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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600xt
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    ASRock B450 Gaming K4
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    hyper x fury 16GB
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    xfx rx 5700xt 8GB vram
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    Huntkey GS400L
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    2 240 GB kingston ssd (raid 0)
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    Xubuntu 20.04
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  1. I have to say, one thing I don't understand about french is how if you use the word "tu" with someone older than you rather than "nous" its like you've told them to F*** off, like formality is not much of a thing in english and its almost non-existent in dialectal varieties at least, like in arabic we rarely even address people by their last name, like you would say Mr./Ms. first name to your teacher, and if you wanted to show respect you would call them by Abu/Um (father/mother of) first born son's name and the reverse if they don't have children.
  2. Its absolutely hilarious when the same thing with english actor speaking Arabic, because in Arabic we have the letter ح and ع, which are pharyngeals, which are basically mostly found in semitic languages, they are basically impossible to pronounce without learning the language because they use a part of your throat that is never used in english, like imagine trying to constrict the bit of flesh behind your tongue where your throat starts, its so funny when non arabic speaking actor tries to say it and fails completely.
  3. So guys, I'm an Arabic speaker and reader, and I've noticed that computers sometimes really mess up formatting Arabic, like its really funny when a non Arabic script user puts Arabic text into a meme and their program disastrously fails but they don't notice because they don't understand Arabic, like what can happen is that the program first forgets that Arabic is read right to left rather than left to right (think like how Japanese books have their spine on the opposite side of an English book) and it then fails to connect the letters as Arabic is written in cursive exclusively, which is kind
  4. That's the problem the issuers of cryptocurrency are concentrated in a specific area, so how can it be decentralised if their is a central place that manages it?
  5. If bitcoin is supposed to be spread out and mined by many many different entities then isn't it a bit weird that most miners are concentrated in a few countries? That means that less entities have more control over the network.
  6. So guys what is bitcoin? it is a system of computers connected through the internet that share a workload of encypting and decrypting statements of exchange of a certain digital unit called bitcoins, right? so its a network of computers that work together to do a certain verification and exchange, the big hype that supporters promise is an incredibly durable system of trust where you can exchange cryptocurrency that cannot be forged, which means it can function as a sort of currency as the digital unit can be verified to belong to a certain account or "wallet", their main talking point is that
  7. Guys, Bitcoin isn't decentralized and I think it and other cryptocurrencies never will be, it is based on people maintaining a network like a torrent swarm, but because there is money involved people will try to get more hardware like GPU's to maintain it becoming larger part and centralizing.
  8. yeah, my point is just that the hard drive isn't so slow to the point that its uncomfortable to use when you stick a lighter os on it.
  9. I'll probably move the windows 10 install to the same drive for comparison. but it was really bad on the windows 10 like I would leave it to go turn on the kettle to make tea bad.
  10. So guys I just did my capacity upgrade, and now after some issues with fitting in an unrelated new cooler and with partitioning I finally have the hard drive bookable and my hypothesis seems true, the hdd boots xubuntu in about 50 seconds, the data ssd would boot in maybe 20-30 seconds so the hdd is not too bad with a lighter OS, It's definitely way faster than when I boot windows 10 installation on my other hard drive, that takes at least 2 minutes although it is a 5400rpm western digital blue while my new drive is a 7200 rpm toshiba.
  11. I can sell the 500 GB ssd for almost as much as the hard drive cost which would basically mean an almost free upgrade to 2 TB
  12. Yeah but maybe a different OS will make that different or ar least tolerable.
  13. I used an ssd but I noticed just how much faster xubuntu loaded compared to windows that maybe it won't be too slow that you could recommend using an hdd
  14. Oh no that's not what I meant, I should clarify of course the ssd would be faster but many people now say that hard drives shouldn't be used for OS's anymore, I feel that with a lighter OS it should still be okay.