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  1. Try the 3D model directly from asus, it should have mounting points for the standoffs at the very least. Which is better than if you cut down the model you showed that doesn't have any mounting point (from what I can see anyway). You could also find other 3D model of IO covers(that you can actually mount) online if you looked, I saw some others that were pretty nice looking.
  2. You can get an IO cover 3D Model directly from Asus https://rog.asus.com/articles/pc-mods/download-3d-printable-parts-now/# Though it's not this exact same one, I believe it should still fit, IO size doesn't really change across the boards. In the worst case, I do believe that you could edit the 3D model you've shown and simply remove the redundant parts. Not sure how it will mount to your motherboard after that though.
  3. Does unraid allow me to have the Linux "host" always present in the background while opening a Windows VM within it? Because if it's a complete "switch to other OS" kind of deal without much possibility to interact with each other, I might as well just reboot the PC and use the bootloader to switch from windows to Linux at that point.
  4. Vmware player/workstation(used Virtualbox before as well) and Meh. Wish there was one that could truly share the resources from the host, especially the GPU, without lag or through emulation.
  5. If the price goes down, it may just mean that they are clearing their inventory in anticipation of their next gen VR headsets. Though honestly, the price is still too damn high for mainstream, so it will still be a niche product the the foreseeable future.
  6. They aren't really common, up in Quebec. At the very least, I've never seen those huge roaches that you sometimes see on TV or movies. If your home and its surrounding are clean, you shouldn't have to worry about roaches, generally.
  7. Not seeing it on the Desktop side of things. I'm assuming it's a US only thing? Then again, who uses the homepage of youtube, other than people who aren't signed in? It literally doesn't even show the latest videos. It shows me the videos that were uploaded days, months, if not years ago. It's useless as a homepage.
  8. When I read the title, I thought Blockbuster was making a come back with a new strategy.... Well, it remains to be seen if that game will actually be a "blockbuster" or a massive flop.
  9. Good looking RAM... But then again, it's RAM, I personally wouldn't be putting out that kind of money for a pretty heat spreader, no matter which die or frequency the RAM is uses.
  10. The only reason I ever use bing.... Is when I forget to switch it to Google on a new windows install. Though since Cortana technically uses only Bing, I'm assuming that those numbers are from people who use Cortana and not Edge + Bing.
  11. The PC in my signature and profile. I rarely use any other devices, be it my HTPC or my laptop. My phone is mainly only used when I'm out of the house, I can't stand looking at a phone screen for more than 10 minutes. As for my tablets, I just use them to read some novels while in bed. Man all the things I thought I'd do with a tablet when I was shopping for one... but instead it's just gathering dust in a corner for months until the next time I found a new novel I wanted to read.
  12. 5870 to 7970Ghz I guess? I mean, if we don't count buying an entirely new PC to replace an old one... Because I did go from an Athlon XP 2800+ to a Core i7 875k when I originally bought my PC 7 years ago. Single core to 4 core 8 thread was certainly a big upgrade.
  13. That's generally how it is with pretty much any anime based on a light novel/manga that isn't finished or simply has too many volumes to fit in a season or two, though. So seen that way, the ending it got was good. At least it didn't leave you wondering WTF was going on, like how Umineko No Naku Koro Ni never actually got the much needed Answer Arc second season.
  14. Yeah it was a PM, a "Verbal warning" from GoodBytes. Still technically counts as a "warning".
  15. 3 years?! ... holy shit I've been here for 4 years. Time sure passes quickly... Still feels like yesterday that I signed up here when they were "advertising" the forum during that first month opening... Anyway to answer the OP, the mod team is pretty good if you respect the rules. I only got warned once so far, for having posted in a thread that was discussing piracy... Even though I was on the side of "don't pirate it's bad"... It was just a simple warning without any consequence to essentially say "don't reply to that kind of thread and just report them instead". Is what I got from that warning anyway. So yeah, the mod team is active, they aren't complete d-bags who think themselves superior to others and they are quick to get rid of actual offenders/trolls. (Your post wasn't in any way what I'd consider to be trolling) Also, we have such a thing as Night Theme here. When you copy paste text from another website, it might look fine on the day theme, but it still retains the formatting of the site you copied it from, meaning the text is black... On the night theme's dark background. This make the text harder to read for those of us who are part of the best theme, the only theme worth talking about. As such, please make sure to highlight your copy/pasted text and hit that Tx button in between the emoticons and the sizes on the toolbar of the reply box in the future. (to change to the night theme master race, go to the bottom of the page, right in the middle.)