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  1. Can't help but notice the article provide zero evidence or raw numbers of this other this "Janet Herold" who work at the Department of Labor saying the following So all we have so far is their words. But how big is "very significant" ? And does it take into account that in every workplace, there's always people who are paid more than you, be it from having more experiences, having been with the company for a long time or simply by demanding a raise, the latter of which is shown that women are less likely to do than men. Google won't exactly raise the salary of every women just because one dude got a raise, that's ridiculous. If you think you deserve a raise, ask for it, don't go complaining that your co-workers who had the balls (get it? balls<>men, haha!... kill me) to ask for it when you don't are paid more and it's unfair.
  2. Maybe a Channel Super Fun "punishment" for the loser team? Without milk or any type of beverage.
  3. Realistically, no, floppy disk no longer have a "real world use" on modern computers. What about BIOS updates for older computers? Well it says it in the question itself, "old computers". For more than 10 years now bios have supported updating through USB, you don't need it. But what about games!? Most of the games that were even worth playing back then, are now either freely available today or "remastered" to play on modern hardware. Also virtual machines/emulators. Runs better than the originals on old hardware. But my nostalgia?! NO. The only thing "worth" it, are original floppy disks with games/softwares on them from way back then, in "mint" condition that you can resell to insane collectors.
  4. Windows Settings(the thing that's replacing control panel) > Privacy > Background Apps.
  5. Never played the first game, because I don't have a playstation 4, but what I heard of it wasn't that great... At least initially, then some big update came out and suddenly it wasn't as bad? I dunno. In any case, I may check this out. Surprised they decided to put it on battle.net of all things but I suppose Activision didn't want to share the revenue of it with Valve.
  6. I can tolerate it in places that make sense, like keyboard backlights, as long as there is a hardware button/switch that turn them off. But the current RGB craze where they put RGB LEDs in everything for no real reason makes me pull my hair as in "who the hell wanted that?!" Like that RGB snowboard. When you reach a point that you have to charge a SNOWBOARD, it's just ridiculous. Not to mention the extra cost of RGB in a product vs none/plain single color LED. As for RGB in computers... Hate it. But not just because it's RGB. I simply hate any type of lights coming out of a computer case. My PC is in my bedroom, I sometimes leave it on at night while downloading big files (like games off steam, also because I'm not charged for bandwidth taken between 2am and 8am), having bright lights in the room prevents from me sleeping well. That's why I pretty much ripped every LED I could from my computer case and the ones I couldn't, I covered with black electrical tape.
  7. It will just end up like before, Netflix & co. will once again be asked to pay "protection money" by the ISPmafia in order to stay in the "normal lane" (no such thing as "fast lane", it's either the slowed down throttled lane or the normal lane). So glad I live in Canada.
  8. There's enough shit in the ocean as it is, we don't need idiots throw their smashed in usb drives in it as well.
  9. If you put something behind a paywall, even temporarily, people will pirate it, nothing new. The same was happening with Vessel. Just report the channels to LTT and they will take care of it.
  10. You could've gotten the paid version of AVG Internet Security, for free, for an entire year. Which is, IMO, much better than free anti viruses, from extra features, disabling ads(they aren't by default, easy to do in the advanced options, you can't do that in free versions) and a proper firewall instead of the trash that comes with windows and barely even function as a firewall. Just the firewall alone helps A LOT in blocking threats, be it incoming or outgoing. (Especially in Interactive mode, might be annoying for the first 10 minutes while it ask you a lot of permissions, but after that, you have greater controls on what should or shouldn't have access to the internet, like say, a malware, or a software you illegally downloaded...) http://www.avg.com/ca-en/download.prd-isc Get the 64bit one. This is only valid if you've never installed AVG on that computer before. (formatting and reinstalling it with the same key, will give you another year. I've used this for 2 or 3 years now) (just don't click the "fix performances" button on the AVG interface, that's PUP, it will do a "scan" and then tell you to install some crapware to "fix it".)
  11. I'm not into Gundam so I didn't get the reference. I also don't make it a habit of randomly googling people's usernames so... yeah. Obviously I didn't get it.
  12. He may have got spooked by recent developments and future draconian anti piracy laws that were about to pass.
  13. It's literally the same thing, except .si instead of .se .
  14. Why not? A lot of people who are into computers/gaming are also into anime. Just because you or others you know may not be into it, doesn't mean they don't exist.
  15. I've used Kraft paper before (that brown packing paper) to wrap around components and they worked just fine. Otherwise you can just get some anti static bubble wrap at Staples. (and also envelopes)