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    AMD FX8350 Black Edition Runnning 4.4GHz
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    Asus M5A97 R2
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    MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 8G
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    NZXT S340
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    AOC 5ms 1080p monitor.
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    Razer Tournament Edition
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    Razer Abyssus
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    Logitech Z506 | 7 Speakers
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  1. My PS4 was always connected to 2.4, I don't think that POS can connect to 5.
  2. Yes, a PC will last you a long time. I recommend looking at different sites and you'll see that it is a lot cheaper than you think, second-hand parts are a great choice too. Especially peripherals, a lot of time you'll find amazing condition monitors and keyboard being sold for less than half of RRP. GPU's and CPU's are normally 50-60 pounds cheaper.
  3. Out of those two I'd get the asus. TBH it isn't a good idea to get a gaming laptop for school.
  4. Wow, I feel bad for buying assetto corsa on G2A. But I will avoid G2A when buying from a good Dev/publisher. But the shitty ones that lie to the community and money whore their games I will buy from G2A.
  5. Ok, so it will be fine. About the Admins, i feel your pain man. Total plebs
  6. The reason Faceit gave was cheating. I wasn't cheating after so many reports an admin will watch you play, and i don't pay for faceit so the people on the free version are salty and report me.
  7. Read the whole post you took that out of context.
  8. Whatever you say.
  9. I didn't cheat, it's a ban on faceit.
  10. I did but the faceit admins are a bunch of plebs
  11. I'm banned on both of them for cheating on faceit. But i really wasn't, and comp is too easy.
  12. So it will be fine?
  13. Why?
  14. I can but i don't want too. I already have CSGO on 2 accounts so i don't want to spend another £12.