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  1. Vintage hardware series. Basically source some really ancient hardware (15+ years old) and see how far can you take it. For example, how far is it possible to take a 486? Can it run basic stuff on Windows XP? Or at least Windows 98? The original Pentium? Athlon 64? AMD K6? Could do something similar with GPUs too. What's the most recent GeForce 8800 GTX can run? Just an idea to think about.
  2. I bet AnandTech will have a detailed description of them in their RTX review.
  3. I know this is controversial but I don't think Nvidia's profit margins are as big as people here, while obviously a part of the price increase is because they can, people need to remember two things: 1. DRAM prices have been going crazy. 2. The die is huge, 750 square mm die can't be easy to produce and it's reflected in the price. Hopefully with 7nm the die will be smaller and the price will get somewhat more normal.
  4. 40 PCI Lanes and native TB3 support intrigue me to say the least.
  5. Isn't TR2 getting launched in like 2 months? I'll be shocked if we see any 7nm Ryzens before Q2 2019.
  6. Nice profile picture. I approve :D

    1. OriAr


      I know, beautiful pic isn't it? B|

    2. PCGuy_5960
  7. Holy shit Do I need this? Probably not. Do I want this? HELL YEAH
  8. But any IPC gains should come with ICL, the 8750K seems to be CNL...
  9. The 8750K should have lower power consumption if this picture is to go by.
  10. The 7800X. Pretty sure other hexa cores could do it too.
  11. It's the consumer platform, definitely gonna be in the $350-$400 range. And probably towards the lower end.
  12. We are probably seeing another HW to SKL like improvement, so I expect something around 10% better in IPC.
  13. For the god knows how many time, the problems with KBL were due the gap between the die and IHS, which was fixed in SKL-X. It might not as good as soldered, but it should easily be capable of remaining cool even under a decent OC.