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  1. I had a 1050 mini in my hand to put in my PC. When I put it in, I checked task manager, my gpu is not there. Even before I inserted this GPU, I had a tab for GPU. I had a Ryzen 3200g running its integretaed graphics. But now, I am not able to see the 1050 mini in my PC.
  2. I3 6100 Gigabyte h110-m 8gb ram
  3. Yep, checked it already
  4. Just went into my PC. Checked if the GPU is ready. And nothing. It isn't here??? Even the tab for GPU is now gone.
  5. Just took out a GPU out of a system. But that system now won't work. When I power it on, it just keeps on turning on then off right away. Please help. Thanks! VID_20201017_102812.mp4
  6. Yep, thankfully it goes all the way down. May I just ask what do I need to do next as soon as I boot my PC with the gpu now on?
  7. Just checked it. It was indeed bent. May I ask if this is already normal and good to go? Thanks btw for all the help guys!
  8. I have a GTX 1050 mini, I tried putting it in my pc but it really does not go fully in. It fits for the right side, but when you get to the left slot, it won't go in the slot. I tried pushing it in as hard as I can it won't go in. Here are some pics. Thanks!
  9. It really won't move after that. After the click on the right side, the left seems to be stuck. Pushed it very hard already.
  10. Should I just keep on pushing it in? Scared it might break. It won't go in.