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  1. Imagine how far someone is to the left when they can say with a straight face that anything corporately owned inherently can't cater to the left. Addendum - the left/right spectrum, except when discussing things on a country by country basis and in the broadest terms possible with that country's political sphere, is utterly moronic.
  2. ravenshrike

    High i9-9900k temps

    It's entirely possible you just really lost the silicon lottery.
  3. You do realize that, even assuming no lawsuits are involved, this is the death knell for any attempt by Google/Youtube to fight Trump's Section 230 guidance right? That leaves Twitter and FB to put up any significant resistance.
  4. ravenshrike

    Severe 0 day security flaw found in Steam

    Already patched in the Beta update.
  5. Hey look, one more reason to ban social media.
  6. ravenshrike

    Why AIO over Tower Cooling

    That depends entirely on the case. With a RL06 or PM01 and probably the upcoming P400A the airflow is more than good enough to cool both components perfectly well. Yeah, now run a medium workload bench for 45 minutes on that AIO and then run that particular bench again to see how real world performance stacks up.
  7. Decimate meant to remove 1/10th. So 1 in 10 soldiers in a roman legion would be summarily executed. Killing 9 in 10 soldiers would defeat the purpose since they would just have to form new legions.
  8. Shrink wrap machines are a cheap investment for those who resell refurbed/stolen merchandise as new.
  9. Have you already signed a contract? The actual analogy would be, can the phone company deny service to someone because they're talking Nazi ideology in a conference call? The answer is no. Section 230 treats the internet like the phone company but gave them limited editorial control over their content in good faith. Google et al have decided that they would like to censor those whom their political ideals find anathema. They have only themselves to blame.
  10. Because social media is being treated as a PLATFORM, not a PUBLISHER due to Section 230. Right now, they are completely immune from libel, incitement, or harassment lawsuits. It is a government BENEFIT that the government is taking away unless they stop playing games. And thus you explicitly show why talking to you on this topic is a worthless endeavor.
  11. I know the general target of it yes. I do not know specifics of what it will do but I do know the limits of Section 230. Correct, publishers are not forced to publish things they do not agree with. They are also subject to libel, incitement, and harassment lawsuits of anything they DO publish. I ignored the rest of your post because it's complete bullshit as shown by the latest banning of McConnell's account.
  12. Cite the bill please. Oh wait, you can't because what it actually is is an executive order clarifying how the FCC should enforce section 230, which doesn't give the government any authority to jail anyone at all. Moreover, CNN doesn't even have a copy of the draft order, instead they were read a 'summary' of the draft order which means we don't even know exactly what it says. As for not being able to sue websites for illegal content, that would be useful to know if that's what I was talking about. However, I was talking about how social media websites are exercising EDITORIAL CONTROL over what appears on their platforms, and more specifically exercising EDITORIAL CONTROL over political viewpoints. That makes them publishers, and means in the normal course of things they would be subject to libel, incitement, and harassment suits. Section 230 shields them from those lawsuits, but was never meant to cover censorship of political viewpoints.
  13. No, just no. All the executive order is doing is stripping social media sites of immunity from lawsuits unless they stop censoring political viewpoints. It is not doing ANY censoring whatsoever.
  14. GN and KG dropped their Pulse Reviews. The difference appears to be thermals and noise and not performance, at least until better drivers and tools are released for Navi.
  15. ravenshrike

    Severe 0 day security flaw found in Steam

    The difference is that Google's 7 day timeline applies to 0 days that are under active exploitation. Per the researcher himself, he found it on his own, not because someone else was already using it.