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  1. This problem is still happening when i change his g9 monitor to 240hz from 60 the pc resets and same issue if he launches a game we have no idea what to do
  2. Hello i am getting my first mac trying to learn everything before it comes about the os with me being a windows user, i understand that the photos app will show all my photos from my iphone using icloud but can i save photos directly to photos app to be able to view on my phone or can i only save images to the finder and use built in icloud section. Any tips on how this works would be great
  3. no what im saying is when i upgrade to windows 11 i want it to keep all my local data such as games ect but im guessing it will install onedrive again, the reason is because i once installed ondrive and it tried to backup everything on my computer and broke it so i had to reset ages ago so i choose not to use it
  4. no thats fine so it will bring all my data over but install onedrive again then i can decide if i wanna uninstall it
  5. I do not like onedrive it caused problems with my computer and thus unistalled it on my computer when i upgrade to windows 11 which i can now do as my cpu is now supported will it come installed with onedrive or not i want to keep all my data when doing the update ?
  6. Yes that is what i am doing but what im saying is can i disconnect though windows so it does not detect that monitor so i can use my windows machine and have use my mac if that makes sense otherwise my mouse would try and travel onto my main monitor because windows still see's it as active
  7. Hello so i have my main pc connected to 3 monitors, i also have a macbook that is for work. What is the best way of disconnecting a display on the windows machine (main middle monitor) so that it can be used for my mac and the others be used for the pc while i need to work. So that the mouse would not travel across a monitor that is on the mac source. Without disconnecting the display port out my gpu
  8. Also earlier when this was happening windows once detected a monitor but i could not see the properties in the settings ect, like it was not responsive and the monitor did not get a signal
  9. Im not sure i been working at it all day got work in the morning so its not something i can check do you think if i ran a HDMI To dp on its own that would make a difference it worked perfectly before i doubt i broke the connector, just some peace of mind to why is good. Any suggestions
  10. Hello today i built a new desk for my setup, i disconnected all the cables ect, then made new desk cabled managed ect made it look nice. Then when booting my pc again i could not get all the 3 monitors to connect sometimes 1 or none. All of the monitors worked completely fine before hand. I was running DP TO HDMI DP TO DP and HDMI TO DP the reason for this was because they was the cables that were long enough to reach my pc. With some messing around for a hour or so i was able to get all 3 monitors connected. By doing this i had to Run all 3 with DP that i found laying around the house. The o
  11. I also think its not fair for someone that has no idea on how to enable a tpm or secure boot for someone who just wants to be up to date and is not tech savvy going to find it hard to do. I hope Microsoft explain this better for other people such as in the pc health checker
  12. Yes exactly what i think i do need to enable tpm and secure boot, but i do not want to mess with my pc as i have tried and it has boot looped, if they acccept my cpu then il give it a go
  13. Personally i really like it and like to be up to date if its good, if they end up never supporting my cpu i will not bother. Just curious on what people think about the approach Microsoft will take in allowing older cpus