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  1. oali24

    I have the equivalent to a 4k monitor from 2004

    cool, I don't think I would go for a multi monitor setup, but that's still cool.
  2. oali24

    I have the equivalent to a 4k monitor from 2004

    Yeah, 16:10 is way better for computers than 16:9.
  3. I have an hp L2335 monitor that belonged to my grandfather, it's from ~2005 and is a 16:10 1920x1200 monitor, for outputs it has composite, component, s-video, VGA, digital and analogue DVI, from what I have seen on the internet, it had an msrp of $1,699 in 2004, adjusted for inflation, would now cost $2,303 in today's money, the review I found for it lauded it for having a "super-smooth" and "extremely fast" response time of 16 ms, and in the summary, it says that it it plays games just as good as CRT monitors of the time. This thing works perfectly with my HDMI laptop with an HDMI to DVI adapter, no issues whatsoever. https://www.digitaltrends.com/monitor-reviews/hp-l2335-review/
  4. oali24

    My DVD drive isnt reading DVDs/CDs help

    Is it only those discs, or do other ones work? Test it with other discs to determine if the optical drive is at fault or just you discs acting weird.
  5. A month ago I found a Microsoft multimedia keyboard from ~2000 or 2001 that belonged to my uncle then aunt, this is not a USB keyboard, even though it has media functions like volume up/down, pause/play, mute etc. It was filthier than in the picture when I first took it, I used a vacuum before taking the picture, that's how dirty it was, I washed the top plate in the sink to clean it .
  6. So your saying that just a cable might work, and that it mini display port works similarly to hdmi? by the way thanks
  7. Hello, I have a dell Inspiron 7000 gaming and I would like to connect it to an extrememly old lg crt tv, it only has composite output, not even component. My plan is to get an hdmi to vga converter, and than get a vga to composite converter. On ebay there are many products that have hdmi on one end of a cable and vga on the other. I am skeptical of if these work, vga being analogue and hdmi digital, do these work? Or would I have to get one with a box converter? Also if I get an hdmi to dvi adapter, would the dvi end be able to be converted to vga or would it just work with digital outputs? Thank You,
  8. oali24

    What happened to microsoft support webchat?

    So it is not there anymore?
  9. Hello, A few months ago I was having trouble so I contacted Microsoft support I used the web chat option to contact someone, it worked wonderfully well. I do not known what happened to it. It just gives me the option to call them via phone line and ask the community. Can anyone help me.
  10. oali24

    windows 7 32 bit 8gb ram recognised?

    so it is not a problem then? if so thanks.
  11. oali24

    windows 7 32 bit 8gb ram recognised?

    If you are curious it was unity, but that is not important, anyway here is the screenshot, I am not sure whether or not this is a problem, it is not 64-bit because I had installed windows 7 myself because I hate windows 10.
  12. hello anyone, weird thing I noticed about my lenovo ideapad 100 (non s), I was installing a 64-bit application and it said it was 32-bit I checked the system and it said it was but the weird thing was that it said that it recognised 8gb of ram, I am not sure if this is a problem, could anyone help? thank you,
  13. Thank you, this seems really helpful.
  14. Oh thanks, I will try that tommorow because it is getting late, but thanks, I will just ask for one last thing could you give me a link to the appliction you mentioned, as I ave not heard of it before.