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  1. Pc is under the table. Specs: 24 gigs of 3200mhz ram, 3200g, 512gig nvme ssd, Corsair 275r airflow, a gigabyte 550w psu, and a msi B450-A pro max. (the reasoning behind the large quantity of ram is that I had 8gigs then someone gave me 16 gigs for Christmas (and yes I run on an apu)
  2. https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Tools/Pro-Tech-Toolkit/IF145-307 this is good
  3. ok I think that's the wrong recording, whenever I set the core and memory clock I want and hit apply it puts it back down to stock clock.
  4. I have reinstalled around 3 times and it's still doing the same thing.
  5. it's still doing it I have the same settings, here's what I'm doing. 503457256_2021-04-3008-20-00.mov
  6. I haven't tried to reinstall but I think I will if this doesn't work. Update: it didn't work.
  7. idk if this is what it's meant to do but when I click apply it deletes the clocks, like changes them back to the stock clocks.
  8. Am I doing something wrong here? 2021-04-30 08-23-25.mov
  9. when I hit apply it just deletes the settings I have selected, and doesn't signal me to click on any profile, but when I click on the save button but it just tells me to click on a profile but when I look at the profiles it is just the stock clock.
  10. im unsure where that would be on my screen, but I'll look.
  11. So I'm trying to save some settings in afterburners. I change the core clock and memory clock then hit the floppy disc then click on of the numbers, but when I click on the number that I selected after the blue bar under number stopped blinking it goes back to the base settings I'm unsure if I'm saving these settings correctly. Anyone got any advise? This is my interface