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  1. That's where it was before but then it felt a little cramped in. I'll consider this though. I wanted the result to look a bit like this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGctX4IHs-u/?igshid=9nb6ko8raqih
  2. I probably suck at taking pictures but it's actually super stable with a quite a lot of space around it. I did consider some velcro but I think I'll be better off with some kind of cable sleeves but I'm not sure what to go for.
  3. So I've decided to clean the clutter on my office so I've moved a lot of the stuff that was laying on the actual office to this shelf right next to it. However as you can see, there are still suite a lot of cables that I'm not sure how to handle and I'm opened to suggestions. There's the DP cable. It's the most obnoxious one but it's relatively short and I'm not sure if I should get a longer one, and if I do, how to hide it. Then there's the network situation that's a little tricky: the main cable is connected to a router, and then there's a second cable from the router to the PC. Unfortunately there's no way to route both cables through the back of the cabinet and I'd rather not have to drill a hole. Finally a few random cables like my phone charger and a USB hub on the desk. I'm going to buy next a monitor arm to free up some space. Then I'm considering adding a bit more RGB inside the case and maybe on my next keyboard. I want to buy one of these for my headphones when they are on sale. I have more room on the table now so I can add more stuff. I also need better speakers but I like using Bluetooth ones so I'll get a higher end set.
  4. I would say wait a few weeks since AMD is announcing their new GPUs next Wednesday. However I wouldn't ask someone who mentions a budget to save until they have 80% more of the said budget.
  5. The only thing I hate about Assassin's Creed is its editor and their PC client and customer support. They are all terrible. The games themselves are pretty good but you might encounter a flew glitches here and there and a terrible AI, especially in the ones released in the PS3 era.
  6. Assassin's Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations are actually the same story. Revelations talks a lot about the original Assassin's Creed game with some missions with the original character. It actually "reveals" some parts of his story and his death.
  7. It's pretty close to stock Android with some OnePlus customization so overall it was very clean and aimed towards performance, which contrasted with all major brands out there. Luckily Samsung is now doing better in this regard.
  8. Am I the only one being shocked by the budget? That's not even enough to produce two episodes of Games of Throne.
  9. I mostly agree. They are basically another flagship maker with less appeal than their big competitors to the general audience. However this strategy kinda worked because it's what allows them now to enter the US/EU markets and have people actually buy their devices. This and their software gave them a name. But of course there's definitely no more OnePlus hype.
  10. OnePlus' business plan was to basically lose money or generate as little as possible for a few years to be able to recover later, so he was aware of this since the very beginning. From what I've read, they just wouldn't be able to survive as a company over the years by making so little margins.
  11. What exactly do you want to learn? W3Schools offers web-oriented classes/documentation. For more in-depth web classes, you might want to check this channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DesignCourse If you have no clear idea what to study, then OpenClassrooms is a good starting point as many of their classes are free.
  12. These would be competing about the new OnePlus buds announced yesterday. It's good to see prices dropping and I'm curious to see what you get at that price.
  13. That's nothing new. They knew from the beginning that the Switch can't support advanced graphics and they won't bother making Switch-only features since most FIFA players don't play on the Switch. So they just recycle FIFA 16-17 every year the same way they did on the Wii and the PSP. On the other hand, the regular versions on PC and consoles don't get huge improvements either other than gameplay tweaks (new skill moves and other adjustments). All the emphasis is on the Ultimate Team game mode, which is what people spend the most money on. Actually even the next gen version should be use the same graphics engine.
  14. You're correct, it is open. I got confused when IGN anounced that they would release a multiplayer review at a later date.
  15. Yeah I get that. And as I mentioned, the fact this includes users willing to spend $650+ on their phone shows what kind of sample they had.
  16. The size depends on the topic of the survey. Considering that Android phones are used by people from all over the world and therefore many factors change from product availability, income, needs.... It is a small fraction. 2000 would be more significant f you were surveying, say a brand of cereals based in the US.
  17. As mentioned in the original article, As you can see on this graph, none of the best selling Android phones were above that price in Q1 2020
  18. It's still a relatively small fraction of Android users. There are way more Android phones below that price range than above.
  19. This, and the fact that 2,000 people were surveyed sums up everything. On top of surveying a small number of people, you are also mentioning people buying $1000+ phones, which is clearly not representative of the Android user base. Let alone the fact that it's in the US... On top of that, many major Android device manufacturers are commiting to offer at least 3 years of software support so I wouldn't really consider it an issue anymore.
  20. My bad. They should still try flashing the bios and the other steps though
  21. In theory, yes but you can't tell in advance how much you boost you will get with the overclock.
  22. Yes, you can. Buying a slow RAM will reduce the performance of the CPU, quite significantly actually depending on the CPU. The difference was quite big with my 2600X when my 3200Mhz RAM was recognized at 2133. Just make sure your RAM speeds the one that's recommended.
  23. I wouldn't touch any of these settings for now, especially if your RAM sticks are originally rated at 3200 MHz. First, make sure that you have XMP enabled in your BIOS. Then if it doesn't help, make sure you have the latest BIOS flashed on the motherboard, then make you reset the motherboard after flashing the BIOS, and enable XMP again. If none of this works, just check if the model of your RAM is officially supported by your motherboard. If it's not, just return either the RAM or the motherboard. That will solve you the trouble of going through all these manual tweaks and have a more stable system.
  24. Hence the price. You can't charge as much money if you're just adjusting the color imo. I've been using such packs in the past so it only covers the most popular apps. If one of your app isn't included it will keep its original icon until the author of the pack releases an update. So you won't necessarily have to spend more money.
  25. I understood that the online mode isn't available yet. IGN mentioned releasing a new review for the online part in March. I'm personally considering picking it up but I'll probably wait a bit to see if and how EA ruins their game as always.