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    Core i5 8600k
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    Asus TUF pro
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    8gb Corsair Vengeance LPX
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    Nvidia GTX 1060
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    Corsair 270R
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    WD 1tb
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  1. Need help with drivers

    okay, thank you.
  2. Need help with drivers

    I did a new build, but for once I didn't use an FE card. I was wondering if I still download the drivers from Nvidia or do I have to download them from Asus?
  3. Need help with a new build

    exactly what happened just fan startup, thanks for explaining that.
  4. Need help with a new build

    okay thanks, that's what I figured.
  5. Need help with a new build

    I built a new computer I don't have my ram right now but I still put everything else together, also I don't have my monitor I'm not getting that until Wednesday. So I have it hooked up to a TV when I push the power button everything turns on all the fans spin and the lights on the motherboard turn on, but I can't get anything to come onto the screen.
  6. WARNING: B&H Photo - False Coffee Lake Stock Claims

    I bought an 8600k and got in within 2 days
  7. Will a 1060 bottleneck a 8600k?

    Okay, thanks, I already have an 8600k and I don't know if I could afford to get a 1070.
  8. Will a 1060 bottleneck a 8600k?

    LIke the title says I need to know if a 1060 with bottleneck a 8600k
  9. Newegg or amazon

    I live in Tennessee
  10. Newegg or amazon

    Thanks for the advice!
  11. Newegg or amazon

    I feel like newegg might have better deals on parts but then for accessories, I should use amazon.
  12. Newegg or amazon

    I'm doing a new build I already bought my i5 8600k and have my part list, with black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up I want to save money. I also want to keep it on one website, what do you guys think will have better savings amazon or newegg? Also, I have amazon prime if that will make any difference.
  13. Laptop acting weird

    like everyone says it sounds like a dying hard drive
  14. Would it be possible to put a iphone 5s/SE logic board in a 5c

    nah, I'm good I'll probably just mod it like crazy and have a Frankenstein iPhone