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  1. Annoying Nvidia notification on second display

    You should be able to right click it in Action Center and select "turn off notifications for nvidia container"
  2. It doesn't hold your hand, but it really is quite simple, unless you're using some of the advanced features. Most people can get by with the free version, which doesn't really have anything complicated to worry about like incremental backups or MSSQL/Exchange backup support (though it will back those up if not running on a server).
  3. That is less of an issue with windows 10 - every 6 months a new base image is released, and each update is a delta update now - no matter how old your image is (within the support window), it'll only ever be one update away from being current.
  4. It's not really easier - sorry, I quoted you forgetting that the LTT forums doesn't nest quotes. But not much beats free - but Macrium Reflect is definitely worth paying for, if you can use any of the extra features. I have the server license so I can back up my home server (Windows server 2016) and do incremental backups. Edit: Although, saying that, you can easily update/generate a new image using a VM by simply updating it and recapturing. Generalising it means you can easily transfer a virtual install to real hardware without any of the normal migration problems. It really is a nice piece of kit.
  5. Alternatively, learn how to use DISM and generate the image yourself at no cost - Capture an image after installing all your favourite programs and generalising it, then you'll all your programs and settings in an image ready for use.
  6. 7zip Notepad++ IrfanView Steam Macrium Reflect I can't think of much else that I always install, it really depends what the machine is for and how security/privacy conscious I am at the time.
  7. Ways I can improve ping?

    Determine where on your network latency is being introduced. If you're getting sub-1ms to your router than all of the latency you encounter is shouldered by your ISP, and your only option is to either change ISP, or if you're on a xDSL connection, call them and ask what (if any) interleaving you have enabled. No interleaving is best for latency but could introduce packet loss on unstable/noisy lines.

    There will either be a button on the board or a jumper that you can short to clear the CMOS. You can find out from the motherboard manual located here: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B350-TOMAHAWK#down-manual
  9. Question on using an unlocked phone

    IMEI refers to the device id, it cannot be changed and is unique to every device. By simply placing the correct sized sim in a new device, it should just automatically register on the network attached to the SIM.
  10. Arctic Xtreme iv

    Use tape of any kind. It's just to prevent electrical contact (and hence, shorts) between the smaller individual heatsinks and nearby resistors or capacitors. Out of interest, how are you going to remove the heatsinks off the old ram and vrms? I have the accelero xtreme 3 on my 1080Ti, and those sinks are attached using thermal epoxy, so they won't be easily removable. I considered it an investment and hoped I'd never need to take it off.
  11. Power Fluctuation during a storm

    Any damage would have been noticeable immediately, power surges aren't "small damage" kind of events. They either do nothing and are absorbed entirely by the suppression systems in every device between the local transformer and your PC, or they aren't. If the power dipped on your wall socket circuit, the residual capacitance stored between your PSU and your internal components were enough to keep everything within a stable voltage range. The machine would have powered off or crashed if it dropped too far, primarily to protect your components. TL;DR: I'm fairly sure you have nothing to worry about.
  12. Laptop won't boot off DVD

    I recommend you use the Media Creation Tool or Rufus I linked before; you can't just copy the files since the USB stick also needs to be made bootable, which won't happen just by copying the files over. If you still have the ISO downloaded, you can point either of those tools it at it and you should be able to create the bootable USB from it. You can also do it manually if you want the instructions, but Rrufus and the MCT are much faster and easier.
  13. Laptop won't boot off DVD

    PXE rom means it skipped your dvd drive because it found no bootable media and went to try to boot from network instead (PXE booting). If you're sure the disc is configured properly, I'd suggest trying via USB instead. What kind of computer equipment do you have available at the moment? If you have a windows pc (other than your laptop) you can use the Windows Media Creation tool from here which is relatively painless, but doesn't give you many options. You can also download the ISO directly and generate a bootable USB stick manually, or by using a utility like Rufus.
  14. Laptop won't boot off DVD

    Have you tried spamming the boot menu key during boot instead - it should force the machine to try to give you a choice of valid boot devices. On my T420 it's F2 but it may be different for your G580. What kind of disc are you booting from out of curiosity? USB boot is generally more useful nowadays since you can configure it to ensure your OS installs in the mode you want it to - either MBR or UEFI.
  15. Is 100% scaling on a 4K 27" monitor reasonable?

    I'll go one more on the people here and go as far as to say it's impossible. Windows 10 titlebars are 4 millimetres tall at 4k native 27". 125% is doable if you have great eyesight, but some apps don't like quarter scale factors. 150% is perfect for me.