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  1. The new snapchat update is absolutly trash. What compination of drugs did some take to come out with this? 

    1. Majestic


      I'm more interested in the combination of drugs to want to be on snapchat in the first place.

  2. Damaged speaker cable

    So I just took my speakers back after borrowing them and the cable is damaged: Is the a place I can buy the long metal part or would it just be easier to cut the cable and solder on a new tip? Thanks for you your answers in Advance.
  3. OnePlus 5T (A week later)

    I find the finger print sensor very comfortable in the 5T, face recognition is fantastic too, it's very fast and accurate even in low light situations.
  4. Beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 32 ohm good for gaming?

    I have the 80Ohms version and I use it when playing PUBG and CSGO solo, I've noticed that foot steps are easier to hear however you can not tell where they are coming from most of the time. Left and right is fine but it's nowhere near as good as really gaming headset.
  5. From my experience, as long as you don't damage the sticker and screws that hold it together they wouldn't know.
  6. Wow after using the OnePlus 5T my S7 Edge screen looks so bad, 18:9 ratio is awesome until you have to look at 16:9 screen again.

  7. OnePlus 5T Custom Rom

    Will LineageOS remove Android Pay?
  8. OnePlus 5T Custom Rom

    I've been thinking about unlocking my OnePlus 5T and I'm looking for a good rom, any suggestions? I heard Freedom OS is good, I have no experience rooting android so excuse me if this sounds stupid.
  9. Wow, just tried downloading music in "HiFI" mode, 963kbps does make a noticeable difference over 320 but the file size is insane. 

    320kbps = 8.36MB 

    963kbps = 23.3MB

    Trying to decide if I should download all my music again...

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    2. <Aleks>


      I'll definitely try them when I get home as the internet is bad atm. I'm using DT770 Pros, it was sort of an impulsive purchase but I now understand all the hype around the Audio community. 



    3. Max_Settings


      Are you downloading uncompressed or FLAC?

    4. <Aleks>
  10. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to.
  11. Yes, it has a headphone jack.
  12. You'd be better off getting a second hand phone rather than some Chinese pos. You can get an S3 for like 30-50. Or an iPhone 5 with a broken screen for like 60, the repair would be around a ten pounds.
  13. 2018 Macbook Pro wishlist

    Full support for Linux