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  1. LogicWeasel


    Is the PC that you're attaching via cable set to DHCP? What IP does it pull compared to wifi clients? Did you try setting a static IP? What does the NIC status go to when the cable is attached? These are things that must be checked before you can actually blame the router.
  2. try another cable just to be sure? Also MDIX should just sense if the cable is cross-over or if the endpoint is a computer or another switch (what pinout it expects).
  3. did you set the cisco port to Auto MDIX? Should be a command to do that. Also perhaps auto speed detect (or w/e they call it, auto negotiate? I think). Also I presume you already checked that the device connected to that port supports 1000Base-T and the cable is good for it?
  4. Ok, but since you know that X570 is already overkill why do you not want to get a entry-level X570 so you don't have to spend even more? Especially since you're not about to run the 16-core CPU or do heavy overclocking, you can get away with the cheapest X570 board and run a Ryzen 5 3600 on it no problem (even OC). Just get whatever board is on the deepest discount/sale. Going for a fancier X570 is really just for extreme overclockers, extra addons, or lots of RGB. Exhibit A: Mail in Rebate drops the net-cost of this motherboard to $109.99 USD. The board's VRM has been rated to be able to easily handle even a 3900x (the VRM notable does not suck). https://pcpartpicker.com/product/RJxbt6/asrock-x570-phantom-gaming-4-atx-am4-motherboard-x570-phantom-gaming-4
  5. LogicWeasel


    What kind of ISP locks LAN ports? How about a picture of how they're locked? This doesn't sound right, they should only be locking stuff the consumer doesn't need to touch like modem cables and management ports, but LAN ports?!
  6. If not doing a mail in rebate, this is ideal: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/f4QRsY/be-quiet-pure-power-10-600w-80-silver-certified-atx-power-supply-bn274 If ok with doing a rebate and getting what's likely to be slightly more fan noise: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Xgwkcf/evga-gd-2019-600-w-80-gold-certified-atx-power-supply-100-gd-0600-v1
  7. Be advised there's a big 3950X supply shortage (they're not staying in stock) and that unit is out of stock presently at the only link PCPP gives, BestBuy.
  8. Officially all the non-X570 boards list maximum RAM at 64GB. So I wouldn't take anything to the bank on being able to go past that and have it work well. If you really can afford 128GB of RAM, you can afford X570, honestly I think that's the way to look at this.
  9. The way you phrased this places far too much importance on the efficiency rating AS IF that alone determines if a PSU is good enough to be worth using. There are far more important factors when it comes to whether it's wise/safe to keep using one PSU over another or when a new one is warranted for a certain system upgrade. This post is something I advise checking out:
  10. I'm just curious with the level of issues it gave you, specifically what exact model RX 5700 XT was that? Wonder if it had weak cooling and it's hitting those scary thermal limits that Anthony mentioned in their review of the card.
  11. Is there an advantage to going NVIDIA for a GPU for premiere? Or just trying to hit that $200 price point so didn't make sense to go RX 580 or so?
  12. For cheap boards? they're not bad for users that are not planning to change the CPU above a stock 8-core. But I'm not so sure this user is trying hard to pinch $15 when they want a platform that'll last a long time. It's not like that $15 means getting a faster CPU. This reads as misleading. You and I both know the Tomahawk is a tier higher in the Motherboard quality tier list on this forum. The Tomahawk is the best VRM you can get on B450, while the other two are an actual, real step down in VRM performance. I would make the argument that the motherboard is not worth cheaping out on to the tune of $15 when that money is getting you more future-CPU headroom in case you change your mind and want to heavily overclock an 8-Core, or get a new 4th Gen Ryzen CPU and feel confident in upgrading and keeping the same motherboard. Just seems logical to pad out your options for much less than the cost of a new motherboard, rather than stunt the otherwise stellar upgrade path of the AM4 platform.
  13. Yes you can, right here: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/155056/en-us You download and run that. You do not need GeForce Experience to get drivers.
  14. I linked the MAX revision of the board. That's already taken care of. It's the exception to the rule as MSI updated them just for 3rd Gen Ryzen.