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    Computer science student


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    Intel Core i5-7600k @5GHz
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    Gigabyte GA-Z270-Gaming K3
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    2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LED-Red DDR4-2666MHz
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    MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G @2050MHz
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    NZXT S340 Elite Black/Red
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB & WD Blue 1TB
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    Corsair RM650x
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    MSI MAG24C & Benq GW2265HM
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    Be Quiet! Dark Rock 3
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    Corsair k70 rapidfire
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    Corsair M65 pro rgb
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    (headset) arctis 5, (2.0 setup) edifier R1700BT
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    Windows 10
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    Dell Inspiron 7000 gaming (i7 7700hq, 1050ti, 16GB ram)
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  1. sometimes some sata connections get turned of when specific pcie lanes are used (mostly for M.2). try a different sata port on your mobo
  2. something may be wrong with your ram as it shows only 4GB available. 8GB would be enough for most games, dota 2 especially, but 4 is a tad low
  3. what about the samsung 860 QVO? it's cheaper then an EVO and still the quality of a samsung ssd
  4. yes. junction temperature is a safety measure to prevent components from dying because of to much heat (meaning it's a setting kind of)
  5. try MSI afterburner. it has good temperature logging, custom fan curve software and other bells and whistles
  6. it says the current temperature is 72 degrees celcius, which is a normal operating temperature during gaming. the tjunction temperature is the temperature the gpu will prevent the generation of more heat, so it can cool down
  7. okay. so disabling v-sync should let you up your settings in games and have a higher frame-rate
  8. what are the specs of your previous build? did you disable v-sync? did you plug the fans into the correct plugs on your mobo?
  9. did you connect the display with the motherboard or the gpu?
  10. (s)he can try using another pc or go to school/uni/work or so and use a pc there to download it
  11. download the internet driver for your motherboard onto a usb stick and stick that into your new pc. i had the same problem and that solved it for me
  12. check nvidia control panel and set it back to 144hz if it is on 60. sometimes the nvidia control panel does that unfortunately
  13. i had that problem with my tablet. i used to charge it overnight, which didn't turn out to be healthy. try to charge your phone during the day with the included charger. charge it when you are below 25% and stop charging aroung 90%. it really helps the battery keep at it for a longer period of time.
  14. if you have an intel cpu or and amd apu, then you can connect the monitor to your motherboard to see if the problem is your gpu. you could also just try swapping out the gpu with a different one, if you have a second one laying arounde