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  1. I know I don't know much about this kind of stuff in comparison to you guys, but what happens when the memory interface width of a GPU is too little for a game or "workload"? Does this lead to terrible performance?
  2. Could someone give a more detailed explanation on what I asked?
  3. Is rendering model an example of such a workload? Also, is the memory interface width more important for workstation GPUs?
  4. Could you give me an example of such a workload? Also, how important is the memory interface width for gaming? From what I've seen, it's not THAT important.
  5. Could someone tell me why the memory interface width GPU is important? Also, I noticed that even though the 960 has a low bitrate in comparison to a 760, it still outperforms it. Why do some people obsess over the interface width? I'd really like to know.
  6. Yeah, but why did the shortage cause Intel to release a 22nm chipset motherboard?
  7. A lot of people are saying it's due to the shortage of coffeelake(14nm) CPUs or something. Could someone explain to me the correlation between the chipset itself and the shortage?
  8. ZeRedz

    Is there some truth to this?

    I still don't get why he said "oh that mobo is pretty small the psu'll fry it". Like who in the right mind would say that? Look, I'm not that experienced when it comes to PCs, but I just had to confirm what he said because of how unbelievable it sounded.
  9. Some dude told me that if you use a high wattage power supply with, let's say, a micro-atx or itx motherboard, the power supply'll fry the motherboard. Now, is there some truth to this or is it just some mumbo jumbo inexperienced IT guys say?
  10. ZeRedz

    About X599 and Z399.

    What about Z390? Is that the chipset for the 9th gen Intel processors?
  11. So what processors are going to use the socket that X599 motherboards are using and what processors are going to use the Z399 chipset's socket?
  12. Is it as good as memtest i.e. I can just run the diagnostic tool instead of having to put memtest on a usb and running that?
  13. Ah, thanks for the reply.
  14. This is what I mean by I closed the lock without the CPU inside the socket: https://dlcdnimgs.asus.com/websites/global/products/WljMlCHYYVrETxeq/images/mb/mb.png
  15. So I was one day doing some PC maintenance and I closed the CPU socket of the motherboard without the cover on the lock and without the CPU in the socket. Will doing this bend the pins? By black cover, I mean that thing that's on the top of the CPU lock(I think lock is the correct term?) of a brand new mobo. This is what I mean by I closed the socket without the black cover or CPU inside the socket: