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  1. Correct me if i'm wrong, but LTT does not upload to Spotify. I think its a community member who extracts the audio. I'll try to find who that was. Hence why its always late. Edit: Seems like it changed in 2018? As posted by CPotter here: So no idea why then
  2. Its heavily advertised as to be used in combination with an Unifi ecosystem (to be specific Unifi Protect). They make that very clear. This video however does not and compares it with the RING and sorts, which it shouldnt, since you need some more equiptment to make full use of it. At that price point i would recommend the Anker eufy doorbell with mini "server" for local storage (219 Dollars)
  3. https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/argb-led-controller/ The one you linked will also control the Fans themselves and will only accept an aRGB connection, which your MB does not have.
  4. This is for an aRGB connection (addressable leds) those are 5V and cannot be connected to the 12V RGB connector. Plugging those into the motherboard will fry them. You will need a aRGB controller for that. For example the Coolermaster one will drive the aRGB's on that fan and will accept your motherboard's RGB so you can controll it via the motherboard software.
  5. God i feel old now I'm way older then that lamp. Does the lamp have a normal bulb or a LED/Fluorescent?
  6. Its the inrush current thats tripping the breaker. As you noticed it never happens when everything is already on. Switching power supplies have a tendency to have a peak when they are switched on from cold. So its prob the combination of PC, Speakers, monitor that does it. You can do 2 things: Reduce the amount of appliances that you switch on cold. Or let an electrician install a different kind of breaker. Not so much a higer rated one, but one designed to deal with inrush currents. (Ofc apply all the standards that apply to your area before doing so)
  7. Is it me or are the asking for help posts getting worse and worse? Little to no info and not even basic trouble shooting by the OP in many posts

    1. Br3tt96


      Been like that this whole time man. I think you just start getting more annoyed, so you notice it more and more

    2. Dujith


      Yeah.. could be 


  8. Ah, I didnt look up the board. So thats my bad. As for the OP: Did you try both stick 1 by 1 in each slot? So stick A in slot 1, then in slot 2, repeat for stick B
  9. Did you install the DIMM's in the correct slots? 1 and 3 or 2 and 4?
  10. Get a Point to Point set like the TP-Link CPE210. Just make sure they can see eachother. Depending on what bandwith you want you might need to pick a a better one. Also as a side note to cables outside. You will want a UV and moisture proof cable. Normal cat 5/6/7 cables are not suitable for outside and will slowly degrade till they fail. Plus they cannot handle the tension of a 5m gap. You will at least need to run steel cable for the cat cable to be tie wrapped to.
  11. Single sided it seems. Tho not 100% certain
  12. You will need to remove whatever puts you above the 500GB from your HDD to be able to clone your drive. Cloning can reduce the partition size but only if it has the room todo so. You will need to make sure the room is there by hand.
  13. Gonna take a guess and say you have an AMD? You should ryzen master then as other software can report wrong temps/clocks
  14. In the Disk Management, what does it show up as? Pref a screenshot.
  15. Everything spinning does not mean its okay. That just means your PSU works and it passes the most basic startup checks. You should check your RAM and CPU if its seated correctly. Might have shifted when u switched GPU's. But first, reset the BIOS. Thats always the first step with no image on screen imo.
  16. From what i can decipher: H81M-C from Asus? Since HB1-MC does not seem to exist? You will need to connect a DVI or VGA to the motherboard to see if its switched to the IGPU. There will be a setting in the BIOS for that. If you cannot do that i suggest you reset the bios to default (Either by removing the battery and unplugging the PC, or shorting the reset bios pins) It should the detect your 1050
  17. Maybe a software solution like synergy?
  18. https://www.xda-developers.com/ Thats the best answer since we dont have any other info. If your device is listed there and has a newer Android firmware for it, you can at least get it more up to date. Another OS? nope Edit: Also its "My Android Tablet sucks", not all android tablets suck..... okay... alot do
  19. I never heard that as a reason. I know accidents can happen, but not every month. More like 1 time in a year? (Based on anecdotal evidence on living with 3 woman)
  20. It can have some utility, but mainly for looks. It updates to slow to have actual usage Depending on my mood it has either just the temp/clock or a custom logo/color.
  21. Then you'll need to use aRGB. Both the Lian and Thermaltake support that. So does the Coolermaster I ended up with the GIGABYTE AORUS LIQUID COOLER 240, just cuz i liked the screen.
  22. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” -Inigo Montoya DMZ is Demilitarized zone, a network segment between the external network and internal network and completely open. This is usually not available on a consumer router. What u mean is a DMZ-Host, That would be a host that receives all the open ports besides the ones being forwarded to a specific host