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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700
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    ASRock B450 Gaming K4
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    hyper x fury 16GB
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    xfx rx 5700xt 8GB vram
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    Huntkey GS400L
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    2 240 GB kingston ssd (raid 0)
    2 TB Western digital blue hdd
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    IBM c190 CRT display 1600x1200@75 hz
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    Logitech MX ergo trackball mouse
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    Logitech z313 2.1 channel speakers
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    Windows 10 64 bit
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    Dell inspiron gaming 7567
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    Nokia 800 tough 4G

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  1. the difference is that those were dead when they stopped supporting them cd, dvd's and blu rays aren't and those were all analog mediums and vhs and compact cassettes where both things that sony didn't make and the markets for those things were much more spread out between different manufacturers I don't know for sure if sony manufactures the ps5 game discs but I would be shocked if they didn't, and if they do then they would basically have a monopoly on playstation game disc manufacturing.
  2. Thank you, someone who understands what I meant. That sony makes the discs for games and blu rays which they make money off of.
  3. That wasn't my point, sony produces discs, they would want to incentivise publishers to get more discs pressed.
  4. My bad, I meant to say IT departments in places like schools or small businesses where people might have more legacy devices that have more of a need for optical media such as computers that can't boot off of usb. I've actually seen the tape machines they couldn't take out the tapes though because they were spooling I think they said.
  5. Everyone at school thought I was weird for bringing a doc file on a cd when I could have just uploaded it to google drive. I just really hate google docs, and to be fair the only reason I didn't use a usb was that I just really like optical media, its so much more fun to burn a disc and hear the drive spin than just drag it to a usb. They didn't even have an optical drive on the laptops and I had to go to the computer lab desktops just to use it.
  6. That isn't huge though, maybe my opinion is skewed by having two crt monitors, but just because you can attach it to a keychain doesn't mean its "huge" like unless you're taking about laserdiscs or something (which to be clear are actually obsolete), whenever I have needed to take a disc to school I just put it in my schoolbag which okay isn't practical for people who aren't students but still, they almost fit in the palm of the hand.
  7. maybe in the consumer sector but it still has a place in enterprise where people care about costs above all else. And while maybe optical discs are dead in some applications, I can still buy optical discs at any stationary shop. And optical discs aren't huge they are perfectly small enough to carry around unless you're constantly moving your usbs in your pants pocket.
  8. USB drives and SD cards suck because they're so small you keep losing them, I can never keep an SD card or USB for more than like a few days, I've basically never lost a disc, and optical discs are still very cost effective, they are so much cheaper for storing small files than flash storage and if you're not storing a lot an expensive 1tb hard drive isn't as cost affective if its not going to be filled irrespective of the cost/gb. Optical still absolutely have a very important place in the 21st century 100%.
  9. I have a blu ray disc drive, and I cared about it to the point I cut a whole in the front of my pc today so I could see the green activity led.
  10. I don't think pirated ps5 discs are going to become a problem anytime soon, and once its cracked it won't matter if people get their cracks by disc or by download.
  11. I think that sony will only price the ps5 digital edition only slightly lower than the disc drive version because if they discount more it will basically betraying the optical disc business that sony owns, its a not insignificant revenue stream for sony and they would probably still want to incentivise that unless sony doesn't press their own discs for the playstation which I would have a hard time imagining or they just don't care about the optical disc business.
  12. No what I meant was that I was going to boot windows off a usb and create the array from the windows install on there, it doesn't matter I was able to set it up from the bios, thank you for helping me :D.
  13. oh okay thank you, if that doesn't I will probably set it up in windows.
  14. Thank you, I have a 2 terabyte backup drive, I'm already satisfied with the speed I just don't want to deal with multiple drives in windows, would the motherboard manual have the sata ports I need to plug into by any chance?