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  1. if it was encrypted using the windows encryption system and you never backed up the relevant keys it's lost unless you have a backup of your old hard drive somewhere.
  2. Having different upload and download speeds is normal, usually. But your wifi speeds are very bad compared to your cable speeds. get a better wifi access point, or a better wifi receiver.
  3. Nice recommendations, While watching this video i was thinking "im sure there are backpacks this good but without the razer branding fee but i have no idea where to find them". This is where, i guess, thanks.
  4. Leave it to the internet to make an argument for an open standard being anti consumer.
  5. the youtube team revamping anything only means its going to get worse.
  6. Username: Mattk50 links: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  7. Ugh. I signed up for vessel already so now i cant get a free year (i didnt sub or anything, just made an account). Gee way to punish early adopters.
  8. extremely. what i did not forsee is someone getting their knickers twisted over being (apparently correctly) evaluated as a console peasant. i'll 1v1 you on xbox call of duty noscopes only and win
  9. Don't use skype. It's quickly become a bloated broken PoS since microsoft purchased it.
  10. ​ ​lol ​ ​No, you cant "thrust" them (i assume you mean trust). Over and over again it's been shown these people abuse their positions, stealing items and personal info as well. There is NO excuse for anyone, let alone a customs agent or even a police officer forcing you to give them your password which may be used for multiple devices and gives them access to your personal communications, scheduline, contacts, history, etc. they have no right to have. It's insanity to just willingly give up your privacy to a stranger without even a warrant or ongoing investigation or anything. And yo
  11. vlc is buggy and crappy as hell. But it plays everything and does everything to a certain standard and thats what makes it for most people, including myself. At some point you get tired of messing about with video codecs and players and command line applications and just want to watch shit, so you install vlc after the reformat and forgot whatever hackeneyed setup you had working before.
  12. how do you have versions without version numbers. Do they name them after species of dog or something?
  13. Raspberry pi, the assholes who use a blacklist thats based on who you follow on twitter. There are alternatives that dont do this.
  14. Im looking for a 24 inch 144hz 1080p freesync compatible monitor around $300 for a friend, does anyone have any ideas? Does this even exist at this pricepoint?