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  1. From what I‘ve seen thus far there seem to be quite a few changes to the OG shift which should help with thermals. Back is now perforated, GPU fans face outside by default (great for mesh panels!), 2.9 slot GPU support, more space for cables up top and slightly different PSU orientation.
  2. I wasn‘t very clear - that‘s on me. I personally meant a solid red card (shroud and backplate) like the Gigabyte and ASUS white versions; just in red. Or any color you fancy. Just as an accent in the build. Would fit nicely with an all white or black system. My my apartment is mostly black/grey and my lounge chair is bright red for example. It‘s the only „real“ color you‘ll see in here, lol.
  3. The GPU market is really disappointing design wise. You have gamer-tech look or this over the top Waifu design. How about just a solid color. All-Black setup with a Signal red GPU as the highlight of the System? Obviously you can‘t provide X colors of each model an only manufacturing a red GPU will Limit possibly buyers. A man can dream though.
  4. Great idea to bring this back. Unfortunately I‘m way too picky with monitors and watch TV whenever a show is on that I want to watch - that is some stupid brain-off show, nothing that I can also watch via stream. So basically once a year for a week.
  5. As someone who mainly plays competitive FPS and just the occasional AAA release: this mouse is way too light for my taste. Just because one can‘t tell a difference between a light an heavy mouse doesn‘t mean that pros don‘t benefit from it. And just because some pros prefer light mice doesn‘t mean that everybody has to use a light mouse to play at a competitive level. You get used to something and every change in what you are used to (be it shape, buttons or weight) will massively throw you off for a while. Really just depends on what you buy in the first place and get used to.
  6. Performance is one side of the story, the other is price. Very interested to see benchmarks and the full line-up eventually (including 3060ti?). Less pointless = worthwhile your time and money honestly though the 6800 does sit in a very weird spot. Not entirely sure what AMD thought when pricing this one.
  7. From what I understand yes. Like Spotify without a premium account. 2 songs and then an ad for example.
  8. Phanteks Evolv mATX is worth a look as well
  9. Because it bothers enough people who then say „fuck it, I guess I‘ll just buy Corsair fans and a Corsair AIO to keep it simple.“. Which makes money.
  10. Oh yeah, shouldn‘t be a problem and with additional fans the meshify is one of the best. Just wanted to make sure OP knows this but of info
  11. I think t was GN that advised to add more fans to the meshify c as it performs mediocre in stock configuration.
  12. Thanks everybody for the updates so we don‘t have to open several links especially on mobile. But it man that is horrible I really hope it‘s not a real threat and everybody gets away from this (physically) unharmed. Hate Ubi as much as you want, no one should have to live through something like that.
  13. I was planning to get two of these beauties for my upcoming build as it‘s the perfect monitor for me as of right now. If it‘s not too much of a hassle for you guys I‘d really appreciate if you could keep this thread alive and let us know if there‘s any news
  14. Moin, someone did something like this a while back on Reddit. He swapped both PSU and CPU cooler. I didn‘t go through the entire thread for results, but according to OP it was a PITA. Hope the link works as it‘s copied from the App. Best of luck with this project!