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  1. Good luck! Also thank you for the link to the delidding tool you used. I've been waiting for caseking to have more delid-die-mates to be in stock but I've been waiting 3 months now so... yeah. Nice to know there are worthwhile alternatives.
  2. In this case, just connect the NAS to both networks using Ethernet. Add a second NIC if needed. The NAS doesn't need to be connected to the external network of both homes.
  3. Are you looking for bonding, so you get the bandwidth of both lines? Or are you looking for redundancy so that if one line dies and the other doesn't, both households can still have a connection? For bonding, it's possible but I'm not sure why you'd need it. Most servers can't handle a single gigabit line, so bonding two to give you a 2gbit line seems like a pointless endeavour - there'll always be some other limiting factor between you and the content servers you're accessing. For redundancy, it's also possible, but if you're close enough geographically to be able to bond lines, then you're most likely both at the same ISP. All this protects you from is physical destruction of one of the lines, if the local junction or the isp has issues, both lines will go down. Again, this seems like a pointless endeavour.
  4. That's pretty hefty for a 4.5 overclock. Have you tried modifying PLL voltages? It's possible you need a slightly higher PLL but can reduce overall core voltage to compensate and might allow you to push a little higher.
  5. I'd expect to pay about £170 for that. Most of that comes from the fact that the gpu is still about £100 used.
  6. Out of interest, is 4.6 the same clock speed you were able to get prior to delidding? I have a noctua nh-d15 air cooler and I run 4.6 on my 6700k (non-delidded) with about 1.3v. You might really just have a badly binned cpu... Have you changed your pll voltages?
  7. It wasn't overly obvious, which is why I asked. The errors you're experiencing tend to indicate that needed .net manifests have been removed. Do you have a backup, or do you have the ability to restore using System Restore? It may be worth reverting to a known-good state and then removing a few programs at a time.
  8. What did you do to "delete useless programs"? Did you just go tot he control panel and uninstall stuff, or did you start deleting folders in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)?
  9. Load line calibration is there to ensure that the voltage doesn't drop when load (ie, wattage of power or amperage of current) increases. It is still important even if you plan on keeping your cpu running at the same clock speed and the same base voltage all the time. If you disabled LLC you would need to pump a much higher base voltage into the cpu to deal with droop under load. IT also has nothing to do with saving power, though power saving is helped by it. If that makes sense. Edit: basically, keep LLC at minimum for a setup like that.
  10. Can you go into your bios, ensure you have the internal gpu enabled, and boot with the machine connected to igpu? If you can boot using that we can see if the new gpu is even being detected. Most motherboards disable the igpu entirely when any other display device is connected to the primary pcie port, so this might get you to a place where you can start troubleshooting the card. Oh, and you remembered to plug the power cables into the gpu?
  11. Lenovo laptop not detecting SD card

    The "Memory Technology Devices" subsection in Device Manager is entirely optional - it depends how the device classifies itself. Do you have a screenshot of Device Manager on your friends machine? Edit: My bad, posted this before I saw your update. Can you post the full device id string here? We may be able to find a compatible driver that may help. Has this card reader *ever* worked?
  12. hp 6560b processor upgrade i7 2760qm

    It looks like some folk have had success with the quads then, so I'd say: go for it. You don't have much to lose if the cpu is cheap. It obviously won't be a brand new processor so you may have the option of returning it if it doesn't work. Ask the seller you buy it from if that's acceptable since you aren't 100% sure on compatibility with the chip.
  13. It might be weirdness with the orphaning functions of Word. By default, word will try to automatically arrange formatting so things are kept together when page or line breaks cause formatting to split across pages. It's possible some weird orphaning logic is splitting it in half, but not properly aligning the text to the second page. I'd recommend changing the properties of this entire block of text to not automatically prevent orphaning. It's the only thing I can think of right now.
  14. hp 6560b processor upgrade i7 2760qm

    It's highly unlikely you'll be able to get a quad core processor to work. That particular model only ever shipped with dual core processors, which implies two main problems: First, it's unlikely that the bios or firmware on the board will actually even work with the new chip, and secondly, even if it *did* - the device is designed for the lower TDP parts. The quads would overheat.
  15. Gap between GPU and heatsink

    It shouldn't make you uneasy - the "gap" you're seeing is between the contact area of the die - which is the bit that needs cooling - and the substrate it's mounted on, not between the heatsink and the die.