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  1. that doesn't all of a sudden make public transportation unfeasible, look at china, they have an extnesive rail system that connects rural and urban areas on a scale more similar to US.
  2. Is there any reason for people to go into assembly and low level languages nowadays then? like as a career?
  3. but isn't assembly also used for like graphics card and printer drivers where your more directly controlling the hardware?
  4. I understand that assembly languages are specific to the instruction set of the hardware, and is not as commonly used as before, but is it currently more common for programs/drivers to be programmed in assembly on ARM or x86_64? Just wondering, thank you.
  5. maybe you have a point for rural areas, but suburbs are totally doable for public transport, suburbs are still relatively closely packed together and can be served, and even if the netherlands is small that doesn't mean anything, we're talking about population density, the rural areas in the Netherlands are probably similar in density to the rural areas in US or Canada, the system doesn't have to be 1 big nationwide system but a bunch of localised systems.
  6. I know, that they are regulated, honestly, if those drivers can't pass a stricter test then they probably weren't deserving of a license to operate a 1 ton block of metal going 120 km/h, and really, again, what I suggest, would also mean more rail which can carry more cargo, decreasing need for truck driver.
  7. you should watch the youtube channel not just bikes he has videos about urban planning in the Netherlands and even in the most rural areas people have good options for transport.
  8. I feel that you have a point, but I don't really understand why people seem to believe human error is so difficult to decrease that we need to remove the human, long haul truck driers carrying gasoline, deadly chemicals and bio hazardous materials almost never crash, because they're trained properly and they do not get as many chances before their licenses are revoked, I'm not saying we need to train normal people the exact same way, but clearly some improvements are possible.
  9. Yes they are, they are both proposed solutions to congestion, but proper Urban planning is much cheaper than developing expensive, futuristic technology.
  10. No I'm not, I'm saying that it seems weird to spend so much money on autonomous vehicles when we could just invest a fraction in better public transport.
  11. No, its more like "my tractor is efficient, why do I need to sell the entire farm and all my belongings to get some robot tractor when I could have just modified the tractor with a more efficient motor"
  12. But you realise that that would require banning all non self driving cars to work, is that really a worthwhile sacrifice when public transit already rarely has accidents and is very efficient because a bus requires less space to carry a lot more people then a couple of cars.
  13. couldn't you say the same about roads, hell I'm fairly sure that they found that living near a highway makes you more likely to die of lung and heart disease.
  14. Okay, I see that people like to say something along the lines of "bus for me takes x amount more than car" and sure, I'm not here to say your wrong when I don't even know where you live and what transport is like over there, but just think about this, if everyone around where you live had the exact same thought of "I'll take my car its faster" then unless you live in a very sparsely populated area, then it would probably take away any advantage as they add to congestion, I'm not saying cars have absolutely no place but when you plan with a focus on cars you create traffic problems, more highwa