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  1. Hi, I have a question. Is a black colored RM850x the same as a white colored RM850x? I'm asking because I see (White) written next to the RMx units in the thread's tier list. By black, I mean this one:
  2. Also, it was just the I/O shield that was giving off current.
  3. By "2 places" or "three places", are you referring to the socket type or whatever? If you could post a picture of what you're talking about, I'd appreciate it.
  4. The body of the keyboard is metal and even then, I don't get why there was current on the keyboard's body.
  5. I'm not trying to sound stupid, but is there a way for me to check if the socket's grounded or not without electrocuting myself?
  6. So, for some reason, when I boot my PC, the I/O shield has some current flowing through it. I checked the standoffs and there are no extra standoffs touching the motherboard or anything. I also noticed that when I plugged in my keyboard, the metal part of the keyboard had some current in it as well. I unplugged it as soon as I felt the current. What could this mean?
  7. It is such a relief that the 5700XT isn't reaching EOL status. I remember seeing articles about it reaching EOL status. Funny enough, I just found out that I day after I read those articles, AMD dismissed the news about it reaching EOL status.
  8. So I wanted to ask if AMD's released any information regarding a 6700XT? I'm asking because the 5700XT's no longer being produced by AMD and I plan on picking up a mid-range card in the price range of the 5700XT.
  9. I should've said the RM750x wasn't available. Heh. If you don't mind me asking, are Japanese capacitors truly the best in the market?
  10. It's not a matter of me needing it the extra wattage. Problem is, the only RM power supply they have currently is the RM850. For an authorized reseller, they sure have little variety. I don't reside in NA or EU so variety's a problem for me. Should I just get the RM850 or should I wait and see if they ever bring the RM750X back in stock?
  11. Is the RM850(2019) worth getting over the RM750X even though the RM850 uses non-Japanese capacitors?
  12. Is it worth choosing a RM750X over a RM850? I'm asking in terms of build quality because I read that the RM850(2019) utilizes a Hong Hua fan and non-Japanese capacitors. Should I bother getting an RM850 or just wait a month or two till the RM750X is back in stock?