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  1. Yes I thought that they have some kind of disk inside xd
  2. Thank you everyone for replying. I thought that the sata ssd disk would be more vulnerable to longevity because of it actually spinning to much. But now I know, thank you very much. Highly appreciated!
  3. Hey guys, which one would last longer? Specifically talking about the Samsung 860 Evo sata and the 860 Evo m.2? Thank you in advance Edit: Used for gaming only, mostly triple a games and os will also be stored.
  4. Alright. I'm planning to get it later on. I'm currently looking at the gaming x series. Luckily, some online stores sell them here. Thankss
  5. Will the cooler master ma410m be sufficient for the 2600 Max oc? Any other cooler that is better compared to the ma410m? @GoldenLag
  6. Got it bruv. Amd gpu stocks are doing bad here. Specially for the Rx 580. But I'll wait and see. So x470 gaming plus + Rx 580 + aoc g2460pf. Thank you! I'll also check if any of the monitors are available.
  7. Planning to use obs and these settings: Open OBS and choose ‘Preferences’. Tap the ‘Output’ category. Set your ‘Video Bitrate’ to 3500. The ‘Encoder’ should be set to be ‘Software (x264)’. ‘Audio Bitrate’ will be 160. Set your ‘Output’ to 1280x720 with bicubic downscaling at 60fps.
  8. Greeting, https://pcpartpicker.com/list/rVpTFt I will be playing cs go competitively, and I don't have enough money for a 240hz monitor. I will also play pubg or fortnite later on but I won't play professionally. I went for the red/black theme because it's a thing for me. I will also oc the processor later on but I'll wait like 6-8 months. I'll only stream Cs go. Any parts to change? And any better price to performance build? Thank you in advance bois <333333333
  9. I'd agree. Well good for you bro. Keep working for the PC dreams! Xd.
  10. Woahhh. Well,do you work already or not? Now that's a good price. I also found a 980 ti for like $277. No cash yet though. Update me if the 290x deal is good
  11. Same here. Well at least you already have a pc and you're good with tech stuff. Alright. Thanks!
  12. Woah nice. Luckily, the gigabyte Rx 580 8gb one is on sale for like $240 I really wish that I live in the US huhu
  13. Oh sure. Hehe CPU R5 2600 10875 MOBO MSI B450 tomahawk 7655 GPU Gigabyte Rx 580 sale 12464 RAM adata spectrix d80 16gb 3200mhz 11680 STORAGE wd blue 1tb 2440 SSD crucial mx500 3600 CASE aerocool cylon 4005 nzxt 6555 PSU seasonic focus+ 550fx 4975 KEYBOARD red dragon kumara k552 2200 MOUSEPAD steelseries qck 1200 MONITOR benq xl2411 15474 Php. 78723 ($1457) Everything's with shipping and I used pchub esports gaming authority on Facebook. I also added the nzxt case instead of the cheaper choice which is either a tecware nexus case or the aerocool cylon.
  14. Alright bro, thanks! <333 Oh sure, I'll look for the parts and check how much it is. Well I can't order there huhu. Taxes are bad here. Anyways, thank you very much and I'll just update it here.