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  1. A few quick questions: 1. Can you sorta-kinda crossfire the integrated GPU cores with a discrete GPU like you use to be able to do with the older APUs? 2. Can the ryzen APUs output 4k 60hz? 3. Does it support HDR? I was thinking of making a SFF HTPC with the Ryzen 5 2400G, but I can't find some of this info.
  2. Medium-rare, anything after medium is just ruined
  3. I love the tiny form factor. I have a really small desk and I can't leave my computer on the floor because it would get clogged with dog hair lol
  4. My favorite is definitely the headset. It looks freaking gorgeous. and I love the mouse, it looks very ergonomic and the logo looks great
  5. smart switch looks great. last time i switched phones it to me like 20 min to get everything over to my new phone
  6. Found this while scrolling through my facebook feed. It's a new kickstarter out of Sweden for an affordable Motion simulation racing cockpit. I could find any other articles on it besides the page that posted it to facebook: https://www.carthrottle.com/post/the-racingcube-is-the-worlds-first-affordable-motion-simulator/ Words cannot describe how stoked I am for this to actually start shipping which should be FEB 2016. Kickstart page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/370152296/racingcube-an-affordable-and-fast-motion-platform
  7. It's around 2.80 USD in the NW Suburbs of Chicago
  8. Will any of them be for sale? This guy whoever he was is now my hero
  9. I've never heard of finals mouse before this and it seems like a really good product. My mouse cuts out in the middle of games sometime and I have to smack it on my desk to get it to work again, lol
  10. You have to sign up for it. I got in yesterday, so excited
  11. So if you have a twin they can steal money from you? Hmmm