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  1. Sony vegas only using 20 percent CPU

  2. Sony vegas only using 20 percent CPU

    Actually, it gets stuck at 8 percent and quits completely, would that also be the hard drive
  3. Sony vegas only using 20 percent CPU

    that's probably it then, I went cheap on storage and got a wd 1tb drive. Thanks
  4. I was rendering a video and everything was fine, it was rendering pretty fast around 98 percent CPU usage and then boom out of nowhere the estimated rendering time goes up and only 20-30 percent CPU usage. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. Is it worth it to buy a xbox one?

    That would be awesome if you had a gold trial, I don't think I would need it as I would game share with her(and I completely understand wanting proof). And ya we are pretty good siblings were only a year apart.
  6. Looking for somone to play pubg

    Pretty much my gang went to bed and I’m looking for someone to play with, don’t want someone much older than me I’m 14. Just hit me up on steam or Skype. Steam:Hemes back Skype:Alexander Tatum
  7. Xbox one won't turn on

    My Xbox one won't turn on, the light comes on but the console won't actually turn on. I've tried using the Xbox app on my computer but still, nothing will connect. Any idea whats on.
  8. Is it worth it to buy a xbox one?

    The idea is that I already have an xbox and pc
  9. Is it worth it to buy a xbox one?

    I have a really nice pc that I built its just so its not so complicated for her
  10. Is it worth it to buy a xbox one?

    I have both.
  11. Is it worth it to buy a xbox one?

    I want to buy my sister an xbox one so she can play some games with me(it would be much simpler than building her a computer) but I was wondering is the original xbox one still worth buying?
  12. I see all these places with low prices but I don't know if any of them are safe or reliable, what is the best place to buy windows 10 for cheap.
  13. is this a good budget gaming pc

    I think you could get a 1050 instead of a TI and upgrade to 8gb of ram.
  14. I have installed razer synapse beta 3, it will detect my keyboard and all the functions of it work but it won't detect my mouse. When I turn chroma on when using another device with synapse 2 it works even when I plug it back into my computer but synapse still won't recognize it.