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  1. So me an my Girlfriend both bought deadspace 3 game codes from newegg, i got a standard edition code which starts right up with no issues. her code was for the limited edition and keeps getting the error above on launch. the Ea folder through AppData with the dead space txt file were missing for her so we copied mine over to hers. we tried manually changing resolution and launching in windowed mode as we found suggested online but nothing helped. Cpu-AMD a8-7600, gpu-rx460 4gb, 16gb ram thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Will it server?

    I can get the ram used for $50
  3. Will it server?

    It would probably only have at most 10 active people at any one time and it would most likely be one game or the other being hosted at a time. I've looked into lga 1366 but It's out of budget. I would just host off my gaming rig but I have terrible upload speed so the server would have to be set up at a buddies place.
  4. Will it server?

    So I'm tinkering with the idea of building a cheapish little computer to act as a server for my gaming community using parts I have laying around. It will be mostly used for 7 days 2 die and minecraft. Parts wise it's older stuff, generic oem mobo, 450w psu, phenom ii x4 @3.2ghz, 32gb ddr2, 500gb WD 7200rpm hhd. How well would this work and for how many ppl?, the only thing I dnt have is the ram and I wanted to get opinions before I purchase it. Thanks for you time -wardance Forgot gpu HD 4650 1gb
  5. So I bought a Mouse/Keyboard combo deal from Newegg last year. Foxnovo DeLUX Professional USB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard +Gaming Mouse 1000-8000dpi When I hooked up the Keyboard to the PC, got the drivers. and tested it I learn NONE of the keybindings were right, I checked in my pc settings to insure configuration was set to the proper region, it was. tested on 3 other computers, same results. I then contacted Newegg to RMA it because of the faulty keyboard, no response. tried again. nothing. left a negative review of product and suddenly it was no longer listed as a purchasable item. Eventually I got frustrated with neweggs inability to respond to me and just shoved the keyboard in the closet, using the mouse and my old k350 wireless keyboard. Well now my k350 is dying (w,a,s,d keys don't always respond) and I can't afford a new keyboard at the moment. Any idea on how to get the keyboard to work, other then going in and assigning each and every key individually? upon further looking on newegg they do have the keyboard still for sale. just not the combo https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA86X3PC7860&cm_re=foxnovo_keyboard-_-9SIA86X3PC7860-_-Product

    You realize shotguns, especially loaded with slugs have good range and accuracy, even buck (but with dramatically increasing spread) shot has good range. The idea that shotguns should only be able to hit/kill point blank targets in video games is stupid.
  7. Player Unknown Battlegrounds

    NA but im bad
  8. Internet Woes

    I kinda figured I was boned, but I'm stuck here until I finish college. Man, never realized how much I was gonna miss Hargray internet. I thought their customer service was shoddy but at least I had good speeds. Thanks for the help and your time guys. I'll contact people via the forums you linked but I'm not going to hold my breath at this point.
  9. Internet Woes

  10. Internet Woes

    it was changed from admin/admin none of the communal usernames/passwords are working so ill have to wait for roommates to get back to me with what they put it as.
  11. Internet Woes

    Not really sure what all that is, but it says "ACTIONTEC Model: F2250" on it's side if that helps.
  12. Internet Woes

    We have several times ,afterward miraculously for like 2 days we'll get like 10Mbps down and 1Mbps up. After that it goes back to junk internet, a lot of times the internet goes completely down between 2-3am.
  13. Internet Woes

    I have my computer hooked up via an Ethernet cable, don't even have a wireless card in this rig. Would their router throttle our speed on a hard-line?
  14. Internet Woes

    So I'm not really sure how all the magic that is the internet works, I plug in my Ethernet Cable to the back of my PC and just like that I'm able to connect to my favorite video games and be told off by a bunch of 12 year olds about all the graphic things they've done to my mother. But what I do know is Frontier sucks the underside of a bulls dangly bits with my (when its just me online) average download speed of 4Mbps (we pay for 12) and at best 0.62 Mbps upload speed. Unfortunately they are also the only wired service provider available where I live, here in the middle of soybean and corn fields for days country Michigan. The rest are "wireless" providers, so like satellites? I don't know how it works. However I've always heard that these providers were unreliable and that so much as a little sprinkling of a storm would cause your internet service to go out. Is that just a myth or an old reality that has died with advancements in technology. With 2-4 people gaming, watching youtube, doing college work, ect, the internet is constantly bogged down. Streaming to twitch/youtube hah, not even in the realm of possibilities. So would the Wireless internet services that advertise higher speeds be viable and just as stable as a lined connection? Thanks for your time, WarDance