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    AMD Ryzen 3600
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    MSI B450m Gaming Plus
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4 3200
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    Gigabyte Radeon HD7970 GHz 3GB
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    NVME : Corsair Force MP510 240GB | SSD : WD Blue 1TB / Intel 520 120GB / Samsung 850 EVO 500GB | External HDD: WD My Book 3TB
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  1. So... That's at least $120~160 in VRAM alone. (If 1GB of VRAM = 10$, which it may just well be if the price in 2017 was $8.50) I really hope they at least finally release a new budget GPU to replace the 580... Please AMD...
  2. Very likely to have been bad paste or a bad application... Or not mounted securely enough... So yeah, I don't think the liquid metal is the primary factor for getting temps that are this much better.
  3. Oh nice, does that mean we'll finally get a Bethesda game that won't be extremely buggy on release, only to be partially patched weeks/months later, leaving it to the fans to come up with a proper patch themselves?
  4. Ah ok, so it's the typical "I don't understand what you're doing, I'm unwilling to listen to you explain and so you must be wasting your time because you're not out there in the real world like me". Not much you can say to that. To her, it just looks like a kid playing around for hours and hours on the computer.
  5. Sounds to me like you're using your computer for what it is. A tool to do a job/hobby that you enjoy. That's not so much an addiction, as you having a lot of the things you want to do that are related to computers. If your sister can't understand that you do more than just "web browsing" and/or "chatting" on the computer, then she's the problem. Let me guess, she spends hours on her phone talking to her friends/boyfriend, but sees nothing wrong with that because "it's not the same" ? Wanna know what an addiction is? Being on the computer, doing absolutely nothing other than refreshing the same few web pages, OVER AND OVER again, all day every day.
  6. It's SUPER SLOW, but it should show up sooner or later. It took about 5 seconds before the black lower third started to show the drivers/bios.
  7. RAM is certainly a major culprit to computer issues... But that has pretty much always been the case. These days, RAM incompatibility (RAM too fast, too new, too whatever, for the CPU's memory controller) are an issue as well, but certainly not as much as DOA/failed RAM. Because even if "incompatible", they usually can still run at lower speeds without much issues. But bad RAM? It will run, then crash at seemingly random times, making people who don't know what the issue is to post here, thinking it's their GPU because it happens most often while playing a game (when a lot of info is transferred from the drive to the ram all at once, filling it up much more than simple web browsing). ECC really should be standards for all computer and not just servers. It would certainly cut down a hell of a lot of the PC issues we're facing in the troubleshoot section anyway.
  8. So the only reason why these Intel mobile CPUs will even sell, is because AMD has supply issues. Ok.
  9. Consoles are usually good deals on release. 5 years from now? Maybe not as much. Just wait for the console to be available... And actually in stock.
  10. The only exams that were 45 minutes for me, were the old school exams where it's basically "choose between A, B, C, D" with maybe two to five questions where you had to write more than 1 word. Those are essentially primary school level exams. Haven't had one of those in AGES. I miss them... So easy. But for our language exams here, you don't know the subject of the exam in advance, you literally can't prepare for it. You turn the page and you find out your subject is some random ass crap like "a love in autumn that ended like a leaf in the wind" (or some other ridiculous crap like that)... the type that you need to write a story with the Intro, Body and Conclusion with a minimum number of word (worse yet, a random poem subject with a minimum number of words... and you HAVE to rhymes it up). Ain't possible. Since every single exam past the second year of high school, demanded at least 400 words... and it goes up with each passing year. In my first semester of college, it was 750 words. No matter how fast you write, it's impossible to do that in just 90 minutes. The average COPYING writing speed is 13 words per minute by hand. That's 47 minutes, NON-STOP for 600 words. This is assuming you know exactly what you need to write. If you're some sort of language genius, it might be possible to come up with a random story based on a random subject when put on the spot... But I sure as hell can't. I still need to make a plan, do some form of draft... Ain't no way I can do that in just 90 minutes. Heck, I can't even do a proper draft in 3 hours, I run out of time and I just have the draft and no clean copy.... (My fast writing speed is like 1 page in 15 minutes, but that's unreadable by anyone other than me. My "clean" writing speed... Is closer to 1 page every 30~40 minutes. 1 page is on average about 250~300 words for me.) Now if it's done on PC... That's another story... But you need a special condition where I live to be allowed to use a computer for language exams (Except now with Covid, I guess...).
  11. Turning RTX off gives less fps than with RTX ON ??? Am I understanding this correctly? How does that work? I thought RTX was more taxing on the GPU, thus giving less fps overall? Did that change, for some reason? Is this real life?
  12. So?? What's your point here? Don't push your morals onto others. Stop kink shaming.
  13. If someone is willing to pay for someone else to make their fetish animation happen, I see nothing wrong with it. How does it "ruin" that series for you? You just need to google Rule34 to have a series ruined, by your logic. Personally, I see nothing wrong with this. They might run into copyright issues if it ever reach the copyright holder's attention, but other than that... If someone is actually willing to pay for this stuff, that's all there is to it. It doesn't affect you in the least. Probably would've been cheaper to just get 3D models and use Source FilmMaker.
  14. Language exams usually give us three hours, especially the ones where you need to write a super long text where the subject at hand is not given in advance. Whether or not you need the entire three hours, that's another story. Otherwise, 90 minutes to two hours is is probably the standard as far as other type of exams go.
  15. Vivaldi. I can't live without mouse gestures and side panels bookmarks/notes/everything else. Some extensions can emulate these in other browsers, but it's not the same, it bugs out sometimes and uses up more resources than if it's baked in. It's still a bit bugged here and there, especially with things related to videos on Reddit... But it could also be a bad AMD driver that will never be fixed due to how old my card is (since me and some others with the same/similar GPU also have issues with Netflix, Vivaldi and GPU acceleration). Also use Vivaldi on Android. Built-in adblocker and can change the blocklists. But, again, sometimes it crash.