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  1. 700$CAD for it!? God damn.... As much as I like the idea of fan-less/noise-less PC, that's just too much for me. I may as well just put the computer in another room and run cables through the wall.
  2. If you do get a package in the mail, film yourself opening it, clearly showing where it comes from and all that. So that you at least have proof that it was a box filled with rocks.
  3. Why would anyone think it's ever a good idea to only store the data in the cloud and not also locally in case the cloud fails, by default... That's like if Steam only put your saves on the cloud so the moment you're offline, you lose all your progress, doesn't make any sense.
  4. Wait, there's a new season? After 13 years of nothing? I suppose you can talk about it here? I don't believe we discriminate against american cartoons. As long as it is an animated series.
  5. There sure are a lot of folks with fast internet speed here... I'm at 15 Mbps Download, 10 Mbps Upload. With 400GB bandwidth cap. (Of which I generally consume between 150GB and 300GB per month and uploads don't count toward it, only downloads) Might not be much, but I at least actually get those speeds, unlike with some other ISPs that say BS like "up to X" when in reality it barely gives 3/4 of the advertised speed. Cost me $50.51 CAD per month. (taxes included) I'm not jealous! I swear I'm not jealous!!! ... But in a totally unrelated topic, what is the primary language of Denmark and how well are immigrants from Canada received? Asking for a "friend".
  6. Depends on the game. If it's a highly demanding game, I close my second monitor and don't really run anything in the background. But generally, I have my browser (Vivaldi) with less than 4 tabs (mainly 1 or 2) and an IM client open (Trillian) open on my second monitor. Sometimes I watch/listen to a TV show or a youtube videos while mindlessly playing a game that doesn't require too many brain cells to play. (any games that aren't fast paced single/multiplayer action games really, for example these days I mindlessly play Atelier Sophie while watching long videos, like the WAN show or Co-Optional Podcast. Helps past the time. I just don't have the attention span to keep watching something for more than 10 minutes without wanting to do something else... literally, that's why I don't go to the movie theater, I just can't stay sitting there doing a single thing. A 30 minutes TV show can take me 2 hours to watch because I keep pausing it to do something else)
  7. Just found out One Punch Man is now on Netflix. So if someone wanted to see it legally but didn't want to get yet another subscription because it was not on crunchyroll, they can now.
  8. Neat, but I wouldn't be buying it. If I wanted to play original starcraft, I would either dig out my old discs of it or play the fan remaster of it in Starcraft 2, which looks a hell of a lot better than the original SC or this remaster. I also doubt it will give much more life to the SC e-sport scene.
  9. I've always associated "tune up" softwares to essentially be the same as snake oil as well as just selling you features that are built-in windows. Often causing more damage than they claim to "fix", especially if you use multiple such "tune-up" softwares, messing up your registry. Generally, tools like Ccleaner are plenty for most people, for clearing junk and removing unneeded startup item. I wouldn't mind seeing Linus make a video on them though, to know if they are actually useful or not.
  10. Usually on the payment terminal, you have a few options like the type of bank account (saving or cheque). On this terminal you sometimes have the "tipping" option that appears where you can either enter it in percents or a straight number, like $2.(or a straight 0/"YES/NO" option) This tip should be going to however served you that day on their next paycheck, as their name should also be on your invoice that they hand you. But, I've seen a few places where the tip doesn't go to the server, but to the restaurant itself and at the next paycheck they equally divide the entire tipped amount between every serving employees.
  11. The thing with breakers tripping, it generally means that you are drawing more than 15a /1500~1600W from it.(unless it's a 20a/30a one, which isn't really used for a typical outlet, unless it's a dedicated one for ACs/oven) There's a good chance that multiple wall outlets are connected to the same breaker. Even more so if this is an older house. If you've recently plugged in something like a small space heater or an Air conditioner in a different outlet, it could be on the same breaker as your computer, so when your PC starts up it trips the breaker because you are drawing more power than it is capable of. I would suggest closing the breaker and going around the house to see if there's anything else that no longer gets any power. If this is a very old breaker box, it might have fuses in it that are burnt out and you should change them ASAP. Though it's more likely to just use a circuit breakers. Those can also fail overtime, especially if they trip often. As for the "green LED" on your surge protector, it depends what that LED means. On my surge protector I have 2 LED, one that lights up if a Ground wire exist and one that shows it has power.
  12. Download Linux Mint or any other variant of Linux, burn it onto a DVD? Surely your mac has a dvd burner... right? If not, there are tools to put it on a USB flash drive. Boot to it, and that's that. You have your Linux Live disc. Because Linux lets you "try it" before actually installing anything, right from the disc.
  13. Have tried installing a previous version of the driver instead of the latest available? Could you boot onto a Linux live disc and use that for a bit, see if any graphical issues pop up? If it does, then that would be the card itself failing, not the driver. In which case prepare for RMA if it's still under warranty. Do you have a backup from before you installed the drivers? If you do, could you restore it? If all else fail in windows, at the point you're at, I'd just backup my stuff and format windows. Because while DDU is good and all, it doesn't remove EVERYTHING, there's still traces of trash left behind that Windows can take and reinstall the faulty drivers with it. Formatting is the only sure-fire way of making sure you have a 100% clean driver installation. (and if graphical issues still happen, both with the newest and older drivers, the card is most likely the culprit)
  14. That does sound like your ISP is throttling you and not your computer being slow. https://fast.com/ http://www.speedtest.net/ http://www.measurementlab.net/tools/ndt/ Test your connection on a few different website. If you don't get your full network speed (Like if you're supposed to get like 15Mbps and you only get 5Mbps or less...), I suggest calling up your ISP to ask them whats up and why you are no longer getting what you're paying for.
  15. The copy protection back then was generally just "have the disc in the drive". So in your case it would be "just have the iso mounted on a virtual drive". Heck you could probably just download a no-cd crack that bypasses the failed "copy protection" from the early 2000s.