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  1. 6 x 500GB SSDs in RAID 5, about 2.3GB of usable space. I’ve filled about 1/3rd of it with games and photos, but my Library isn’t extensive.
  2. This is like going buying stale bread at 5% off the sticker price and asking which loaf has less mould on the top. You really should consider other options. Samsung makes excellent drives and they generally aren’t very expensive.
  3. Well that’s what he meant by it being cumbersome and silly to not leave yourself room for expansion. You may not need a NAS that can slot that many drives now, but it could come in handy down the road. It’s better to spend a little extra now than a whole bunch later. Yes/no/maybe. Honestly that depends on a lot of factors. Frankly this thread is a bit cumbersome, so I am just going to go through my speal to try and answer all the questions you asked as best as possible. I don’t remember you explicitly stating that your External Hard Drive(s) were 10TB, but you used that figure in y
  4. You think multiple 10+TB drives are expensive? Building 3 or 4 separate systems to achieve the same storage capacity you could get using one system with larger drives is even more expensive. In my opinion, using the NAS and the External Hard Drive is sufficient “backup,” so long as they are kept in separate locations (different buildings at a minimum, preferably different towns), and you update the External Hard Drive with some regularity.
  5. Why the Hell isn’t this a pinned post in the Servers & NAS subforum? Thanks for the walk through. So with zfs, I could run the six SSDs in a RAIDZ2 array, and the two HDDs in a striped array? I’m using the Intel RAID controller on the PC, not the NAS. I have to admit, I’m pretty happy with how straightforward it was to setup. I do have a concern about what you said regarding additional ports. The mobo I’m using is an MSI Z87M-G43. It only has 6 SATA ports, which will be used for the SSDs. I ordered an IO Crest 4 Port non-raid PCIe card to plug the two HDDs into.
  6. They could also be utilized as a remote/disconnected backup outside the NAS.
  7. I haven’t settled on which software controller I will use for the NAS. I only mentioned RAIDZ2 because ZFS is one of the options, and the NAS will have 6 SSDs in the OS/Storage Array. When I was setting up RAID on my desktop, many members advised me to consider a software controller rather than the Intel controller. I went with the Intel controller for my PC anyway; but, I want to try a software controller for the NAS if only to develop my knowledge base. If a software controller will allow me to run both the SSD array AND the separate Surveillance Storage Array (lookin
  8. Yea. I don’t even know what those things cost. Seems pretty high end for a couple meth heads looking for something to take to the chop shop. The NAS was originally intended as backup storage. RAIDZ2 was what I was going to be putting into it for that purpose. I did some research into drives last night. Not sure to go with WD Purples or Seagate’s Surveillance, but for the use case HDDs seem to be the clear way to go. If I do integrate it into the NAS, I’ll make it a separate partition used only for video recording. But this leads into my new/next questions. T
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I suppose I should have said this in the OP, Wifi won’t do. Local thieves are beginning to use jamming devices that disrupt wifi signals.
  10. Looking to set up a home security system. I would like to go with exterior PoE cameras that I can integrate into my current network, storing the video data on my NAS. I’m looking for recommendations for Cameras, software, and any special consideration towards storage. I don’t need the Cameras to be anything more than 1080p, but night vision is a must, and they must be able to operate in all weather conditions, including down to -40c ambient. As to recommend programs, I really have no clue where to start. For storage, my original intent for the NA
  11. Would you consider posting a review of the 34” G5 after you get it and have used it for a bit? I’m looking for a 144hz UWQHD monitor with a 1000r curve, and it looks like it’s the only one currently available that meets that spec.
  12. Hi all. I’m looking to upgrade my monitor. As the title states, I’m looking for a 30-35” display with a 3440 x 1440 resolution, 144+hz, and a 1000r or 1200r curve. I don’t really want to go wider than the 21:9 ratio, so monitors like the Oddessy G9 are out. My current display is a lowly 24” 1080p with a 1500r curve. Originally MSI was supposed to be releasing one like that, the MAG342CQR; but, they altered the design and gave it a 1500r curve instead for the released product. So, I was wondering else is out there from other brands, what you guys would recommend I check out, what I
  13. Literally just started looking into how to do this yesterday. Great timing. Thanks!
  14. I have a general question for the author. The Node 804 seems incredibly popular for NAS. Why did you select this option over others like the Core V21?
  15. Not a damn thing is wrong with that board, if you're willing to pay for it. I wouldn't spend that much on NAS hardware, but at the end of the day, it's not my purchase.