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  1. The work-in-progress algorithm probably just saw a lot of smoke. Also I've seen that 'anti-fake news' banner link to wikipedia a lot. the irony...
  2. I still have a hard time understanding the fear of no net neutrality. I didn't notice a single difference with my internet's usage from 2000 up to 2015, then from whenever it got repealed til now. No ISP that I'm aware of is bundling Google,Facebook, and Reddit into packages like reddit said they would. I do remember around 2015 my ISP started enforcing data caps, something they never did before. Maybe NN just made them more transparent because they were throttling after I hit 300GB or some bullcrap
  3. The fact it's making people so angry you can say whatever you want makes it awesome
  4. Anyone with a smartphone complaining about this is a hypocrite
  5. They hate the archive sites because they can't edit the text after the fact
  6. Eaglerino

    Youtube forced to step in.

    As usual, ending hate speech means deleting free speech
  7. Eaglerino

    Apple May Not Have 5G Phone Until 2021

    A whole ~14 million people, such a huge market for phone companies to worry about... when California alone is 40 million
  8. That list is a bit outdated, you can play offline since February. Cloud saves are supposed to be coming soon
  9. Eaglerino

    Prince Harry: Fortnite should be banned

    weird thought he might be young enough not to be one of the rickety old "video game ban now" types
  10. Yes but if we can avoid it why would we allow it
  11. Eaglerino

    Anthem "Exposed": They Done fucked up

    Apex seemed like it had the Hearthstone treatment. "yeah whatever release it but if it fails you're going under", and as a result, accidentally allowing some talent to break out of the company
  12. Eaglerino

    Anthem "Exposed": They Done fucked up

    Sorry man, when Bioware is hailed as among the best RPG creators in history then they're degraded into making games like Andromeda and Anthem, nobody has to "get over it." People have every single right to complain, call it trash (because Anthem was), and ask why it exists when you could instead play Destiny 2, which is not only already has far more content but also acts like I'm doing something when I change the graphics settings.
  13. Eaglerino

    Shadow of war not giving FPS it should

    also just make sure your resolution in game is set to your monitor's resolution (meaning if you use a 1080p monitor set your resolution in game to 1920x1080, sometimes Nvidia will raise it beyond that even if DSR is off in the control panel) but like I said before mess with the graphics settings yourself. reduce Anti-Aliasing, turn off motion blur, turn shadows lower, turn down texture quality. There isn't really (in my experience anyway) a huge noticeable difference between Ultra and the setting below it in most games. Definitely not enough to give up 60FPS
  14. Eaglerino

    Shadow of war not giving FPS it should

    make sure Nvidia isn't doing the stupid super-resolution and keeps it at the resolution of your monitor. beyond that you'll likely just have to mess with the settings yourself until you get 60FPS. shadow of war isn't the best game ever made, they were way more interested in pay to win at the time...