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  1. Tabs

    Sata vs m.2 longevity

    There aren't any moving parts in a regular Sata SSD; it's just a different size/shape and is hooked up using standard SATA cables instead of being directly plugged into the motherboard like a memory module or GPU would. Are you thinking about "solid state hard drives", which are just hard disks with a small solid state cache? Those I would stay away from, since they don't offer any real performance improvement compared to a standard hard drive, but it has more potential modes of failure. If the cache fails in one of those, but the disk part itself is fine, you still risk losing all your data.
  2. Tabs

    Sata vs m.2 longevity

    As others have said, the longevity in terms of bytes written should be almost identical between the two, if they have the same type/capacity of NAND onboard. It's worth remembering however that sata interface drives are limited by the interface at about 600MB/s maximum, but m.2 can reach (and sometimes exceed) 3GB/s. Even though they may be able to handle the same amount of total writes, you may find that the m.2 drive has a lower lifespan simply because you can write a lot more data to it faster. For the same amount of writes over the same timeframe, you should notice no difference between the two. Check the manufacturers write endurance to be able to compare different drives.
  3. Tabs

    Is this Normal ??

    If your power plan is set to "High Performance", your cpu will be at its full turbo frequency all the time. Set the power plan to balanced (or manually change the power/frequency settings for the High Performance plan) and you'll be able to get your cpu back to idling properly. If you're on Balanced/low power plan and it still isn't doing it, check you have speed boost and/or speed shift enabled in your motherboard bios.
  4. For me, it depends a lot on the game. Most games I play nowadays are pretty much play once and done, but games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 I definitely do a lot of tweaking. It helps that those games have a big modding community and the developers have open support for the platform. Some other games too like the Witcher 3, i'll use utilities like enbseries (reshade).
  5. Is your Windows 10 usb media built from a current release? 1809 has just launched, and since that SSD is extremely new, it might be worth trying to fresh install from 1809 instead of an older version if you are. Make sure your system is set as GPT only (UEFI, with CSM DISABLED). CSM being enabled prevents nvme drives from being bootable. This is sometimes called legacy support or compatibility mode, but check your motherboard manual to be sure.
  6. Tabs

    Which Drivers Do I Download?

    The gigabyte/aurus drivers will be identical to the same version of driver on the nvidia site, except it's likely to not be the latest one. The bottleneck in your case is definitely the FX-8320, especially if you're running at resolutions below 4k. It's unlikely you'll see much difference with the newer nvidia driver, but do a comparison to see.
  7. Tabs

    DNS Question

    As others have stated, DNS only impacts how long it takes your computer to find the address of a site that isn't already known. Once it's found, your DNS configuration has zero impact on the actual transfer rate of the site. We have 350/20 with virgin media and outside of speed tests and CDN/multihomed downloads like Steam, it's rare that we get that all the time. The line is definitely capable, but it's rare that every part of the link between our home and the site we're accessing is set up to transfer data at those kinds of speeds. As for our home setup, we have a dnscrypt proxy set up to encrypt all DNS queries, with cloudflare (DNS over HTTPS, DoH) as our primary resolver. If Cloudflare fails to resolve for any reason, we fall back to a short list of other resolvers, but it's very rare that this happens.
  8. Tabs

    uh is this normal

    Google has redesigned it to more closely match all of their other "material design 2.0" products, like gmail and gsuite. Unfortunately it means it's super jarring on every platform that isn't google owned, including windows and mac desktop and ios devices. Lots of folk complained during the alpha and beta stages (the mac version ignores Dark Mode in osx Mojave for example, and is super bright by default). It's a usability downgrade.
  9. Tabs

    uh is this normal

    You mean you tried to uninstall chrome? Unless you used the wrong pic for upload, I'm not sure what your post is about. You can theme Chrome if you use it and don't like the default style.
  10. Tabs

    8700K scketchy Delid

    The liquid metal is only there to help reduce gaps from any microscopic imperfections between the underside of the his and the top surface of the die, you have probably used at least 75% too much liquid metal in your application. It isn't supposed to pool like that, it's supposed to be a thin sheen. The excess could potentially leak out (any excess is already squashed out from the top of the die and the his from the mounting) and may leak out and damage something on the substrate or below your cpu, but this is highly dependant on your mounting configuration (vertical vs horizontal). In any case, I'd recommend cleaning off some of the liquid metal to reduce the risk of issues. It will not reduce the effect of your delid to remove the excess.
  11. It sounds like you installed Windows onto the SSD while the hard drive was still connected as the primary boot device. Is that correct? If that's the case, the reason your machine isn't booting is that your actual boot loader is located on your hard drive (the BCD store), but your Windows install is on the SSD. You can try to repair your installation by booting from your Windows install media and trying to do a repair, but I've heard that this doesn't always work anymore. Recreating/replacing a completely missing BCD is harder than repairing a corrupted one. The only guaranteed solution I know of is to reinstall Windows on the drive when it's the only drive installed on the system (or the drive is the primary boot device at the time). That'll ensure that the boot and system partitions are both created on the SSD and it'll operate fine by itself. Right now your machine is relying on the boot loader located on the hard drive to boot the windows install on the SSD.
  12. Tabs

    No Upload Speed

    I can give you generic instructions, but I have never used that specific device - so I can't give you anything specific. You need to go to your router ip address in your web browser, which is normally or If those fail, you can find your router address by opening a command prompt (type "cmd" into start) and running "ipconfig". It'll give you a screen like the one below. Once you have that, you'll want to go to the ip address listed as "default gateway". In my above screenshot that's, but yours will be different if the above links don't work. Once you get there you have to log on with your router username and password - the defaults are printed on the sticker underneath it, but if they've been changed you'll have to ask whoever administers your network. Once logged on, have a hunt around for any kind of settings listed as "quality of service", "QoS" or "network prioritisation".
  13. Tabs

    No Upload Speed

    600ms+ on all games is definitely not normal. Check that no other devices on your network - including yours - are sending any data to the internet, and if there's nothing, you may want to check your router settings. If you have any QoS settings enabled, try disabling them and see if your performance improves.
  14. Tabs

    No Upload Speed

    Are you connecting to servers that are in your local region? Does your internet provider de-prioritise gaming traffic?
  15. Tabs

    No Upload Speed

    What upload speed is your connection actually supposed to provide? In order to be able to download at 18mbit, you need to have at least ~384kbps upload speed. That's the minimum upload speed to be able to sustain that download speed level of acknowledgements. What performance do you get if you run a speed test like https://fast.com/ and https://speedtest.net/