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  1. Shorty88jr

    Does Facebook even care anymore? - Plain Text Passwords

    Well it's official the Harvard dropout really dropped out because he's a idiot masquerading as a genius. Seriously social media can go die in a hole and never ever come back ever again. Also whats really sad is no one is actually getting rid of Facebook. Go ask someone if they got rid of Facebook then ask them if they deleted their account. They will say they got rid of it but what they really mean is they deleted the app from their phone but they never deleted their account.
  2. Shorty88jr

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    I want a folding phone it's a tablet and phone all in one in a format that fits in your pocket.
  3. WinRAR that's still around? Haven't used it in forever 7zip is the way to go.
  4. Shorty88jr

    Blockchain: Pirate Killer ?

    Haha is this a joke this has got to be a joke right? I mean come on do they even understand how technology works and what a screen recorder is? Also it wouldn't make it any easier to identify copyrighted stuff taken from the stream why because disk still exists people can buy those and rip those therefore you can't explicitly prove its from the block chain stream. Goodness what moron thought this would do anything except make it harder for people to watch stuff no thanks to DRM crap like this. Everyone knows to get rid of pirating all you need to do is make a service with everything on it and downloadable for offline viewing at a reasonable price without ads.
  5. Shorty88jr

    NSA makes powerful tool open-source

    This should be good Im already imagining the insane amount of lawsuits that companies will get into over people using this. On the other hand drm can now go die in a hole because it won't matter pirates will just reverse engineer the game and take out the drm. Also couldn't this really hurt our copy right laws with regards to allowing reverse engineering basically going away completely soon?
  6. Ok I wouldn't mind carrying around a phone this big if they made the battery slightly smaller 12,000 mAh is plenty and then add full size 1/4 headphone jack and a DAC. Seriously because stacking my DAP and phone together is roughly the same size and a battery that last days would be awesome. Am I crazy maybe I love big batteries and audio too much lol.
  7. Shorty88jr

    Samsung Foldable phone leaked

    If that's actually how polished it will be I may legitimately be willing to pay almost 2k for it. For what you get now phones are overpriced but for a folding phone it would be worth it since it's essentially a tablet and phone all in one.
  8. Can Apple please just pull Facebook from the app store since they keep violating their terms. That would be seriously great Facebook needs to not exist anymore.
  9. You may be on to something!
  10. Seriously people's privacy is only worth $20 a month! Is this a joke or do people really not care about their security and privacy. 2+ years of this that's absolutely insane. Only Facebook can in the same sentence say "There are no known risk associated with the project" and "The inherent nature of this project involves tracking of person information via your child's use of apps". The icing on the cake, targeting minors with this crap. Can Facebook get any worse and people any less caring about their personal info? Seriously selling out kids info for $20! Source: https://www.engadget.com/2019/01/29/facebook-project-atlas/
  11. Don't give the Epic Store a dime of your money. We cannot have PC game sales fragmented by exclusivity on a million different launchers like the way video streaming is going. If we don't stop this now the next steps could end up being exclusive games that only run on Nvidia or AMD cards depending on who pays more for the rights. Seriously I hate that their is orgin and epic and all these other studio stores. All it does it make it a pain to get games in one spot with one program.
  12. This is why I use encrypted DNS through cloudflare along with setting my pfSense system to route any changes to the DNS servers back to my pfSense system and get changed back to the correct ones. This means even if somehow I had malware on my system that changes my DNS servers it will route that ip address I'm trying to get to into my pfSense box and then run that ip address through the DNS server on my pfSense server allowing me to get where I wanted to without DNS hijacking.
  13. Orwell couldn't have written the prequel any better himself. Also you people do realize the government has always had it's hands in the digital cookie jar since the internet was made. Not saying it's good, doesn't need to be stopped, or that there shouldn't be a lot more privacy focused laws put in place before we go full on 1984 however it's not surprising.
  14. Shorty88jr

    773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach

    Just a friendly reminder this is why you use two factor authentication on everything. Also try not to have app or sms based ones those are compromised. Only use USB keys if you can otherwise then use app based then last resort use sms (sms is better than nothing at all but still crappy).
  15. This is why if you want to stay safe you need to be using the newest 2fa technologies all the time now. First it was switching from sms to an app now its from an app to a physical key. I have a USB key for everything and it's safe from about everything outside of getting stolen. Just don't forget to have a backup in case you loose it so you can recover your accounts and then lock them down again.