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  1. Friend has https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-16gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820231884?Item=N82E16820231884 and wants to up their memory but I can only find this exact one used for more then it cost new, Newegg has https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-32gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820231965?Description=DDR4 2133 &cm_re=DDR4_2133 -_-20-231-965-_-Product&quicklink=true but its -36 not -35 and i know you generally want timing and everything to match up...If it was my money i would just get it cause im fairly certain it will work, but since its not my money i just want to verify its compatibility
  2. I thrive off used, (poor college kid)...I'll take a look into that thanks
  3. Budget (including currency): flexible but cheaper the better. Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: heavily modded: 7 days to die, minecraft, ARK, listed in order of importance but mostly care about 7 Days to Die... Other details I have super s*** internet so it would be set up at my cousin's trailer which is why I am going for a budget options since their trailer is literally a giant f****** s*** hole full of cat piss and s*** all over the place because they don't know how to f****** live like decent human beings. I pretty much have everything exc
  4. Unfortunately it is the 8700 and not the k, but I figured I could sell my PC with the 980 to my cousin cuz I have a 1080 to go in to new pc give the 1070 to my girlfriend and take her 1060 and sell that 1060 to another friend and then sell the 8700 and that should cover for the K model at pretty much no additional cost I'm hoping if I play it right I can break evenish... only thing that kind of annoys me is the motherboard only has two slots for memory
  5. Stopping by to praise the all mighty jar Lord pickles... * drinks from a chalice of holy pickle juice and tossed dill over shoulder*

    1. Pickles von Brine

      Pickles von Brine

      Most amazing thing said ever XD

  6. He is going to transfer his drives over and I'm going to add my drives to the new one... and yeah to answer @Pickles - Lord of the Jar question, no hes a douche that's why I'm not telling him my work is selling a display model with i7 8th gen - gtx1070 -16gb ram with hdd and ssd... for under $450... only thing it needs is an OS people tried playing fortnite on it so we wiped the drive... it was on sales floor for like a month and has been locked in storage for like 6months so it's still fairly newish
  7. Case: DEEPCOOL MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB ATX Mid-Tower Case Full-size Tempered Glass Motherboard SYNC Control ADD-RGB Lighting System Cooling Cooler Master V8 GTS - High Performance CPU Cooler with Horizontal Vapor Chamber and 8 Heatpipes
  8. I'm getting a new computer built soon and was going to sell my old pc to my cousin, so just want to get an idea of what you think is a fair price for the PC. Thanks. CPU i7-4790k Motherboard ASUS Z97 PRO GAMER RAM 32gb G.Skill GPU GTX 980 PSU CORSAIR RMx Series RM850X 850W 80 PLUS GOLD
  9. Is it possible to boot Linux off of phone SD card, using a USB C to HDMI adapter for your output display and Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for input?
  10. One of the members of our gaming community who is nearing 60 is finding it more difficult to utilize her voice button while still being an effective in her skill use in the MMORPGs that we play, she feels a foot pedal would be easier for her to use but we're not really sure what would be a good price to performance one to get. It would solely be keybind to push to talk. thank you in advance for any help and feedback
  11. I also have a spare RX 460 4gb I'm not sure it would be better to switch out the 950 or not
  12. Sounds good I was initially thinking $250. But I'll guess I'll start high and let them talk me down to $275 as low options
  13. I do not at the moment as I am at work, it's an optiplex 9010 with some of the parts switched out, Im actually waiting for 4 gigs of RAM to arrive to update it because originally I only used it with 4gb. Based on the price of parts I saw on eBay as well as Craigslist I was thinking probably $200 to $300... But I also know that those prices can seem inflated at times. I was also considering modify the case slightly cut open a window on the side panel and use plexiglass and add a little bit of RGB since that seems to be what all the kids are into these days. For the ram I made sure to find a ma
  14. I live in the states, Michigan to be precise.
  15. I'm not really sure what fair pricing would be and I was hoping you guys could help me out. I7 3770 PNY GTX 950 8 GB Kingston DDR3 1333 Raidmax 630 watt power supply 1tb Hitachi HDD 7200rpm Currently has Windows 7 ultimate but will try to upgrade to Windows 10 since they're killing 7 support
  16. Recently in one of my classes we had to work on Linux specifically Linux mint. Never having use this platform before I was curious and decided to go buy a cheap hard drive and a $40 craptop from Goodwill so I can use it to familiarize myself. The way it is set up was very comfortable and I was able to find most things with ease however I haven't really done much more than use it for homework because it's smaller and easier to transport than my normal laptop. I also used it to stream steam from my main PC to a projector in the bedroom to play Skyrim. What are some interesting programs or uses
  17. Unfortunately atm I'm a full time college student with a trash part time job. (Last paycheck was under $200 cause they cutting hours of pretty much everyone working there whose also in school, next week I literally only have one 4.5 hours shift scheduled) Being that this person is just an aquintance and not a close friend or family (her mom's place is were I go to get my hair cut) bare bones is going to have to suffice for the moment.
  18. ASUS B85M-E Is gonna be used instead because of the case has usb3 and the Mobo I had didn't. Also for shits and giggles I got anthem to run very poorly with an i3-550 so I think the i3 in this build should(I hope) be fine
  19. *heading to college atm will reply to questions as soon as possible*
  20. the ddr3 i believe is 1333 or 1600mhz, I dnt have it yet, i sent a buddy of mine a 16gb upgrade and he's sending me his old 8gb, he is on the west coast and im on the east coast so it will take a few days to get here. the mobo is *goes to dig it out* Lenovo CIB85M.... and looking at it i see sli isnt a possibility
  21. While not trying to sound selfish, probably going to have to pass up the SSD just because budgets tight being a full time student who only gets about 12-20hrs hour work part-time a week at the shit hole known has walmart. I might be able to get a 10,000rpm HDD off my brother though
  22. Yeah i kinda figured the cpu was the low point, but even so 30+ frames is nice.
  23. Yeah a 720p system in 2019 you read that right. Long story short I'm trying for as little $ as possible build a system for an acquaintance who I've recently learned has been trying to play games on a dying laptop with a 4th gen i3 and no dedicated gpu. Having a closet full of incomplete systems I can mostly piece something together already. basically what I have is for out of pocket cost of bout $110 is i3-4170/ GTX 950 (friend of mine upgraded recently to so he might give me back the 950 i gave him allowing sli) or RX 460/ 8gb ddr3/ 500gb HDD/ 450w psu /some generic case with mobo (lenovo i t
  24. Is it safe to use bubble wrap inside a computer for shipping, I've seen other post that said just remove the cooler/GPU and have the person receiving the computer reinstall them. Considering it took 3 hours on the phone with them just for them to test each stick of RAM in their dying computer (which I'm certain they reinstalled wrong cause I could hear the beep codes) having them reinstall those parts is out of the question. Thanks in advance for your time.