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  1. Your own quoted bit of the article explains this dichotomy quite nicely. "According to another data set, one that measures patent quality, the U.S. remains a formidable force"
  2. Since the CIA willingly sold it off I wouldn't be surprised if they had at least 2 other unconnected fronts in the same business running for the last decade or two. Maybe since the 90's given Clinton's fetish for SigInt.
  3. I didn't hear a lot of complaint over Doom Eternal being delayed.
  4. Hey now, it was playable if buggy as hell until people figured out how to crash the servers with dupes and nukes. So for about 3 days.
  5. Yep, because the police are legally required to take your phone call seriously and do everything in their power to assist you, including teleport to your location. Wait, no,they have zero legal obligation to do any of that unless direct threat to life and limb is occurring directly in front of them. As to the OP calling this the ultimate boomer law, it is merely a variation on the oft referenced analogy of cars and guns. Since legal gun ownership as a cohort has not gotten significantly older when controlling for law variations it is decidedly not a boomer law. Meanwhile, the major anti-gun organizations in America get more than 50-70%(the NRA is a bit over 10% for comparison) of their funding from billionaires and millionaires. Indeed, without Bloomberg's influence they would largely cease to exist and anything that remained would be complelty ineffectual from a influence standpoint.
  6. Two sources of sound of the same noise level causes less than a 2 dB increase. The scale is logarithmic, not linear.
  7. This presupposes that they had a new processor design worth a damn. They had nothing in the pipeline at all. At best even with a new socket they would have sucked marginally less.
  8. *sighs* Legally(Section 315 of the Communications Act) if you accept political ads you have to accept the ads of any political opponents as well. Effectively the only screening criteria allowed is outright lies based on unequivocal facts, terroristic threats, or obscenity. That's why the organizations are moving to outright bans. They are legally unable to run political ads if they wish to refuse running Trump ads.
  9. The PM01 may fit your use case depending on motherboard.
  10. Watching these lefty tech companies desperately try to avoid running ads for Trump is utterly hilarious.
  11. Silent cases aren't. Or rather, they are a bit better at muffling certain frequencies like coil whine, but in terms of dB levels aren't better than airflow cases once you control fan speed for noise level a set distance from the case.
  12. Nickel, copper, and brass, especially with a corrosion inhibitor added, are not reactive enough to worry about over the life expectancy of a system. If you're that paranoid, make sure to flush and refill once a year, which you should do anyway TBH.
  13. The U12A runs CPUs a degree or two hotter than the D15. So even when running MCE you should be okay with the base 9900k. Wouldn't advise further overclocking though.
  14. Silverstone PM01. Are you doing a custom loop on the GPUs and if so why not a full system custom loop?