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  1. I would recommend spending a bit more and get a better board. I had that same Gigabyte motherboard with my 2600X and it only lasted a few months. I might have been unlucky but overall the VRM's on these cheap motherboards are low quality and I wouldn't recommend it for overclocking a Ryzen 5. You should get an MSI Tomahawk or Mortar, which were overall the best bang for the buck at the time.
  2. I'm about to invest on a triple monitor setup but decided to go for 75Hz instead with hopefully the possibility to overclock the displays a little bit. My issue is 1) I don't play a lot of shooters and fast-paced games (I'm more into action and sports games) and 2) My Vega 56 would struggle to run 3 1080p monitors at 144Hz.
  3. I only see this as a major drawback when editing videos, and I think that this could be mitigated by going for the 27" monitors instead of 24" ones. What do you think?
  4. If these are the only advantages that's fine because I still end up paying half the price while getting more screen real estate. Yes that was my point but considering the price difference I was thinking there would be some major drawback/advantage.
  5. Hi guys, I want to upgrade my displays and I'm not sure if I should invest in an ultra wide monitor like this Samsung model or instead buy three of this Phillips one. So my first question is in general, what are the advantages of paying more for an ultra wide besides the absence of bezels. Then I want to know about these specific models. I'll be using them mostly for working, like 90% of the time, and then gaming on the weekends. My work does include some color-sensitive tasks and I don't care that much about super high refresh rates. I'll be fine at 75Hz. Finally my current GPU is a Vega 56, which I'm not planning on upgrading would it be able to handle such resolutions on recent single player titles? Thanks
  6. Overall I would recommend WinSCP too because it has more advanced features (like auto-uploading a file whenever it's updated or even a full SSH console). However in your particular case, i don't think the client matters all that much since you are just uploading files. As soon as it supports resuming uploads (which FileZilla does as well) you should be fine.
  7. Yes, that's doable. You will only need to move the files to the new drive, and then configure your client (Origin, Steam, etc) so that it scans the new folder and finds the game. It's pretty straightforward nowadays although it was a pain just a few years ago.
  8. That's a totally fine system for pretty much all purposes.
  9. It look pretty decent for me. You should be able rust most recent games at 1080p 60 FPS and high settings.
  10. If you want to keep that RAM, you will most likely need to buy use parts. If you want something new you will need to make the jump to DDR4, which I think would be a better investment overall. Then you can go with an i3 or a Ryzen 3 with a cheap AM4 motherboard. The advantage is that you will be able to upgrade more easily in the future than if you buy some old used parts.
  11. Well it's still an upgrade but don't expect too much from it.
  12. It definitely won't be worth the money. This CPU is almost 10 years old now. I would recommend you to get something more recent, especially if you are interested in VR. It probably wouldn't cost you that much more of what you are about to spend on this upgrade. What's your budget?
  13. Things are getting even weirder. Now after booting on Windows everything seems to be back to normal. I also tried rebooting and plugging/unplugging the cable to see if it would fuck up again but apparently it's not. I have no idea what happened or if it's a coincidence but it seems like booting on Linux "fixed" the issue. It's still even more frustrating in some way to not be able to reproduce the issue. I work remotely and I really hope it won't happen again on a Monday morning or during a meeting.
  14. As I suspected, no connection issue on Ubuntu. Everything is super smooth. Oh gosh I miss Linux. If it wasn't for my work requirements I'd definitely go back.
  15. Well, no. I unplugged so I can stay on WiFi to download Ubuntu. Now I just plugged it again and it's doing the same thing. So what happens now is when I plug the cable, it just tries over and over to establish a connection and fails. Apparently if I let it do it thing it might be able to after 20-30 minutes (possibly with no DNS). I'll boot on Ubuntu now and see what happens.
  16. Not sure what happened but it has managed to connect to the wired internet. I had a normal IP and was able to ping the router. However I couldn't open any web page. This is a big mess. I've restarted my download of Ubuntu. I'll test it out shortly.
  17. Already tried the first two, even tried another router as I said in the OP. I'll now booting a Linux distro and see what happens.
  18. Hi, My wired internet stopped working this morning. I have been gaming last night with no issue whatsoever regarding my internet. Since this morning, the PC is just unable to connect. I'm getting "Unidentified network - No internet" instead. The WiFi works fine though. The light on the router corresponding to the Ethernet port only lights up very briefly every once in a while. The ones on the PC are quite random: sometimes only the green light, sometimes both, sometimes none. The message on the screen remains the same though. I tried another router and the result is quite the same. Then I tried using an Ethernet to USB adapter and the IP I'm assigned is so it looks like a handshake issue. I did make sure that DHCP was set to automatic on the computer. I tried updating the network drivers but have been told that I already have the latest drivers. Oddly enough, these drivers are from 2015. Windows ran an update earlier this week and another one last night before my gaming session. Do oou think this is a software or a hardware issue? What else can I try to troubleshoot this issue?
  19. You shouldn't have to set those settings yourself. First make sure that there's no BIOS update released. If so, just update your BIOS, reset everything and see if it works when enabling XMP. If the issue persists, go to your motherboard manufacturer website and see if the RAM sticks you have are listed as compatible. If they're not, then you should return them in exchange for a kit that's officially supported.
  20. We will probably keep seeing more RAM and storage in the phones to come, because we can. Most flagships have up to a TB of storage and most people really don't need that much storage.
  21. I would need to have an actual experiment to confirm that. If you are buying an NVMe drive I'm not sure if a game can easily saturate the bandwidth and for how long it would do it. I don't think that the performance would be particularly better with two separate drives. However it's not a bad idea to have two separate drives so you don't lose all your files if one of them dies.
  22. I think most people don't need more than 4GB of RAM these days. I currently have 8GB on my phone but I only use for basic things like emails, messaging apps, social media, and YouTube. That's what most people do and while 8GB of RAM doesn't make things worse, 4GB would have been just fine. Now it might come in handy if you are a heavy gamer and also use relatively demanding apps like the Adobe ones. I also think that it's that the marketing aspect plays a big role because if you are spending $1000+ on a phone, it makes sense to not give you as much RAM as a $300 alternative, especially considering that the extra RAM doesn't add that much to the manufacturing costs.