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    Inside my computer
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    All kind's of things....
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    Ex-console gamer, now a citizen of Gabenville.
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    16GB corsair vengence 2133mhz GDDR3
  • GPU
    EVGA gtx 780 SC
  • Case
  • Storage
    2TB toshiba HDD and a corsair neutron 128gb ssd
  • PSU
    AZZA titan 1000w
  • Display(s)
    NZXT digital display
  • Cooling
    Cooler master hyper 212 evo
  • Keyboard
    Corsair k70 RGB
  • Mouse
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    realtekHD audio
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  1. I avoided buying it when I noticed first the absurd pricing of the season pass, then no review codes for PC version up until the games release day. I don't mind waiting a few months for the proper fixed release as like most steam users I got a back log of titles I still need to beat.
  2. Erebus305

    GPU lifespan. Fan speed or high temperature.

    Ask yourself whats more important? The price of a gpu fan which is easily replacable or the actual gpu? My blower 780 is set to. 80% @ 60c, sometimes max, It has endured max overvoltage, overclocks, useless mining running maxed for hours, benchmarks, furmarks, gaming, etc. Still running like NIB probably due to my aggressive fan curve. Card rarely sees 70c. And never throttles. Fuck those fans bruh. Keep her cool.
  3. Erebus305

    My GPU was getting a bit too hot and lound...

    Nvm, Ahh I see may need to take a trip to my local hardware you are inspiring OP hehe.
  4. Erebus305

    My GPU was getting a bit too hot and lound...

    Exactly how did you mount the aio on the gpu? I have a huge "triple" aio I may(would like) try to mount on my 780.
  5. Erebus305

    Datamancer Keyboard

    Cant I just buy the keys and stick em on my k70 since they are cherry mx switches rather pay 750? ??
  6. Erebus305


    http://gfycat.com/FavoriteEmbellishedAmethystinepython That is all.
  7. Erebus305

    10 Steam games Christmas giveaway [CLOSED]

    Happy holidays everyone!
  8. Erebus305

    PCMasterRace is Ignorant

    Have you not see how console fanboys shred and insult each other online? Worse then pc gamers screaming "PCmasterrace".
  9. Erebus305

    What was the first video game you ever played?

    I started at the bottom, first time I ever pick up a controller and played a game was Atari 2600 E.T.
  10. I don't want to assume, But I couldn't help but notice her left arm on her recent youtube vid (posted on 12/4) looks she has cuts and could be possibly cutting herself. She could have also some mental health issues.
  11. Erebus305

    Serious Virus/Malware removal?

    Next time use a condom.
  12. Honestly I played the driveclub demo at bestbuy and even in native 1080p the game looked like dogpoop, bland and pixelated compare to like grid 2 on PC. After seeing that im perfectly convinced native 1080p on ps4/xbone is irrelevant and really proved to me how far back they really are. A revamped and slightly upgraded xbox one wont save the console. Getting them to hit 60fps is a even bigger challenge no revamped console can hit.
  13. Erebus305

    "What key switch should I get?" - Look here!

    I got them for both typing and gaming. I wanted balance and remember linus mention on one of his vids he favored browns for that reason. I like how the feel typing. Im a newbie when it comes to mouse and key gaming and just changed my setup so hopefully soon I will start playing with this keyboard for bf4. (Yes I play bf4 on a controller eewww I know lol)
  14. Erebus305

    CoolerMaster QuickFire or Corsair K70

    Just got the k70 rgb/brown switches. I chose corsair because supposedly the leds don't die (due to electro static discharge) like the other brands due to the leds being encased and not directly on the pcb. The build quality feels heavy duty no cheap plastic. Best buy had a variety of keyboards demoed including the k70 rgb after playing around with a bunch including razors new rgb I chose the corsair. Play with them both you will see (feel) why. *no I don't work for corsair nor am I a corsair fanboy*