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    Ryzen 5 1500x @ 4.05 ghz
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    Asrock AB350m Pro-4
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    16gb DDR4 2133 @ 2400 14-14-14-38
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    PNY GTX 1050ti
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    Corsair 460x RGB
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    Sandisk 240gb SSD, 1TB WD Blue
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    650 Thermaltake
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    HP 25e
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    Corsair H100i v2, 4 120mm fans
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    Logitech G602
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    Onboard w/ Edifier 50w reference monitors
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Have been having a nightmare time with Corsair for over a month and a half now. I have been trying to get my 3 SP120 fans replaced since the middle of October, and they're finally due to arrive today. I've also been fighting with them for a refund, for my third H100i v2 that has failed in 6 months. Their Customer service has been nothing short of abysmal. I'm not likely to ever buy anything from ever again considering the condescending attitude, and general lack of helpfulness I have received in the last two months. I keep getting told to wait for 24-48 hrs for a return call or e-mail, and 2 weeks later, I've heard nothing back. I even spoke with a customer service manager, who completely lied through his teeth to me on the phone. The only responsive person I've been able to converse with in their company, has been who ever answers their Facebook messenger. Has been one of the worst customer service experience I've had, especially after spending some $500 on their shit.
  2. Use all 3! I have a 25" monitor, with a 32" tv mounted above on a vesa arm. It will all come down to preference, and budget. How much are you looking to spend? Need high refresh, or better color accuracy?
  3. Check ebay if you are not in a dead rush for it then. Really should be able to get one for 5 shipped from Hong-Kong. The conversion is passive, and I have had great luck with cheapo display adapters with no noticeable loss in quality and the like.
  4. So for future reference, Best Buy will price match Newegg, Amazon, B&H Photo Video, and Adorama online pricing. Newegg has the card listed for $30 less. ETA It looks like BestBuy is the only retailer carrying an XLR8 version of the 3gb card.
  5. Should be fine. You'll be on the high end of that power supply, but still under 400w unless you OC the shit out of that 8350.
  6. The cheaper one. There will be negligible difference in noticeable performance, unless he will be running programs from it frequently.
  7. The static doesn't have to come from you to kill the card. I would get in contact with whatever relevant customer service you can and start an RMA if they will allow it. If not, first thing I would do is to take the cooler off of the card and make sure you didn't blow any debris into sensitive components, or the like. Progress and diagnose from there. I do not recommend sticking your card in an oven at this point. That is 100% a last ditch measure, and usually only works on cards that have loose, or broken solder connections.
  8. Could do with some more details to. Is the card overclocked or anything? Have you tried unplugging any of the displays, to narrow it down?
  9. If you can wait two weeks, go with a 1070. This is a no brainer if you are not currently relying on it to make money off of your computer, or need it for some other reason. I'd wait a lot longer than that if it meant a 1070 over a used 1030 smh.
  10. That should be a good hard drive to match the boot drive. It also appears that it is in fact an nvme pci-e ssd
  11. Aida 64 for stability, also it has a bunch of bench-marking utilities. Then CPU-z I think has a memory bench mark, as well as MaxxMem. As far as how long you should run your stability test for, at least a half an hour, recommend 2-3, or how ever long it takes you to feel comfortable.
  12. Could try and find a used 750ti. It would be around the same cost of a 1030, be better, and you wouldn't get laughed at on this forum haha. Seriously though, used will be a better bet than a 1030. If you can not afford a 1050 or 1050ti at least, I would think you are better off with good used card. The cost of all the low end cards has jumped alongside their higher end brethren. I bought my PNY XLR8 1050 ti OC for $120 brand new, the same card is going for $200 or more (if you can find it)
  13. Voltages that you have should be safe. As far as the the cas timings, you are going to have to run some memory bench-marking programs, to see if it's worth it.
  14. Depends on what you want. Hard to tell you how to spend your money really, not knowing how you use it 100% of the time. If you plan on using it to aid in rendering, then it gets even more complicated. The gpu market is completely thrashed at the moment, so I can hardly recommend a used AMD card, as I usually would. You should come up with a dedicated price you are willing to throw at your video card. Once you have that in mind, find any and all that meet that budget, finally compare and contrast your results. Once you've found some cards that you are interested in, hit up up the gpu side of the forum to get some more in-depth insight from people with those cards.
  15. Then overclock the shit out of them! Just be aware if the limitations, and once you find your max frequency, be sure to try and back the voltage off as much as you can, while keeping stable. If you haven't already, download the trial version of aida 64, as well as geek bench, cpu z, gpu z, and also afterburner. Read up on your card and chip, watch some videos and let her rip. It's fun, and can be mildly addicting once you get started.