to scratch since replacing my M3 case screws with fancy countersunk bolts and washers and want to replace the AIO screw washers with the same colour washers used for the case washers.
  11. I'm wondering what the M variant would be for the screws used for the Corsair AIO as I want to replace them with custom coloured washers and bolts, preferably countersunk bolts and washers. I cant seem to find the exact measurements of the screws used though and wondering if anyone could help tell me? Thanks
  12. Yeah they're pretty much the ones I settled for haha. Got some black screws with green washers which should look good. All in all £10 for 10 screws and washers which is mad when you think about it but should look sweet
  13. Thanks for the info, they look pretty good but I'll have to find a UK seller
  14. They're just the washers not the screws. Hmm the only ones that show up seem to be pretty long, but 5mm is the standard length of case screws? I had a look and could only find thumb screws
  15. So I've seen in some builds floating about that people replace standard m3 screws with some nice anodized ones and I'm wondering where I'd be able to get some? I cant seem to find any m3 ones, really only m5/6 so I'm wondering if there are PC specific stores that would sell them? Also what length would they need to be?Thanks.