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    WarDance got a reaction from WickedStarfish in What is this Worth?   
    Sounds good I was initially thinking $250. But I'll guess I'll start high and let them talk me down to $275 as low options
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    WarDance got a reaction from Bananasplit_00 in Swapping GPU coolers   
    there's barely any clearance left between the gpu and psu, (maybe an inch) the fan in the gpu faces up and blows right into the top mounted psu... a case as been on the to-do list for awhile. I think i might have an old metal case from the early 2000s, might have to pull it out of storage
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    WarDance got a reaction from cj09beira in Swapping GPU coolers   
    I eyeballed it last night and it looked the same, it was also 3am so i'll have to double check tonight after classes/work
  4. Funny
    WarDance got a reaction from Brody.schaffer95 in Player Unknown Battlegrounds   
    NA but im bad
  5. Agree
    WarDance got a reaction from Frankenburger in PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS any good?   
    You realize shotguns, especially loaded with slugs have good range and accuracy, even buck (but with dramatically increasing spread) shot has good range. The idea that shotguns should only be able to hit/kill point blank targets in video games is stupid.