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  1. "An actual backup." RAID 1 is an actual backup. It's just not the same vein of backup as a versioned library on a NAS. Instead, it's just a way of preventing a disk failure from causing significant down time. Right tool for the job, and all that.
  2. The same thing I ask for every year. To take over the world.
  3. Defamation isn’t the issue here, that’s been well established at this point.
  4. You say that as if it makes you some type of authority on what is okay for humor.
  5. While you pulled the trigger a bit soon IMO, the way things have been going the last half decade, the 3700X will still be relevant.
  6. Maybe this one will make an upgrade from Haswell-E worthwhile.
  7. I got a door bell from the 1950s-1960s.
  8. I have two S8s. Both of them see the same battery life as my XR under any usage, a day and a half to two with light usage and about 3/4 a day under heavy usage. Just left to idle, both my S8s outlast the XR by over 100%, a full week vs 3 days at best. My Note 9 and 11 Pro Max also see similar battery life with usage, 2.5 under light, a full day under heavy usage. That's fairly typical now. iPhones have never offered exceptional battery life.
  9. Either you don't use your XR as anything more than a basic phone, or you have no idea how long Android phones last. Anything more than letting the phones idle, and they last roughly the same time as phones like the Galaxy S8, and the XR's rated capacity is 2942, not far off from the S8's 3000.
  10. Unless we move to exposed metal coils on the pad and phone with direct electrical transfer, no, we won't. There are electrical components in both the base pad and phone that require power in order for wireless charging to even work in the first place. These chargers are essentially electromagnets with power regulators, those things don't run on pixie dust.
  11. I don't know if all that many people would be happy with replacing Lightning with a MagSafe. Since Lightning is now the ONLY connector, and there are some things you definitely don't want communicating over Bluetooth (like Square readers), it seems like they'd be alienating quite a few customers with existing peripherals.
  12. That's how it's always going to be, unless manufacturers intentionally cripple charging by wire. The materials used to make phones and pads have far higher resistance than copper, meaning you'll always need more energy to overcome that resistance. Wireless charging is simply inferior.
  13. I have a fairly new Qi charger. It sits in a drawer because it's a piece of shit compared to charging by cable.
  14. Except for the fact that those companies are fairly heavily regulated.
  15. There was a warrant permitting the GPS tracker. The second paragraph says that.
  16. They don't need to tell you that they have a warrant for your arrest, or if they have a search warrant and you're not on premises. But they also don't need to make every warrant public at the time of issue either, any warrant containing sensitive information can be classified. And him not knowing that the warrant permitted a GPS module, he's right to assume he's illegally being tracked.
  17. That is the entire issue. There was a warrant issued, that he did not know about. It was left on his property. If not for the warrant, it would be legally seen as a forfeited item that is trespassing on his property and he would be able to deal with it as he sees fit as it is unmarked. Not knowing about the warrant, the only thing that makes what he did illegal, Derek did what he did thinking he was illegally being tracked.