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  1. So the title is a little vague but when I try and call or get in a vc with my friend it doesn't show me he's talking and I can't hear him and he can't hear me and it doesn't show I'm talking to him, anyone have any ideas?
  2. I don't have any ad blockers and how would enable javascript?
  3. I created a Thingiverse account and when I sign into my account it's stuck on the loading screen, and whenever I try and look something up it says there is no results, anyone having similar problems?
  4. I know I have been informed of your network of agents
  5. that does make sense considering Eschew was the one to message me
  6. no I was wondering if anyone knew of any good third party replacement ear cups
  7. yeah, it would that's why I want a deeper and plusher ear pads.
  8. I got a pair of 7506's and I find the ear cups to not be deep enough, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a 3rd party pair of ear cups?
  9. I've tried them on and I like this pair of headphones so I think I'll just get them