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  1. Should I use LinkedIn for this or is there some other website that'll tell me which programming languages employers want their employees to be familiar with?
  2. What I mean by "market value" is the value that they have according to their demand in the job market. I really want to get back into programming and was wondering which programming languages currently have a good amount of market value. I do have some experience in programming in the sense that I learned how to code in C++ for two whole semesters.
  3. Sorry for necro'ing this thread, but does the 275R have decent thermals?
  4. I might consider the 275R if I don't get a better recommendation. Also, quick question, do all of Corsair's fans work with the commander pro or only certain ones? I'm asking because my mATX motherboard only has like only case fan header.
  5. What are some really good cases with decent airflow in that price range? Besides the Phanteks P400A, of course.
  6. So, in a way, the max tolerance is like 264 or something which is because of the 5-10% voltage tolerance? Not trying to look stupid. I'm just very ignorant when it comes to this kind of stuff.
  7. It should be fine even if the input voltage is 240+ and not exactly 240?
  8. Sure, I'll send'em an email. Also, concerning the mains voltage here, it isn't 230 exactly. It ranges from 220 to 240.
  9. Got to ask, how do you calculate these limits? Not being an asshole or anything, just asking what you have to take in account in order to calculate the limits.
  10. My apartment basically has an AC, or input voltage(I guess), of 240+. Never goes below 239 volts and never goes above around 243. So, is it safe to use a RM750x or am I better off getting some other power supply?
  11. This actually worries me since I'm considering getting a RM750x.