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  1. Even disabled same thing. Even normal windows within windows makes the GPU go to 70% usage on 3d.
  2. Update: I was playing and the GPU usage was 70 to 50 (game isn't gpu intensive) then my GPU usage would go to 99% and then huge fps drops for like 15 secs then return to normal I tried another game and same thing deleted drivers and installed again same thing.
  3. Hey, sorry for being late and you're absloutely correct there is one built in Windows. And how didn't i heard of this or saw it in a patch note or something... I don't open the task manger very often because i seek info form other softwares. Though there is not any weird stuff going on. I opened task manger up and opened chrome on the other monitor and looked on the GPU usage and everytime i clicked chrome from the taskbar it will take 13% of the GPU and anything i opened on desktop will take 15% usage from GPU for a second and goes of to 0 again just like i said in the original post.
  4. What other info can i provide ? I don't know a way of knowing what Procces used by the GPU.
  5. When i'm idle like not doing anything but opening Msi afterburner to see usage it will not go byeond 3 percent top. So i'm pretty sure it's not mining plus i don't visit untrustworthy websites and use HTTPs whenever it's possible.
  6. Sample image of what a normal chrome tabs moves and opening normal programs.
  7. No weird colors or artifacts and the GPU seems to be running fine. Still the High usage problem is here.
  8. I had this 750Ti for quite a while now and it has been running fine now i was playing paladins and the GPU usage spiked on it's own to 100% (it never do that in this game) And i got a HUGE FPS drop. Like 30 fps just gone, I quit the game and everytime i open a tab or window the GPU usage spikes to 50 or sometimes 90 and goes down in a minute and it makes the window flicker a bit. Like as if the framerate of the window is bad when clicking it from the task bar. I have only encountered this today and CPU usage is low and normal RAM is okay. Vram is fine.... So ? What is that ? Thanks
  9. adham.

    H7 fan speed..

    Problem solved guys. Without even doing anything.Silly me never opened task manger to see if anything is doing anything due to the CPU never actually showed any signs or ramping up it's speed. And it looks like Windows 10 defender thing has been doing stuff behind the scenes which got the CPU to 15 or 10 percent. And i assume this heated up the CPU like 5 Cs more. Then the H7 would ramp up so the temps would stay the same. I have only noticed it today after a series of fan RPMs going up and down in less than 15 secs. That's pretty dumb of me, But thanks to everyone who replied to
  10. adham.

    H7 fan speed..

    I have a non-overclocable CPU. I gave it a slight wiggly wiggle and it's secure and tight in place. Seems to me the only logical thing would be the paste. Would reapply it now and see.
  11. adham.

    H7 fan speed..

    Fan curve is on Auto. I applied the CP7 thermal paste that came with it and it was working fine. Today only that i've noticed the higher RPM.
  12. adham.

    H7 fan speed..

    It's 3 weeks old. Dust is not that fast.
  13. adham.

    H7 fan speed..

    Hey about a day ago my H7 started ramping up it's RPM on it's own. It was running on 500~550 RPM now it's 750 to almost 800RPM (idle on both) The CPU temps are the same... What's up with that? No BIOS settings changed.
  14. adham.

    PSU fan.

    I know that software isn't accurate but as i said it give you at least somewhat of an image to see if you have a problem with PSU.