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  1. So... Bacteria in space?
  2. maybe if you can fix it... Could just be a loose cable inside that's causing it to not light on, especially if it's "new".
  3. You get used to her over time. Did you watch Index as well or jumped straight up into Railgun?
  4. Didn't a situation like this happen a couple years back when Bitcoin first appeared? Before the dedicated ASIC miner came around... I expect this trend to last until somebody figure a way to make more efficient hardware specifically for mining those coins.
  5. I'm guessing only the few desperate people out there who can't get a hold on AMD cards, are buying Nvidia cards instead. In my case I'm tempted to sell my 7970Ghz considering it apparently can still sell for like $200 USD. After which I could buy a RX580 when this whole mining crap dies down.... But then again I wouldn't have a GPU to replace it in the meantime so screw that. It's ridiculous that an RX580, that retailed for $200USD MSRP...now cost triple that... By scumbags who buy what little stock there is in stores and reselling it.
  6. Nothing much. I haven't read the manga or know anything related to the next episode other than the preview itself, but here's what I think: We can see Ingenium, who I assume is Iida being dumb and dressed like his brother to try and get revenge. I'm thinking he will either end up dead or highly wounded, enough that he can't be a hero anymore, especially considering the inner dialogue Midoriya had during their parting at the train station. We also see the hero killer Stain seemingly being asked to "take care" of Midoriya alongside others (we only see Midoriya's picture, but there's clearly more pictures behind his) All in all, I don't expect much development in the next episode, I'm guessing it will mostly be the "set up" episode for what's to come in future episodes.
  7. Not sure where to post this, but apparently the source code for Windows 10 was leaked online https://www.neowin.net/news/internal-builds-and-source-code-for-windows-10-revealed-in-massive-32tb-leak Along with internal windows 10 builds.
  8. Online petitions are meaningless, if you want real change, sign a real petition on paper and send it to their office, a couple hundred times, also send them well written letters explaining your point of view on the matter, flood their mail box with those, it will show actual dedication to the cause instead of just signing some form online and sending an email.
  9. Please fix your quotes for night theme users. Highlight the text and click "Remove format". (The Tx button beside Size) Even if Rockstar says it's ok, at the end of the day, Take-Two are the ones deciding so it's meaningless even if they say it's ok. If they wrongfully believe a mod can affect the online component, it will be issued a C&D letter, filled with spelling mistakes.
  10. I wouldn't have even noticed a steam sale was happened, considering the home page is hardly any different than usual. When it usually had a whole new design for the sale.
  11. My PC's name is "PC". In all seriousness, no, I don't... It's a computer, not a living being. Other than calling it by the name of the parts/case or just plain "PC/Computer", I don't understand people giving little pet names to their machines. The only "official" name it has, is for the network, and even there, it's something like "LR_PC" for Living Room PC.
  12. I just hope you won't make the mistake of letting LMG sink when you are no longer profitable, just because you don't want to fire anyone(usually the newest employee).
  13. When I first built my computer, I had initially gone with an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition. No matter what I did(bios, format, etc...) or changed in the computer(hardware), I was getting "HyperTransport Sync Flood Error" over and over again. Bought a couple motherboards, RAM kits and even buying the same CPU but with a newer stepping that supposedly had a better memory controller... Nope still getting HTSFE... I ended up wasting hundred of dollars trying to make it work, it never did. Tried every hardware testing tools out there to find out what could possibly be the problem, even bought it to GeekSquad so they could put their MRI software in it to try and determine which part was faulty... Yet none of the tests ever failed. I was randomly getting HTSFE yet the hardware itself is reported as working regardless of how many hours is spent testing it... Fuck me. I eventually got so sick of it, I figured, "what more do I have to lose at this point" and just bought an Intel CPU and compatible motherboard while keeping everything else the same. Just like magic, EVERYTHING worked flawlessly, for years now. (still using that same PC since 2010 after all... With an upgraded GPU, RAM and SSD overtime though, for obvious reasons) As such, I became a bit "salty" toward AMD CPUs since then. But can your really blame me? When even their support had no idea what was causing that issue at the time...
  14. Have you tried compressed air? If you can just dislodge it, it should leave the monitor at one point sooner or later.
  15. Well they were doing some changes in the warehouse, so, who knows, maybe they got a kitchen set, to look like the old kitchen they had.